Austin & Ally

American teen comedy musical television series

Austin & Ally (2011–2016) is an American comedy television series which aired on Disney Channel.

Season 1


Rockers & Writers [1.1]

Ally: I can't believe he stole my song! He messed with the wrong girl!
Trish: That's right! Get angry! Me likey!
Ally: (Types something on her phone and it beeps.) There! Allycat109 doesn't like this video. Yeah! Whoo!
Trish: Calm down before you type a frowny face and really hurt his feelings...

Austin: Who am I kidding... My dad always said I had a one in a million chance of making it....
Ally: That's exactly what my dad said to me.
Dez: You know what my dad always says? "Dez! Stop texting the dog!"

Kangaroos & Chaos [1.2]

Ally: I can't just spit out a song any time you want me to. Lyrics don't just flow out of me like a river after a rain of tears! Oh... That's good! (Runs over, grabs her book and writes it down)
Austin: Hey, Ally. Maybe you should write that... so we can actually read it this time. (Ally glares at him)
Dez: Yeah... Miss Calligraphy Camp... (Laughs at her)
Ally: Oh. (Scribbles something in her book) Can you read this?
Dez: (Looks at it) Yes, I can... And that is not a nice word!

Ally: (Referring to the kangaroo in her practice room) Aww, he is so cute. (Stops walking towards him) Aww, I just stepped in kangaroo poop...
Dez: Hey, you don't know it was the kangaroo... Trish was in here earlier....
Trish: (Smiles at him) I will smack those freckles right off your face...

Dez: Someone needs to mop up all this Trish poop.
Trish: Keep it up, and someone's gonna need to mop up all your freckles!
Dez: My freckles are my friends! Can you say that about your poop?!

Secrets & Songbooks [1.3]

Ally: (Sees Austin and picks up a life-size Austin doll and begins to kiss it) Mwah, Austin. Mwah, Austin. Mwah!
Austin: Uhh, Ally?
Ally: (Turns around) Oh, hey Austin...
Austin: Is that doll supposed to be me?
Ally: Ummm, yes. I was just practicing what to do if you got bit by a poisonous snake. It could happen, ohhhhhh....

Austin: Hey, Ally! (Walks in all sweaty and orange)
Ally: Oh, hey Austin.
Austin: Check out my fake tan...
Ally: Ugh, I hate fake tans.
Austin: Really? I did not know that! (Shows off his sweaty underarms)
Ally: Ugh, almost as much as I hate sweaty guys...
Austin: Also did not know that! (Dez walks in)
Dez: Austin, you look different.
Austin: Yeah, cuz I'm orange... and I'm sweaty....
Dez: (Shakes his head) No...

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers [1.4]

[a movie theater ushed accuses Austin & Ally of littering]
Walter: Look what I found underneath your seat. Recognize this?
Ally: Uh, yeah. It's popcorn.
Walter: Ah-HAH! How would you know that if you didn't litter?
Ally: Because we've seen popcorn before.

Ally: Hi, Dez. What are you supposed to be? An alien zombie?
Dez: No, a zombie alien. I'm a Zalien. Characters from my favorite movies of all time. Zaliens 1, Zaliens 2, Zaliens 3, Zaliens 4, Zaliens 5, Zaliens 7...
Ally: [interrupting] Ah-ah-ah, you forgot Zaliens 6.
Dez: Ugh, that movie stinks. I wish I could forget it.

Bloggers & Butterflies [1.5]

Austin: I can't believe this website, it's so embarrassing!
Trish: That's HaterGirl. She writes about everything she hates in Miami...I like her!
Ally: But now she's posting bad things about Austin!

Austin: I can't believe this is on the internet. I thought I was alone.
Ally: Austin, you know there's no eating in the store. And there's definitely no eating off your pants.
Austin: There's no sign for that.
Ally: There shouldn't have to be a sign to not eat off your pants.

Ally: You're H8ter Girl?
Tilly: H8ter Girl? You mean that beautiful, amazingly talented girl who has that awesome website about how much I hate Austin? Never heard of her.

Tickets & Trashbags [1.6]

Shiny Money: Hey! You two were supposed to catch me!
Trish: You're not still mad are you?
Shiny Money: Still?! It just happened an hour ago!

Ally: Did we really just -
Trish: Yep
Ally: And Austin’s going to -
Trish: Ah ah
Ally: So we’re pretty much -
Trish: - the worst friends ever !?

Austin: Chocolate covered hot dogs remind me of Dez.
Stage Manager: Austin Moon, you're on in five.
Austin: Yelling reminds me of Trish.
Nelson: Whoa! Cotton candy!
Austin: That reminds me of Ally.
Nelson: Cotton candy?
Austin: No this picture of Ally. Why did I bring this?

Managers & Meatballs [1.7]

Austin: Who are you?
Demonica Dixon: Demonica Dixon. I manage seven of the top acts on the pop charts. *cell phone rings* Hello. Rihanna, great. *hangs up* Make that eight. How'd would you like to be nine?
Austin: I kinda like being 15 'cause when I was nine I had chickenpox.

Ally: She threw away my song without even listening to it.
Trish: And she sabotaged your Jam-A-Thon gig to make me look bad.
Dez: And she broke the keyboard on the wall and put it back up there to make it look like nothing happened to it.
Ally: Dez?
Dez: Fine, I broke it. But she's still a very bad person.

Trish: Client stealer.
Demonica Dixon: I'd insult you back but you have meatballs on your head. Do I need to?

Club Owners & Quinceañeras [1.8]

Dez: Can I have a chicken quinceañera? I'm trying to cut back on red meat.
Trish: You're thinking of a quesadilla.
Dez: No, a quesadilla is a traditional Latin American party celebrating a girls 15th birthday.

Ally: Sorry this night didn't work out, Austin.
Austin: I still had fun. I got to hang out with my friends, eat some shrimp from Dez's pants, and I learned a little español.
Trish: Hola! Still in here. (Trapped in a box from her brother's magic act)

Deejays & Demos [1.9]

Trish: Guess who got a job at the Greeting Card Store? Here, give this to me.
Ally: Okay.
Trish: Congratulations on your new job. Aw, thanks. You shouldn't have.
Ally: It was nothing.

Austin: You're awesome.
Ally: Thanks, Austin.
Dez: Awww.
Austin: Dez, are you spying on us?
Dez: No I said 'awww' because I saw the cutest kid destroy the nicest violin down there. Awww.
Ally: What?

World Records & Work Wreckers [1.10]

Trish: What's all this stuff?
Ally: That's our inventory for the entire year. My dad orders everything at once so he can save, like, 4 dollars.
Lester: 4 dollars and 36 cents.

Ally: I couldn't fire Dallas. I tried, but then he started talking about how much he likes hanging out with me, and I ended up giving him a raise.
Trish: I like hanging out with you.
Ally: I'm not giving you any money.

