Atlantic Ocean

ocean between Europe, Africa and the Americas
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The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's five oceans, with an area of about 85,133,000 km2 (32,870,000 sq mi). It covers approximately 20% of Earth's surface and about 29% of its water surface area. It is known to separate the "Old World" of Africa, Europe, and Asia from the "New World" of the Americas in the European perception of the World.

The Atlantic Ocean excluding its Arctic and Antarctic regions


  • I think the difficulty the Enlightenment view of the world encountered very early on is that human beings struggle to see the Atlantic in a completely rational way. It’s not that it’s just a vast quantity of water: it’s also a vital part of the planet’s ecosystem, it’s probably the most important determinant of the weather in Britain… If we thought rationally about the Atlantic in the way that my parents encouraged me to think, we wouldn’t currently be despoiling it with the effluents of our industry and fishing its fauna to the brink of extinction. We would treasure it.
  • The Atlantic Ocean was somethin' then. Yes, you should have seen the Atlantic Ocean in those days.
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