Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

English television programme

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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (1983–2004) is a popular British comedy-drama series about a group of seven British migrant construction workers: Wayne, Dennis, Oz, Bomber, Barry, Neville and Moxey, who are living and working on a German building site.


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Christmas Specials


Au Revoir: Part 1

[In the beseiged embassy]
Embassy official: They're trying to ram the perimeter wall.
Dennis: They won't breach it, we built that wall.

Oz: I've none of the local shekels, whatever they are.
Dennis: Kip.
Oz: Precious little of that on the plane!

[Oz sees cockroaches in their hut]
Wyman: Don't worry, they don't bother you.
Oz: Really?
Wyman: Well, they do bother you. But it's not fatal.

[Barry describes his emotional reunion with Tatiana]
Oz: Did you slip her a length?
Barry: Oz! Really!
Oz: But did you?
Barry: Yes, I did actually.

Au Revoir: Part 2

Oz: Well, as far as huts go, I think we've reached rock bottom with this one. No beds, big bugs, no bog and a bamboo roof.
Mozey: Yeah, 'cause they've been improving over the years haven't they, the huts? The one in Vientiane was borderline house.

[The lads are caught up as hostages]
Wyman: Did you see Barry?
Oz: Aye
Wyman: How is he?
Oz: Bombed out on opium is how he is.
Neville: Aye?
Moxey: Opium?
Oz: Aye, weeeell, opium oot here's like marmite back home, there's a jar in every hoose.

Oz: I'm used to bullshit, but I've never laid bricks with it.

[An urgent diversion is needed]
Oz: Dennis! Say that again and I'll knock your bloody block off!
Dennis: What?!
Oz: What you said man, about my Marjorie!
Dennis: Ohhhhh right! I meant that!
Oz: Did you?!
Dennis: Aye, I did!
[Dennis and Oz break out fighting]

[The lads can't wait to get away after the rescue]
Dennis: Hey! Hang on a minute! We're forgetting something aren't we? We haven't finished this yet, man! These villagers aren't going anywhere and we promised them a wash house.
Barry: I totally agree with Dennis. We can't leave them in the lurch. Plus, they've been extremely kind to me, it's not right.
Wyman: Give us a break guys!
Oz: Den man, in three days we can be back in Bangkok, where I've got unfinished business in a whirlpool.
Dennis: Oz, can you remember us ever not finshing a job? Nev?
Neville: Why Africa, but there was only a spot of plastering to do like.
Dennis: Doesn't sit right man?
Naomi: Have you guys gone mad in the sun or something?
Oz: No, Den's right, get yourself a bowl of noodles pet, we've got a roof to finish.

[Closing scene; Dennis, Neville and Oz are on the ferry to Germany]
Dennis: Hey, what did your Brenda say, when you told her we were going back to Germany?
Neville: She said, 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet'.


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