Songwriting & Starfish [1.11]

Officer: Little early for ice cream, isn't it?
Dez: Ahhhhhh! What are you doing here, Officer?
Officer: Somebody triggered the silent alarm.
Dez: Really? I didn't hear anything.
Officer: What's with your face?
Dez: Well, some people say I have my mom's eyes and my dad's nose, but I see more of my Great Aunt Ruth. She is a handsome woman!
Officer: I'm talking about the starfish.
Dez: Oh! I have a starfish on my face.

Dez: Hello?
Austin: Dez, we're in the ice cream shop, locked in the freezer.
Dez: Austin? Austin, it's a bad connection. Did you say you're at a mice dream swamp and your clock is a sneezer?
Austin: What? No. Come to the ice cream shop. We need you to save us.
Dez: I have to come to the ice cream shop and shave Gus? I'm on my way.

Soups & Stars [1.12]

Ally: My thing is twitting. That's right, I joined Tweeter. Ever heard of it?
Trish: You're just joining Tweeter now?
Ally: Yup, Ally Dawson is officially a passenger on the cool train. All aboard! Ah, woot, woot! [makes train chugging motions]
Austin: The Tweeter train left about two years ago. And apparently, it left you stranded there.

Trish: The radiant glow of a friendly smile warms a heart for a million miles. Is this a twit or your English paper?
Ally: What are you talking about?
Trish: Twits are supposed to be silly and fun.
Austin: You put way too much thought into your twits. Here, check out what I posted when I was eating pancakes with Dez.
Ally: Eating pancakes...with Dez.

Burglaries & Boobytraps [1.13]

Trish: Hey, aren't you supposed to be rehearsing with Austin?
Ally: He still hasn't shown up. This is the third time this week he's been late.
Trish: Maybe he had an emergency.
Austin: Hey, guys. We just went to an awesome concert.
Trish: At the emergency room?

Trish: You're pretty lucky. It seems like you're the only store in the mall who hasn't been robbed yet.
Ally: It's not luck, Trish. I've been watching this store like a hawk; there's no way anyone's gonna rob ol' Hawkeye Dawson. ...Someone robbed me!
Trish: What?
Ally: The new guitar's gone.
Trish: Way to go, Hawkeye.

Ally: I guess he really is the Mall Thief
Trish: Then don't you think it's your duty as president of the Mall association to turn over the security tape?
Ally: I guess so.
Trish: Good. I'm glad you agree with me. I already turned in the tapes.
Ally: Why would you do that?
Trish: Two words. Re-wards.

myTAB & My Pet [1.14]

Ally: It'll be months before Tech Town gets another shipment in.
Dez: I can't wait months. I really need that Video Editing app.
Austin: I really need the Music Recording app.
Trish: And I really need to resell our myTab for 5 times what we paid for it.

Ally: He can keep us company, and tell us stories.
Austin: Ally, your bird doesn't talk.
Ally: He talks. Don't you, Owen? Come on, like we practiced. Ally's cool. Ally's cool.
Dez: Maybe he can talk, but he can't tell a lie.

Ally: So Owen, did you have a nice birthday?
Austin: Give it up, Ally. The bird's never going to talk.
Owen: Austin let me out of the cage. Trish and Dez knew about it. Wait, there's more. Dez touched your songbook.
Dez: Don't listen to Owen. He doesn't know what he's talking about.
Owen: I tried to find you earlier, but I got lost in the food court. Then, I pooped on a statue. It turned out to be a real guy. Wait, there's more-

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking [1.15]

Dez: And Ally. That leaves just one role left. The cute songwriter who works at the local music store: Sally. I wrote it specifically for the most talented girl I know.
Ally: Dez, I'm flattered.
Dez: Not you. Selena Gomez. But she's unavailable, so do you want to play the part?
Ally: As much as I appreciate being your second choice, I can't do your movie! I have stage fright.

Austin: But you have the most gruesome death in the movie! The crab rips you in half, and then your head gets to watch him eat your legs!
Ally: (pretending to be excited) No way! That changes everything!
Austin: Really?
Ally: No.

Dez: Okay, Austin. Mildred is under that umbrella, unaware Claws is behind her. You have to run through this maze of umbrellas and battle claws to death with this oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: Or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: Just fight him with the paddle.

Diners & Daters [1.16]

Austin: I sing too! I'm Austin Moon.
Dez: He's an internet sensation. He's sort of a big deal.
Trish: [to Cassidy] This is his friend Dez; he's not a big deal.
Ally: I'm Ally; I don't know what my deal is!
Cassidy: Well, it's great to meet you Ally, Big Deal, Not A Big Deal.

Trish: Whatever you do, don't order the Chips and Salsa.
Dez: Why? I want Chips and Salsa!
Mindy: Did somebody say Salsa? [rolls tongue] Salsaaaaa!
Dez: Can I change my order?
Mindy: No! Dance!

Ally: Maybe some dessert will make you feel better?
Trish: I don't feel like dancing, so whatever you do, don't order the Chocolate Shake, the Lemon Twist, or-
Dez: Get the Raspberry Robot!
Trish: Noooo!
Mindy: Raspberry Robot! [says this in robot-like tone]

Everglades & Allygators [1.17]

Austin: Hey. We haven't seen you since we performed together at the Internet Music Awards.
Shiny Money: That was so cool, up until your friends broke my arms and legs.
Trish: I'm surprised you remember the whole 'us not catching you' thing. You hit your head pretty hard on that stage.

Trish: Now the four of us can finally have a vacation together.
Shiny Money: You're not invited.
Dez: Ha! In your face, Trish.
Shiny Money: You're not invited, either.
Dez: Ha! In my face, Trish.

Austin: The sooner we finish this song, the sooner we get to start our va-ca!
Ally: Then we can par-tay!
Austin: Put away the calculator.
Ally: O-kay.

Successes & Setbacks [1.18]

Trish: You know what you need to do, right?
Ally: Oh yeah. I'll keep giving his son lessons each week, dropping very subtle hints about Austin's music. Then, in 4 to 5 months-
Trish: No, we're doing this now.

Ally: Austin, relax! So what if we don't have a finished song for him! That just means we'll lose the best chance at getting a record deal.
Austin: How's that supposed to make me relax?
Ally: I don't know, I'm not good at this!

Albums & Auditions [1.19]

Dez: Come on. MUNY? Music University of New York.
Austin: You knew?
Dez: I'm not stupid.

Ally: We're gonna be living the dream.
Lester: Honey, um, before you lock up, could you please clean the bathroom?
Ally: Yup, we're living the dream.

