Aya Chebbi

Tunisian diplomat and activist

Aya Chebbi (born 1988) is a Tunisian diplomat, and a pan-African and feminist activist. She became the first appointed African Union Envoy on Youth in November 2018. Appointed by the chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki in November 2018, as the youngest senior official in the history of the African Union and youngest diplomat in the chairperson's cabinet. She supports the Chairperson in addressing his thematic priority of working with and for young people and advocate to Silencing the Guns by 2020.

Aya Chebbi Speech at the United Nations UN Women 2015, CSW59 - Mar 27, 2015

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  • Find your identity, your true self and live your mission … Your power is your radical self. Find it.

"Aya Chebbi – Biography of an Award-Winning Pan African Feminist and Activist." edit

"Aya Chebbi – Biography of an Award-Winning Pan African Feminist and Activist.", entrepreneurs.ng
  • We have our own voices. We just need you to listen.
  • As young people, you do not need permission to participate. You must occupy your space because there is no governance without citizen engagement and youth-led accountability.
  • We cannot shrink the future of Africa in accepting its reality.
  • We clearly live in an era where we have the most unequal societies of all time. The rich are becoming richer, the poor are becoming poorer.
  • When injustice is perceived, young people look upon violent groups as legitimate fighters, not perpetrators of violence.
  • Africa has the wealth to invest and the clearest path to reducing inequality is investing in African youth, our most important asset.
  • It is my duty to make sure that young people hold governments accountable for the implementation of the frameworks they signed up for.
  • I will always push for progressive, more inclusive and more empowered positions for young people across Africa.

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