Ayad Allawi

Iraqi politician

Ayad Allawi (Arabic: إياد علاوي‎. Iyād ʿAllāwī; born May 31, 1944) is an Iraqi politician. He served as Vice President of Iraq from 2014 to 2015, interim Prime Minister of Iraq from 2004 to 2005 and was the President of the Governing Council of Iraq (38th Prime Minister of Iraq) in 2003. He became Vice President again, in October 2016.

Ayad Allawi

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  • I certainly hold an Iraqi national thought and I am an Arab belonging to Iraq. I do not believe in an Islamic state in Iraq. I believe that an Islamic state will harm Iraq a lot and may harm the region. Therefore, I look forward to having a national project in Iraq that controls the future of the country in a civilized and modern form and respects the heritage of Iraq.
  • I am not prepared to serve a sectarian regime. If we can achieve a broad, clear mandate for national unity, where it doesn’t matter if someone is Kurd or Arab, Sunni or Shiite, then I am ready to take any post.
  • We must build a state that is in the position to defend democracy. And the institutions of this state must have a place for all Iraqis... .
  • Only one thing is prohibited these days in Iraq: to speak with President Mubarak or the kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Mention the word “Arabism” and you will be accused of being an intelligence agent.
  • Palestine[-Israeli conflict]? One step forward, three steps back.
  • America is the last remaining superpower.
  • We have an army without airplanes and without tanks. What sort of strength is this?
  • For me, Iran's influence is not positive. I am certainly not an advocate of Iranian policies. I am even sure that they have a red line and a veto on me. But I think the world should engage and talk with Iran and try to see and feel where the fears of Iran lie. The Iranians are logical people. We should try to convince them that proliferation does not serve their purpose in the end.
  • As far as the pressure from Iran goes, I can assure you that there was a very clear red line: Allawi and the Iraqi List were not to be allowed to come into power.
  • ...I am no proponent of a theocracy. I am a secularist. I wanted an independent Iraqi government, not a lackey of Tehran.
  • I can tell the difference between senseless terror and justifiable rebellion.
  • I'm a doctor and a politician. Weapons are foreign to me.
  • I am an Arab and Arab minded person, but I am not a racist, a Shiite, but I am not sectarian.

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