Season 2


Costumes & Courage [2.1]

Dez: Almost done... Voila!
Ally: Amazing! It looks just like Austin!
Austin: Except my hair's parted on the other side.
Dez: Aw man! Guess I gotta start all over. [smashes pumpkin on the floor, walks off]

Dez: Well, I do know one technique for dealing with anger. You write a message to the person you're upset with, tell them how you feel, then you get rid of that message, symbolically purging the negativity of your inner psyche.
Austin: Okay, I'll give it a try. Dear Ally and Jimmy, I'm so... mad at you guys right now! I don't want anything to do with people who are... evil gutless rats!!
Dez: Oh, that is good!

Backups & Breakups [2.2]

Trish: Sorry I'm late for the Team Austin meeting!
Ally: Actually, you're right on time. You see, I set your watch ahead 45 minutes, so you wouldn't be late.
Trish: Aw man! That means I was on time for work too! That's why they didn't fire me...

Dez: Shhh! Fine, we'll just keep this a secret between us.
Austin: Keep what between us?
Trish: Uh...Wha...Uh...Uh, this book! For now we'll just keep this book between us!

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff [2.3]

Megan: O.M.G. Austin Moon; it's really you! [takes picture of him]
Dez: Not now kid, we're waiting for a reporter from Cheetah Beat.
Megan: I am the reporter. Megan Simms. [shakes hand with Austin]
Austin: But you're like 5.
Megan: I'm 10, and I don't usually get starstruck, but I am fuh-reaking! [takes another picture of Austin]

Dez: Well, Austin Moon collects grizzly bears!
Austin: It's teddy bears.
Trish: I'll just fill this out for you. I'm used to making myself seem more impressive. How do you think I got my job as a lifeguard? I can't even swim!

Parents & Punishments [2.4]

Nelson: I'll never smile again! [spots Megan] Hubba hubba! Hi, cutie! [coughs and makes his voice sound lower] I'm Nelson, heh heh.
Megan: I'm flattered, but my career comes first.

Ally: Dez! Get off the stage!
Dez: But I've waited my whole life-
Ally: [growls] Get off the stage.
Dez: I can wait a little longer.

Crybabies & Cologne [2.5]

Austin: This is crazy. It's like he's copying my whole life!
Ally: Well, I wouldn't go that far...
Trent: S'up losers! Meet T-Fame's new best bud: Dex! [does a bad version of What-Up handshake]

Ally: Austin, we shouldn't rush into anything.
Austin: I know, Ally. You're gonna say we should sit down and reason with him. Water the plant, people, and goodness will grow. Blah blah blah.
Ally: No, I was going to say we shouldn't rush our revenge. I want to get this guy. We need to be ruthless. Plan every detail. Make no mistakes. I don't want to go back to jail! [Austin and Trish exchange glances] I saw that in a movie once...

Big Dreams & Big Apples [2.6]

Austin: Ally, is this really happening?
Ally: Believe it, Austin. It's real. Just like zebras.
Dez: (Shakes his head doubtfully)

Ally: (Staring at him strangely)
Austin: Why are you staring at me like that?
Ally: Oh, I started tearing up during your performance and my eyes froze open.
Austin: (Waves his hand in front of her face)
Ally: (Nods in confirmation)

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath [2.7]

Jimmy: Sweetie!
Kira: Daddy!
Ally: Jimmy's Kira's dad?
Austin: Aw man, you know what that means?
Dez: She'll have a ride home after we fire her?
Trish: No! It means we can't fire her!

Jimmy: Austin, I heard what happened.
Austin: You did?
Jimmy: How could you not tell me you have a drooling problem?
Austin: What?
Jimmy: Kira told me you drool. It's okay, son. I too was a drooler.
Austin: Uh... Well... Then you must know. It's been hard.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends [2.8]

Trish: ...So what'd I miss?
Austin: Video Countdown Live is almost over, and still no sign of No Ordinary Day.
Ally: That means No Ordinary Day is either number 1 or out of the Top Ten completely.
Dez: We can't be out! Yesterday we were number four, the day before, number seven, before that it was five, four, eight, five, five-
Trish: Dez!

Austin: So Kira, I was maybe wondering if maybe you'd want to, you know, go out sometime? Like on a date?
Kira: A date? Are you being serious?
Austin: Huh, Not exactly the response I was looking for.
Kira: No! Its just, I thought you and Ally liked each other.
Austin: What? Me and Ally? Pssssh, no way!
Kira: You sure? Because I've never seen a guy and girl spend so much time together that weren't boyfriend/girlfriend.
Austin: Trust me. Ally and I are just friends. We like each other a lot, but not in that way!
Kira: Alright, as long as there's nothing going on between you and Ally, I'll go out with you.

Campers & Complications [2.9]

Ally: I know you miss him, but part of growing up is learning to be your own best friend.
Dez: You're right. I don't need Austin. I have myself, and that's enough.
Ally: Good, now I'm going back-
Dez: Don't leave me; myself's not enough!

Austin: Hey Trish! Have you seen Ally?
Trish: No, she's out with Elliot.
Austin: Again? It's been three days. How long does it take to catch up with a guy?
Trish: A regular looking guy: a day. A cutie like him: you may never see Ally again.

Chapters & Choices [2.10]

Penny: Want to hear a story?
Ally: Is it about a giraffe that's afraid of heights?
Penny: This one's about a girl who was shy and insecure when her mom left home for Africa. But, when she returned, she found this confident, beautiful young woman who was capable of doing anything she put her mind to.
Ally: [smiles]
Penny: What's your biggest fear?
Ally: Dez is gonna marry Trish and they'll wanna live with me.
Penny: I meant, about your stage fright.
Ally: That I'm gonna fail, and I'll never be a performer.
Penny: So you try, and when you fail, get up and try again.

Trish: Ally, we weren't really talking about the song, we were talking about you and Austin!
Ally: [Sarcastically] Really? Look, I know he has feelings for me, but for all I know he still wants to be with Kira.
Trish: Boo-hoo, he's going to have to deal with this at some point!
Ally: Well I'm not sitting around waiting for him to decide who he wants to be with. My mom's coming home from Africa today and I just want to focus on her.
Trish: Good for you, never wait on a guy. Actually, never wait on anybody, that's why I'm a terrible waitress.
Ally: I'm going to forget about the whole Austin thing for now, honestly I am so over it. [Silence]. What do you think they're talking about in there? [Trish listens through the door] You hear anything?
Trish: No, it's really quiet...
[Dez has his ear pressed against the door like Trish and Austin is standing behind him with his arms crossed just like Ally]
Dez: It's really quiet...

Partners & Parachutes [2.11]

Ally: We kissed, it was good.
Austin: Really good.
Ally: Okay, really good.
Dez: Magical even.
Ally: It was really good and magical. But the point is, you chose Kira. So lets just stick to being friends and partners and pretend the kiss never happened.
Austin: But I can't pretend that it never happened. Ally, I wanna be with you!

