Azur Lane: Crosswave

2017 Chinese shoot-'em-up video game for iOS and Android

Azur Lane Crosswave, a 3D shooter game for PlayStation 4 was announced in September 2018. Crosswave features Azur Lane's characters battling against realistic warships and warplanes. The game follows a different story with new characters also making their debut.





"This is a record of a distant and beautiful planet covered in brilliant, blue oceans... The people of this planet, however, have yet to witness the sight of a great war. Eagle Union, the democratic federation which values the principles of freedom and harmony. Royal Navy, the constitutional monarchy which prides itself in its glorious history of nobility. Iron Blood, the military empire that strives for phenomenal advancements in technology. And... Sakura Empire, and island nation in the east which abides by its culture of honor and tradition. A long-lasting peace has existed in this world, with these four nations in the center, standing above the rest. Their defense is a special fleet composed of girls with unusual powers called Kansen. As representatives of every nation, their existence is very important. The kansen, wielders of powerful rigging armory, do not desire conflict, and by trusting and supporting each other, the world has remained safe and protected. Well, due to national interest, there were fierce conflicts during the two "World Friendly Matche," but there were no true threats. But... this time, things are a little bit different. One day, a mysterious group called the Sirens appeared suddenly at sea. They scattered strange technology and began to threaten the entire world. With the elusive Sirens and their unknown motivations at play, the tension between the nations appears to be rising steadily."