Atticus (band)

alternative rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee

Atticus (formed in 1995 in Knoxville, TN) is a rock band noted for progressive compositions, complex harmonies, innovative cover art, and a small but loyally devoted fan base.


Grand Theft AudioEdit

  • You've never been so beautiful to me.
    Sometimes I don't show it but I know you know I know of all you've given to me.
Romance Is A Slowdance
  • Oh yeah. All right. Feels good to swim at night.
Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself

High ExpectationsEdit

  • I am the moon dark in the night.
    When my time comes to shine you are gone.
    And I play my guitar with barbed wire strings,
    And pay for the memories that I have captured.


  • I sat on the bed and turned on the tv
    and Jerry Springer's on cause it was two in the morning
    she walked out in her robe and smiled she said, "If you're really hungry you'll be here for a while."

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