Austin: So if I'm gonna get Ally to change her mind. I have to break up with Kira first. She's gonna be mad.
Dez: Her dad won't be too happy, either.
Austin: Yeah, he doesn't even know we're dating. Wait, that's it! If Jimmy finds out, maybe he'll do the breaking up for me.
Dez: Mmmmm.
Austin: Good idea, huh?
Dez: No, I'm just enjoying my fry. Mmmmm.

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction [2.12]

Chuck: My story's so short, you could see its feet on its driver's license.
Dez: My story's so short, it's not allowed to go on any carnival rides.
Chuck: My story's so short, when it sits on a dime, its feet don't touch the ground.
Dez: My story's so short, that it's, um, that it's, uh, oh.

Dez: My cake's so sweet, you get a cavity just by looking at it.
Chuck: My cake's so sweet, my grandma wants to squeeze its cheeks every time she sees it.
Dez: My cake's so sweet, instead of having a sweet sixteen party, girls have a my cake sixteen party.
Chuck: Well my cake's so sweet, instead of having a sweet sixteen party, girls have a my cake sweet sixteen party. You already said that.
Dez: Ha! Sweet, sweet victory. Or should I say, my cake, my cake victory?

Couples & Careers [2.13]

Austin: You rock at Clarinet Golf! Can I take you out to dinner to celebrate?
Ally: Austin Monica Moon, are you asking me out on our first official date?
Austin: Why yes I am, Ally I-don't-know-your-middle-name Dawson.
Ally: I accept. And I am never telling you my middle name.

Trish: With Dez's awesome directing and my amazing acting, we're gonna win.
Ally: Did you just compliment Dez?
Trish: Uh, whaaaaaaaat? You can't prove that.
Ally: Or can I? ZALIEN BRAIN SUCK! [starts to do the action on Trish's head]
Dez: Oh oh, Ally. Leave the brain-sucking to the pro's.

Spas & Spices [2.14]

Austin: [eats some chilli]
Dez: [to Nelson] Any normal person who eats my chili will feel like their mouth is on fire.
Austin: [begins panting and fanning his mouth]
Dez: So they'll grab the fruit juice.
Austin: [grabs the fruit juice, drinks it]
Dez: But the acid in the fruit will just make it worse.
Austin: [does a spit take]

Chuck: My chili's so hot, you have to stick your own tongue in fire to cool it off.
Dez: Oh yeah? Well, my chili's so hot that NASA uses it for rocket fuel.
Chuck: My chili's so hot, it's the second leading cause of global warming.
Dez: Well my chili's so hot, you have to put a smoke detector in your underwear before you eat it.
Chuck: My chili's so hot that they're thinking about renaming the Sun "My Chili".
Dez: Yeah? Well, my chili's so hot that... It...
Chuck: What's the matter? Can't think of anything else? Don't feel bad- I also won 1st place in the Smack Talk Showdown.

Solos & Stray Kitties [2.15]

Austin: Ally, it seems like only yesterday, we were standing here, picking up the pieces of the cello bow that Dez and I broke.
Ally: That was yesterday. And you still owe me $300 dollars for it!
Austin: ...Let's not live in the past!

Dez: You need two things. The best Ally you can be, and boxing a kangaroo!
Ally: How could it help me with the audition?
Dez: I don't know, but guarantee your going to wow them!

Dez: Well, that no-good hack wouldn't know talent if it hit him over the head!
Austin: He signed me.
Dez: That guy knows what he's doing.

Boy Songs & Badges [2.16]

Ally: Are you guys putting salami on cereal?
Austin: Yup. We couldn't decide if we wanted breakfast or lunch, so we're having both! We call it, blunch.
Dez: Mhmmm. Frosted crispy bites and salami. Is there a better combination?
Ally: How can you eat that?
Dez: Oh, she's right! We forgot the mustard!

Trish: So how's the new song coming?
Austin: Great! I'm almost finished.
Dez: Yup! Except for the music, the lyrics, and the song title, it's pretty much done.

Austin: I can't take one of your songs.
Ally: Austin, really. I want you to.
Austin: No, really, I can't. These songs are too girly! Putting on my make-up for a night on the town. Crushing on a boy; I hope he's around.
Ally: Yeah, it sounds better when I sing it.

Tracks & Troubles [2.17]

Austin: Kira, you sounded great.
Kira: Thanks, Austin. That means a lot coming from you.
Austin: [shrugs] Maybe we could work together someday.
Kira: Maybe. I was really hoping I'd get to work with Ally. I'd really like to sing that song Ally wrote at my gig tomorrow night.
Jimmy: Kira's first ever gig.
Kira: I just wish I had that one great song to really put it over the top, Al-ly. A song that's already been written, Al-ly.
Ally: Yeah, I'm not going to sell you my song.

Jimmy: Austin, I want you back to Starr Records.
[Everyone gets happy, except Austin]
Austin: Jimmy, wait. I don't want you take me back.
Trish: [laughs nervously] Austin, what are you doing? [gives him a look]
Austin: You keep saying, that you can't sign Ally, 'cause you don't want us in the same record label. So... take her instead of me.
Ally: Austin, you don't have to do that for me.

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing [2.18]

Trish: Next week you have a gig at the beach club, rehearsals with your dancers and 2 days in the studio.
Austin: Yes!
Trish: I know, you have a lot of exciting stuff next week.
Austin: No... Yes! 'Cause I don't anything to do this week! I can have my first vacation all year!. This calls for a cocktail weenie.
Dez: Wooh! Vacation! I say we go to the beach every day, play video games and sleep in till noon.
Austin and Dez: What up!
Ally: You realize you still have school, right?
Austin: Awe... Thanks for ruining my vacation.

Austin: I love being on a vacation.
Dez: Too bad it's been raining or we could've gone to real beach to see real beach babes.
Austin: Don't worry. I made some calls. [Two girls enters Sonic Boom] Hello, ladies. Oooh I love my life.
Dez: I love your life too.
Austin: Can one of you put sunblock on me?
Dez: I'm on it buddy.
[Girls leaves]
Austin: Dez! I wanted the beach babes to do it!
Dez: With their little hands it would've taken forever!

