August Heckscher II

American writer (1913-1997)

August Heckscher II (September 16, 1913 – April 5, 1997) was an American public intellectual and author whose work explored the American liberalism of political leaders including Woodrow Wilson. He was the grandson of capitalist August Heckscher. He served as President John F. Kennedy's Special Consultant on the Arts, the first White House cultural advisor, 1962–63, as well New York City Mayor John Lindsay's Parks Commissioner, 1967-1972, amongst other highlights in a wide-ranging career and life.


  • In one sense freedom is always in crisis, just as beauty is, and honor and truth-all those things which man has made for himself as a garment against the ever-present blasts of the barbarian spirit,
  • Eternal vigilance is the condition, not only of liberty, but of everything which as civilized men we hold dear.
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