Automaton Transfusion

2006 film by Steven C. Miller

Automaton Transfusion is a 2006 American independent horror film about three teens who find themselves in a town over run with zombies.

Written and directed by Steven C. Miller.

Chris Edit

  • Realistic? Nothing I've heard in the past ten fucking minutes has been realistic! We've come too far now. We're not gonna stop. I'm not gonna rot down here.
  • Anything that can save us. Come on.
  • Come on. Come on. Inside. Inside. It's locked! Open up. Open the damn door! Let us in!
  • Someone's alive and we're gonna find 'em.
  • What the hell are you talking about?

Scott Edit

  • We're nobody. Look. We just came from Downey. We're just here to see the show.
  • Where's Tim? Huh? Where's Tim?! Where's fucking Tim?! Where's Tim? Where's fucking Tim? Where's fucking Tim? Get the fuck off me!
  • Tim was right the whole time! We're fucked! No one is coming for us. Everyone is fucking dead.
  • No. We're not! I'm tired of running.
  • All right. You fucks. Come and get it!
  • I think it's a bad idea. Man.
  • I don't know. The kid has always been fucking weird. It doesn't surprise me that he went psycho on Latt.
  • I work at the video store where y'all get your free videos. DVDs. Assholes.

Tim Edit

Kid Edit

  • Mom. What the f*ck? Mom? Holy shit! Mom! No. Mom. It's me! Stop! Help! Stop this! Mom! Help me. God! Oh. God! Mom. No!

Simone Edit

  • Are you serious? I'm not going anywhere. Please don't make me go anywhere.

Bartender Edit

  • WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? I said who the fuck are you?.
  • I don’t know. I don't know. It all happened so fast. The band started playing. And then... then it happened.
  • They were eaten alive. Ripped apart like they were nothing.
  • Everyone
  • I’m saying. They whatever they are. They ain’t human.
  • To get their next meal.

Lee Edit

  • In the early 1970s. When everyone was concerned about what we were doing in Vietnam. The government and the army started doing tests to reanimate corpses.
  • In the movies. Zombies can't think. They can't run. They can only feed. In real life. The army made them lethal able to think. Able to run. The only thing left that remained was their lust for human flesh. After a few years. The experiments were shut down. Everything was deemed classified. Until recently. Over the last ten years. The army says they made leaps and bounds with technology. So the government reopened the experiments and Grover City became their main facility.
  • They had to see if they were controllable. They found out quickly that they weren't.
  • You can't stop them. But you can stop it from happening to you. Well. His dad invented a serum that rejects the virus should you ever be bitten.
  • It wouldn't have if the army stayed out. But they were never satisfied. They forced Jon and your father to give them a sample before it was even ready for human trials
  • In the event the experiment failed. This city and nearby cities would be quarantined. Nobody enters. Nobody leaves.
  • You got balls. Kid. If you think you can make it. Take my key.

Jon Edit

  • That's impossible. All the roads leading to the morgue are infested with the dead. We don't even know if anyone is alive there.

Dialogue Edit

Tim: God, I'd like to fuck up that kid's day.
Scott: I'd like to drive a chainsaw right through his face.

Chris: Can you tells us what the hell is going on.
Bartender: I don’t know, it all happened so fast.
Chris: Are you telling me that those people out there are fucking zombies?
Bartender: I'm saying that whatever they are, they ain't human.

Cast Edit

  • Garrett Jones - Chris
  • Juliet Reeves - Jackie
  • William Howard Bowman - Scott
  • Rowan Bousaid - Tim
  • Ashley Elizabeth Pierce - Simone
  • Kendra Farner as Melissa
  • Joel Ezra Hebner as Lance
  • Kevin J. O'Neill as Dr. Swartz
  • John Youmans as The Bartender
  • Larry Miller as Lee
  • Jeff Denton as Jon
  • Chris Shepardson as Charles
  • Jason Brague as Matty

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