Tunes & Trials [2.19]

[After the performance]
Trish: Well, there's your proof, Sir.
Val: That he's a great singer and dancer? We knew that already!
Trish: No. Now we know who Austin wrote this song about.
Judge: We do?
Trish: Yes! When he sang, he looked at every girl in the room. Except one. There's an obvious explanation. It was too emotional to him. Austin wrote this song about Ally!
[Everyone on court are shocked; Dez look at Ally with shocked face]

Ally: Austin, is it true? You wrote it about me?
Austin: Yeah... It's true. I should have told you earlier, but I couldn't. You told me to write about someone I care about and... That's you.
Ally: Do you still have feelings for me?
Austin: Psss... No... Yes... I-I don't know... All I know that I love being friends with you, and I don't wanna ruin that. That's why I couldn't say it was about you.
Judge: Awww!
[Austin and Ally gives him a look]
Ally: I get it. I'm glad that we're just friends, but... I kinda hoped that it was about me.
Dez and Trish: Awww!
[Ally gives them a look]

Future Sounds & Festival Songs [2.20]

Austin: [holds Ally's hands and plays the keyboard] So this is a C chord. And this is a D chord. With a little practice you... [Ally plays at the keyboard] totally don't need my help!
Ally: Wow! What the heck was that?
Austin: That was you rocking at the keyboard.
Ally: I guess I've always had this music in me and just needed you to bring it out.
Austin: Now just write a song. First, we have to come with some chords.
Ally: Um... Like this? [plays the keyboard]
Austin: That's great! Now we've gotta come up with some words.
Ally: I got it! [plays the keyboard] Dance, dance, dance, dance...
Austin: It can't just be any word. They have to come from your heart. What's the last powerful emotion you've experienced?
Ally: Love.
Austin: [blushes] Really?
Ally: Yeah, I was... Sitting next to you and the keyboard and I thought... Man... I really love the new seat cushion I bought. It's so comfy!
Austin: [Takes cushion] Ok... Let's go with love then. What's great about love?
Ally: Um... It doesn't end over time. It's timeless.
Austin: [sing and play the keyboard] This love is never gonna fade, we're timeless, we're timeless.
Ally: That's incredible! Where did you learn how to writes songs that way?
Austin: A good friend taught me.
Ally: Was it Trish?
Austin: No... Here, c'mon. [grabs her arm to the keyboard]

Sports & Sprains [2.21]

Trish: Guess who made cookies for the basketball team?
Ally: Ooh, and they're manatee-shaped. That's nice of you.
Trish: I had no choice. Darcy Pivnicks made cupcakes for the football team. There's no way I'm going to lose to that goodie-two-shoes.
Ally: That's the spirit. [bites into a cookie] This tastes horrible.
Trish: Yeah, I ran out of sugar, so I just used sand.

Trish: (unenthusiastic) Yippee, School, Rah-Rah-Rah.
Ally: You know they're giving 1000 bucks to the person who shows the most spirit, right?
Trish: (enthusiastic) Yippee! School! Rah-Rah-Rah! Gooooo Mustang!
Austin: We're the Manatees!

Beach Bums & Bling [2.22]

Ally: Thanks for carrying me, Austin.
Austin: I wouldn't have to if you took off your shoes!
Ally: But they're so pretty...

Ally: Hi, I'm Ally. It's nice to meet you.
Austin: That's how you greet a legendary rockstar?
Ally: Uh, sorry. It's very nice to meet you.

Family & Feuds [2.23]

Chuck: You're going to pay for this, Red! You too, Blondie! And you too...whatever color your hair is.
Ally: I didn't have anything to do with it! And it's chestnut with amber highlights.

Ally: [to the phone trying to pretend zombie] MUST EAT BRAINS!
Austin: Really? That's the best you can do?

Moon Week & Mentors [2.24]

Austin and Ally: doing the handshake "What up?!"
Dez: "Dude, that's our thing!"
Austin: "Sorry Dez, I just got excited."
Austin and Dez: Doing the handshake "What up?"
Dez: "That's better"

Austin: Well, we know who's not getting picked.
Ally: We choose Lucy!
Lucy: Seriously?!
Jett: Seriously?
Trish and Dez: Seriously?
Val and Jean Paul: Seriously?
Austin: Seriously?

Real Life & Reel Life [2.25]

Austin: [Stops kissing] A-A-Ally I'm so sorry I met with another songwriter. I knew your career was taking off and I'd thought you'd leave me.
Ally: Aww Austin, I'll always be here for you. I'm sorry I ever doubted our partnership. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.
Austin: So we're good?
Ally: [Nods] Yeah.
Trish: Uh uh um. Sorry to interrupt your moment, but what the heck was the kiss all about?
Ally: [Both Stammer] Uh... It's called acting?
Dez: Yeah, that was a lot more than just acting. [Mimicks Ally]
Austin: I told you we can be professional. It was for the movie, man.
Ally: Yeah, just for the movie man. [Stammers again] You're a really good actor Austin.
Austin: You too, Ally. Huh huh huh. Goodbye.
Ally: Yeah. [Both run off in opposite directions]
Dez: I don't know Trish. We shot dozens of scenes already. Trust me. Neither one of them is that good of an actor.

Dez: Good morning, actors! Nothing like a good night's sleep to help you forget all the reasons why you're mad at someone.
Ally: I haven't forgotten. I'm still mad at him for meeting with another songwriter.
Austin: And I'm still mad at her for not wanting to be my partner!
Dez: Hm... So, what I'm hearing is, you both didn't get enough sleep.
Trish: You guys better snap out of this. I promised Jimmy Starr a rockumentary, not a you-guys-are-both-acting-like-spoiled-brats-umentary.
Dez: Yeah, how am I gonna fit that on the poster?
Trish: Let's just rehearse. We're gonna read through the next scene, then shoot it.
Dez: [starts reading from the screenplay] "Fade in. Ally's charity event is about to be a total bust when Austin rushes in to save the day. Ally hurries over with gratitude in her eyes. [whispers] And, action, Ally...
Ally: [reading from her script in monotone] "Thank you for saving me, Austin. Thank you, thank you, thankyou" [glares at Austin] Do we really need dialogue here? Sometimes a look says all the words for you.
[Austin and Ally exchange dirty looks]
Dez: Yeah, that look says a lot of words I can't put in the movie. It's a family film.

Austin: What scene are you gonna do?
Dez: We're gonna shoot the scene where you guys have one day to write a song.
Austin: You mean for the Helen show?
Dez: No.
Ally: You mean for Austin's first performance in the mall?
Dez: No.
Austin: You mean for the Hot Summer Jam contest?
Dez: No.
Ally: You mean for the time when we--
Dez: --Man, there are a lot of times you guys only have one day to write a song.
Trish: Yeah. When this movie is over, we really need to work on your time management.

Fresh Starts & Farewells [2.26]

Ally: But I don't wanna miss going on Austin's tour. I'm his songwriter. Being apart will affect how we feel about each other... [Trish gives a look] S-Songs.
Trish: Wait. Is this about being his songwriter or being his something else?
Ally: Whaaaaaat? [Trish gives a look] Uh, okay fine, I-I like Austin and I'm pretty sure he likes me. I'm afraid if I don't go on this tour with him everything is gonna be different when he gets back. Feelings can change in three months.

