Avalon High (film)

2010 television film by Stuart Gillard

Avalon High is a 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Gregg Sulkin, Britt Robertson, Joey Pollari, and Devon Graye. The movie is loosely based on the book of the same name by Meg Cabot.


Allie: Any chance you're getting a vision on how it goes?
Miles: Am I doubled over clutching my head in excruciating pain?
Allie: No.
Miles: Well, there you go.

Miles: Tell me again why I'm at a party with a bunch of meathead jocks?
Allie: I'm a jock, Miles. Am I a meathead?
Miles: No, but this party's the first step.

Allie's Father: [reading] "As the keepers of the prophecy, it falls to members of the Order to search for potential Arthurs in each and every generation, but beware the Dark Forces, led by a reincarnation of Mordred, determined to find the next Arthur and destroy him before he can realize the prophecy." So, see, what they're saying...
Allie's Mother: If Arthur isn't found soon, Mordred and his followers will send us back into the Dark Ages - ignorance, humiliation, suffering...
Miles: [brightly] High school!

Miles: Who said I wanted to be your friend?
Allie: You.
Miles: No, I didn't.
Allie: Why are you still talking to me?
Miles: But I'm not.
Allie: Ah, but by saying you're not talking to me, you ARE talking to me. Check and mate.

Miles: I always do my assignments in half the time alloted.
Allie: Why?
Miles: To prove that I'm better than everyone else?
Allie: [laughs] And more modest.
Miles: That, too.
Allie: THAT was sarcasm.
Miles: How's it sarcasm if you're right?

Will: Listen. Hear the wind in the trees. It's... like music.
Allie: Football players aren't supposed to talk like that.
Will: You're making fun of me?

Allie: We have to tell Will so he can defend himself.
Miles: Oh, yeah, that'll be great. "Hey, Will, you're the reincarnation of King Arthur, your step-brother is Mordred, and he's going to try and destroy you. You gonna eat those fries?"
Allie: Hmm. Yeah, it's a little out there, isn't it?
Miles: Yeah, we passed "out there" about five exits back.

Miles: I wonder what they ate in Camalot.
Allie: Muton with a side of beets. Mm, and sage water, but only from the north.
Allie: [having just heard herself] I didn't even know I KNEW that!

Miles: I don't know how things were at your last school, but around here you can't get any higher than an A, so you can stop trying so hard.
Allie: It's called being nice, Miles. You should try it instead of hiding your insecurities behind your snark.

Allie: We just came in to get some fake armor for the school mascot, Officer.
Will: Yeah. I have no idea what Mr. Moore is talking about.
Miles: And I'm a National Merit Scholar. I don't kidnap teachers - I suck up to them.

Allie: You know, if Will is King Arthur, and Marco is Mordred, maybe you're Merlin the wizard. Merlin was a psychic.
Miles: Doubtful. Merlin had a long white beard; I can barely grow a nose hair.

Allie's Father: So, did someone float your boat?
Allie: [laughs] "Float my boat?" What year is this?
Allie's Mother: He means, do you fancy anyone?
Allie: "Fancy..." Really, you guys? Century up.

Miles: Avert your eyes.
Allie: Excuse me?
Miles: You're making a tactical error of monumental proportions right now.
Allie: By sitting at my desk?
Miles: By talking to me. I mean, come on, you had a great start. I saw you talking to Captain Everything this morning. You have a chance to be in the poplar group. Don't mess it up.


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