Auntie Mame (film)

1958 film directed by Morton DaCosta

Auntie Mame is a 1958 film based on the novel of the same name, starring Rosalind Russell and directed by Morton DaCosta. The screenplay was adapted by Betty Comden and Adolph Green from the novel by Patrick Dennis.

Mame Dennis

  • Oh, you know I really am fascinated by aviation. I never knew they did it all with rubber bands.
  • Spitting distance? How vivid!
  • Are we all lit?
  • Child, how can you see with all that light?
  • That is a B. The first letter of a seven letter word that means your late father.
  • There's no such place as San Francisco.

Gloria Upson

  • Bunny Bixler and I were in the semi-finals—the very semi-finals, mind you—of the ping-pong tournament at the club and this ghastly thing happened. We were both playing way over our heads and the score was 29-28. And we had this really terrific volley and I stepped back to get this really terrific shot. And I stepped on the ping-pong ball! I just squashed it to bits. And then Bunny and I ran to the closet of the game room to get another ping-pong ball and the closet was locked! Imagine? We had to call the whole thing off. Well, it was ghastly. Well, it was just ghastly.
  • Books can be awfully decorative, don't you think?
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