Austin: Gonna miss you.
Ally: I'm gonna miss you too.
Austin: We shouldn't be sad. You're making a record! I'm so proud of you.
Ally: I know. And you're going on your first tour. And hey, we'll only be apart for like three months.
Austin: Actually, it's 94 days. [thinks] Hey, ninety-four. That's like with Dez--
Ally: Don't say it. I guess it's goodbye. Have fun on tour.
Austin: Good luck making your record. I know it's gonna be great. [the two hug]

Austin: [runs off bus] Ally, wait!
Ally: Austin, what are you do--
Austin: Ally, I just wanted to say that I... Uh, I.. Here. [gives her a card] It says it all in there. I was gonna send it to you in case you didn't show up.

Season 3


Road Trips & Reunions [3.1]

Trish: [phone rings] Ally, where are you?
Ally: I just got off the plane. Where are you guys?
Trish: We're by Gate 27.
Ally: Me too. I don't see you.
Dez: [gasp] Like your song! *sings* We're at the airport, but you don't see me! You got off the plane, but you don't see me!
Trish: Stop it.
Austin: I don't get it. How could we be at the same gate and the same airport, and not see each other?
Ally: 'Cause, maybe we're not at the same airport? Which Portland are you in?
Austin: Portland, Oregon.
Ally: I'm in Portland, Maine.
Austin: There are two Portlands?
Ally: We're 3,000 miles apart.

Ally: I don't see him.
Trish: You don't think he missed his flight?
Dez: Found 'em!
Trish: Where is he?
Dez: Oh, not Austin. Flame-O's, the world's hottest cheese-puffs. You can only get these in airports. (Dez tastes one and his mouth catches on fire.)
Ally: (Her phone rings) Austin? Dez, shush! Go ahead Austin. Yes, Dez finally found Flame-O's. Where are you?
Austin: I just got off the plane. Where are you guys?
Ally: We're by the arrival gate.
Austin: I don't see you.
Ally: You're in Washington D.C, aren't you?
Austin: Yeah why?
Ally: We're in Washington State.
Austin: There are two Washingtons?! Why do they keep doing that?
Ally: I can't believe we're 3,000 miles apart again. This stinks. By the time you get here, we'll only have a half-hour together.
Austin: I don't care how much time we have. I just..wanna see you.
Ally: I just wanna see you too.
Trish: [takes the phone from Ally] You know who else wants to see you? 10,000 fans who bought tickets for tonight's concert. You better be on the next flight. You're supposed to be on stage in 8 hours!

What Ifs & Where's Austin [3.2]

Dez: [bangs frying pans together] Rise and shine sleepyheads! Time for Dez's world famous tour bus breakfast!
Trish: What time is it?
Dez: I just told you time for Dez's world famous tour bus breakfast! *bangs frying pans together again and Austin and Trish take them away, but Dez pulls out another pair and bangs those together*
Austin: Dez! Every time you cook it's a complete mess.
Ally: Yesterday you burnt the toast so bad we had to evacuate the bus, then you forgot to put a lid on the blender and splattered smoothies everywhere!
Trish: [pulls blueberry out of her hair] I'm still pulling blueberries out of my hair.
Dez: [takes blueberry and eats it] Well no messes today now how do you like your omelettes?
Austin: Forget it Dez! I'm just gonna go to the diner and get us some breakfast burritos.
Dez: Nonsense I have fresh eggs. [leaves then comes back in with a chicken which makes all the plates break]
Austin: Well, he did say fresh.

Trish: I'm completely alone.
Dez: (looks at her sympathetically) You aren't completely alone... I'm still here.
Trish: ...You're right. You haven't been my assistant... you've been my...
Dez: (excited) Friend?!
Trish: I think we both know you've been more than a friend.
Dez: (gasps)
Trish: (signals for Dez to kiss her)
Dez: (bends down, kisses Trish)
Ally: (walks in, sees Trez kissing)
Trish and Dez: (pull apart)
Ally: (screams)
Trish and Dez: (scream)

Presidents & Problems [3.3]

Ally: Hold the ketchup! Are those the real silver shoes from The Wizard of Oz?
Austin: Yeah. What gives? Aren't they supposed to be ruby?
Ally: In the movie, but true fans like me know that they're silver. They were silver in the book and the play. Ooh, I should include that on the next museum tour!
Dez: Ooh, you're wearing Dorothy's slippers and the Wicked Witch's socks.
Austin: The socks are mine.
Dez: Wow, you wear some crazy clothes.

Obama: Now I'm off to see the new exhibit about Henry the Horse Headed Cowboy.
Ally: Oh, you know that's just a myth, Mister President.
Obama: Uh, Ally? Nobody likes a know-it-all.

Beach Clubs & BFFs [3.4]

Hazel: This is a children's menu from Humpys' Burger Barn. The restaurant that used to be here? I find these all over the place.
Austin & Dez: What?
Dez: But how do you explain the blood stain and the giant "X" marking the treasure?
Hazel: That blood is ketchup and the "X" is a half-finished tic-tac-toe game.

Trish: You and Kira can be twinzies. I'm just glad we're besties.
Ally: Me too. *they hug* I never got to sing my song at the beach club. So, I'm gonna sing it right now. I wrote it for you; it's about our friendship.
Trish: Really? [Ally nods]

Mix-Ups & Mistletoe [3.5]

Trish: Okay. I want to see who does the best job hanging up Christmas lights.
Chuck: What does that have to do with being Santa?
Trish: It doesn't have anything to do with me getting a promotion...Pfft... Why would you say that?
Dez: Oh, I love hanging lights. This shouldn't be too hard.

Austin: Well, that's the last of the decorations. (walks over to Ally)"
Ally: (looks up) Hey, look. We're under the mistletoe again. (laughs nervously)
Austin: (laughs nervously) Wha'ddya know? (romantic music plays as they lean in)
Trish: (Dez and Trish barge through) Look Out!
Dez: Austin Dolls coming through!
Austin: They're here!
Ally': Just in time for the party! (All four of them unbox the toys)
Austin: This isn't right! (Austin doll has long hair)
Ally: They all have long, flowing princess hair! ...Long, flowing, gorgeous princess hair...
Trish: The toy company also makes Princess Priscilla dolls. There must have been a mix-up at the factory.
Austin: I can't give these freak show dolls to the kids! It'll ruin their Christmas.
Dez: I have to write Santa a new letter. I am not replacing my teddy bear with one of these mutants.

Glee Clubs & Glory [3.6]

Ally: Let's do our warm-ups. Row, row, row your boat (rest of Ally's team begins) gently down the stream.
Austin: Ally it's for you, it's the 1800s; they want their song back.

Ally: You know why I'm so crazy about glee club? It's the one thing where I get to do everything. The music, the choreography, it's all mine.
Austin: I get it. That's what I get to do with my concerts. Only I'm not an annoying control freak.
Ally: Not what your band says...

Austin & Alias [3.7]

Austin: You're Roxy Rocket?
Ally: Yup! I couldn't stand the thought of not writing with you anymore. But, if I write under an alias like Roxy Rocket, then Ronnie will never know it's me!
Austin: That's genius!

Ally: Ronnie, writing songs for Austin makes me a better artist. And that's the artist you signed! So let me get right to the point. I will keep writing for Austin, you will not drop me from the label, and you're gonna like it!
Dez: Yeah, you tell him, Ally! (Ally high fives him and he falls)
Ronnie: Hey, no one talks to Ronnie Ramone like that. I'm impressed, and a little frightened. Look, Ally, I'd rather let you keep writing for Austin than lose you as an artist.
Ally: Really? Thank you, Ronnie, you will not regret it.
Ronnie: I better not.

Princesses & Prizes [3.8]

Ally: I get it! She has good skin.
Dez: Ooh, jealous much?
Ally: I'm not jealous. I just get this weird, burning feeling in my chest every time I think about Austin with another girl.
Trish: Yeah, that's jealousy.

Austin: Well, if we're not going to be together, it's only a matter of time before one of us meets someone else.
Ally: You think it's time for us to move on and date other people?
Austin: Maybe. Whatever happens, I just want you to be happy.
Ally: I want you to be happy too.

Cupids & Cuties [3.9]

Carrie: Flowers! Pizza!
Dez: Wait, there's something else I got you! [lugs a goat crate]
Carrie: A goat! You really do like me! [they hug]

Critics & Confidence [3.10]

Austin: Okay, Kenneth Kreen, I'm gonna show you I don't need to lip sync. I'm not just a pretty boy who can't sing; I'm a pretty boy who can sing.
Kenneth: Bravo. Your arrogance is only matched by your incompetence.
Austin: It's not an insult if I don't know what it means.

Austin: You know what, this whole time, I've been trying to please you. But why should I care what you think? Why should I care what anyone thinks? I know I rock.
Ally: Yeah.
Trish: He's back!
Dez: The Electric Avenger!

Directors & Divas [3.11]

Austin: Uh, hi, Brandy. I'm your co-star-
Brandy: Don't talk to me either. I don't really care about my co-stars. I do have a few rules. One, don't stand in front of me. Two, don't look me in the eye. And three, don't ever touch me.
Spike: Alright, Austin. I need you to stand in front of Brandy, look her in the eye, and carry her to safety.

Brandy: I want my blankie, I want my Bear-Bear, I want my yogurt, I want a unicorn that breathes fire!
Dez: That is it, young lady! I have had enough of your temper tantrums! Now you listen to me or you're getting a timeout! You're the actress, I'm the director. Now stop acting like a baby, get on the beach, and be the mermaid! Have I made myself clear?!
Brandy: Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir. I'll be good, I promise.

Hunks & Homecoming [3.12]

Dez: While you do that, I'll practice my parade wave. (Waves hand)
Trish: (Waves back at him)
Dez: Oh, you're practicing yours, too?
Trish: No, I just want you to leave. Goodbye!

Ally: Never known anyone like you before.
Gavin: Someone who can make me smile when I've fallen down on the floor.
Austin: (sits between Ally and Gavin) Sorry to interrupt, but I really need your help, Ally.
Ally: Can't it wait?
Austin: No, this is really important. I'm trying to finish a melody to a song we were supposed to write together. Should it go (plays piano keys) Bum bum bum bum. Or, bum bum bum boom.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions [3.13]

Piper: There's much better scenery here, if you know what I mean.
Austin: Thanks. (Flexes his muscles) I did some push-ups earlier.
Piper: I was talking about the beach, spaghetti-arms. (Touches Austin's arm) Are you sure you're doing those push-ups right?
Austin: Very funny. You just wanted to touch my arm.
Piper: Maybe.

Ally: Austin, I can't believe it.
Austin: I know. I'm really sorry I ruined your show.
Ally: No, I mean you and Piper. I'm really happy for you.
Austin: Thanks. So, you're not mad at me for causing all this?
Ally: No, I think it's romantic you made a fool of yourself to impress a girl.
Austin: But I ruined your modelling début.
Ally: Eh, I'm sure I would've ruined it sooner or later. Have you seen me walk in heels? (Poses; trips and falls on Austin.)

Fanatics & Favors [3.14]

Ally: I think it was twelve.

Trish: (to Ally) Well, whilst you solve the case of the paranoid songwriter, I'm gonna call Jace.

Trish: (to Ally) No. I'm gonna brag that I'm at Dwayne Wade's house!

Dwayne Wade: I'm playing video games with Austin Moon!

Eggs & Extraterrestrials [3.15]

Dez: Yes! We're going to another planet! I call shotgun!

Ally: (to Austin, smiles nervously) Are you nervous?

Austin: (scared) Yeah. We have to perform like our lives depend on it, because our lives depend on it!

Dez: (to Trish) What's the worst that could happen?

Proms & Promises [3.16]

(Trish walks into the practice room, and Ally is sitting down)
Trish: So what was that all about? For the last month, all you've talked about is Gavin asking you to prom.
Ally: I know. Its just after our last talk, I don't think Gavin's right for me.
Trish: Because of the pig mud run?
Ally: (stands up) It's more than that. He also invited me to a chicken mud run. It's the same thing, but with chickens.
Trish: So are you gonna break up with him?
Ally: I don't know. I'm gonna tell him to go to the chicken mud run without me, so I have some time to think. All I know is, I'd rather stay home, than go to prom with the wrong guy.
Trish: I hear ya. I wish I was going with Jace instead of Chuck. He won't leave me alone! And his poems are getting worse!
Ally: (reading the poem) "I have a new girl, her name is Trish. I lie awake dreaming of our first kish"
Trish: There is no way I'm kishing him!

(Austin sees Ally walk into prom, and he smiles)
Austin: Trish, I've made a huge mistake. I'm not supposed to be here with Piper, I'm supposed to be here with Ally!
(Austin turns around and sees that it's Carrie behind him, much to his shock.)
Austin: (Shocked) And, you're not Trish.
Carrie: You don't wanna be here with my sister?
Austin: Please don't say anything to Piper, I don't wanna ruin her prom!
(Piper walks up to Austin and Carrie.)
Piper: (Smiles) You know what, Austin? I'm having a really great time. Even if your pores are huge. (She giggles and hugs him.)
Carrie: Piper, there's something I have to tell you.
(Austin has a guilty look on his face, and the episode ends with 'To be continued...')

Last Dances & Last Chances [3.17]

Austin: (smiles) Hey, we never got to do that slow dance. Whattaya say?
Ally: (blushes and smiles) I'd love to.
[Austin and Ally start slow-dancing.]
Ally: So, why did you and Piper break up?
Austin: (smiles) Because I still have feelings for you. I've always liked you. I guess I never stopped.
Ally: (smiles) I feel the same way. I always dreamed of going to prom with the perfect guy. And the perfect guy is you.
Austin: (blushes) So, I didn't bring a horse, or fireworks or anything, and, it's a little late, but... would you be my prom date?
Ally: (smiling) Yes.
[Austin and Ally kiss. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez hug in the background.]

Jace: For the record, I know you came to prom with Chuck.
Trish: Whaaaaaaat?
Jace: Dez told me (Camera turns to Dez waving at them, and Jace smiles) You know he can't keep a secret.
Trish: Are you mad?
Jace: No, I know you wanted the money to come and visit me. (Trish smiles) Plus, I've met Chuck. There's no way you like that guy.
(Trish shakes her head to say no, and she and Jace continue dancing)

Videos & Villains [3.18]


Beauties & Bullies [3.19]


Horror Stories & Halloween Scares [3.20]

Trish: "It was horrible! He was tall, smelly and disgusting.
[Ally and Trish gasp]
Trish: "There he is! And the Swamp Creature's with him!

Austin: (runs into the store) "I am the Electric Avenger!"
Dez: (runs into the store) "And. I'm his trusty sidekick, Spark Plug!"
Ally: "Austin, you look awesome! And Dez, you look like…a garbage can"
Dez: "I was so busy working on Austin's costume, I don't have enough time to work on mine. But, I'm still a Superhero who keeps the streets clean of crime! And trash"

Records & Wrecking Balls [3.21]

Trish: (excitedly) Ally's song Redial, sold so well, Ramone Records is moving the release date for her debut album, to next week!
Ally: (excitedly) No way my first album! (hugs Trish and then turns to Austin)
Austin: You did it! I'm so proud of you! (hugs Ally)
Trish: Awww, I love that you two are a couple again. (giggles and Auslly are still hugging) Okay.
(Austin and Ally pull away, blushing)

(Austin and Ally are walking into Shredders holding hands)
Ally: Hey, Carrie, hows the fish special? (Carrie walks off crying) Okay, maybe I'll just get the salad.
Austin': (smiles and excitedly) Sorry we're late. We just saw five movie's back to back! Since Ally's gonna be busy with her record, we're squeezing a month of dates into one weekend.
Ally: (smiles)Next, we're going to a poetry reading, then to Phil's Fun Town to ride rollercoasters. (Sits down)
Austin: (sits down) We probably shouldn't eat too much, I don't wanna yack.

Relationships & Red Carpets [3.22]

(Auslly are in the practice room)
Austin: (excitedly) I can't wait for the whole world to know that you're my girlfriend.
Ally: (smiles) Oh, yeah. The WMA's will be the first time our fans know we're officially a couple. I can't wait to walk the red carpet together! Should we hold hands? Link arms? Should I be on your left or your right?
Austin: Be on my left, that's my good side Or my right, that's my other good side. (Ally walks over to Austin's right side, and Austin imitates the announcer) Austin and Ally have arrived at the red carpet
Ally: Oh, the dress? Amovionkie, the boyfriend? Austin Moon
Mimi: (smiles) Aww, look at you two!

(Jimmy walks into Sonic Boom and Austin and Ally are sitting down)
Jimmy: Austin and Ally, I heard the great news, congratulations.
Austin: Thanks!(puts his arm around Ally)
Jimmy: What the heck are you two doing?
Austin: (smiles) Nothing much, what the heck are you doing?
Jimmy: I mean, why do you have your arm around her?
Austin: (and Ally stand up) Oh, me and Ally are back together. We're officially announcing it at the WMA's!
Ally: We're walking the red carpet together, we decided on left wink, right side.

Season 4


Buzzcuts & Beginnings [4.1]

Ally: [to Dez] This is for your own good!

Dez: Carrie broke up with me, a month ago. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I don't wanna go back to L.A., I lied, it wasn't fun. I was sad and lonely there without you guys.

Mattress Stores & Music Factories [4.2]

Mike: Austin Monica Moon.
Austin: Did I fall asleep? Oh, no. You guys must be mad...

Mimi: Austin Monica Moon!
Mike: Dez Hatfield Wade!
Mimi: Patricia Maria de la Rosa!
Mike: Ally Elizabeth Dawson!
Ally: That's not my middle name.

Grand Openings & Great Expectations [4.3]

Austin: We also split a gigantic hot dog and now I have a gigantic stomach ache.
Dylan: I'm not coming back.
Austin: Okay think about it. Good talk.

Seniors & Señors [4.4]

Ally: Not again!
Dez: But I like purple.

Austin: Hola señoritas, ¿cómo están?
Ally: Austin, your Spanish is getting better already! Estoy bien y tu?
Austin: Hola señoritas, ¿cómo están?
Ally: That's the only sentence you know isn't it?
Austin: Yep, pretty much
Trish: Didn't you study all the flashcards I gave you?
Austin: I did, but that's all I can remember.

Homework & Hidden Talents [4.5]

Ally: [on Trish's book report] You know none of that stuff happens in the book, right?
Trish: Excuse me?
Ally: Yeah, you have the book right here. This takes place right after the Civil War. They didn't even have helicopters back then
Trish: Wait, does Cecelia get stuck on an iceberg? (Ally nods) Does she get attacked by tarantulas? (Ally nods) Fall down an elevator shaft? (Ally nods) Dodge exploding hockey pucks? (Ally nods) Get her leg stuck in a toilet?!
Austin: This sounds like the best book ever!

Duos & Deception [4.6]

Bobbie: Hey, before we go, we have a question for you, and it's just a little bit embarrassing.
Billie: It's just, it's been bugging us since, uh, we met.
Bobbie: Which one of you is Austin, and which one of you is Ally?
Austin and Ally: Seriously?

Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds [4.7]

Austin: (holding Ally's hand, laughing) Ally, will you make me the happiest man in life skills class and fake marry me?
Ally: (smiles) I do!:

Karaoke & Kalamity [4.8]


Mini-Me's & Muffin Baskets [4.9]

Jimmy: Welcome back, Austin

Dancers & Ditzes [4.10]

Austin: (to Ally): I love you

Mysteries & Meddling Kids [4.11]

Austin: (imitating Chaz) Let's boogie on outta here, my funky friends.

Comebacks & Crystal Balls [4.12]


Burdens & Boynado [4.13]

Austin, Ally, and Dez: It's a boynadooo!

Bad Seeds & Bad Dates [4.14]

Mikey: to Dez Hey the circus called, they want their pants back.

Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories [4.15]

Trish: Guess who got us tickets to the hottest Halloween party in New York?

Rejection & Rocketships [4.16]

Ally: I got into Harvard!

Cap and Gown & Can't Be Found [4.17]

Austin: Guess who's gonna be a high school graduate!

Santas & Surprises [4.18]

Trish: to (Austin and Ally) I swear, if you guys get any cuter, next year, we're canceling Christmas.
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