series of French comic books

Asterix the Gaul, diminutive friend of Obelix, dweller of that famous village in Gaul which remains undefeated by the Romans despite Vercingetorix's capitulation. Comic strip hero of multitudinous books by Goscinny and Uderzo.

Chief Vitalstatistix: "The sky may fall on your head tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes."

"Ils sont fous ces Romains!"
Translation: "These Romans are crazy!"
Ubiquitous saying in almost every volume, usually uttered by Obelix, one of the other Gauls, or one of their allies.
Translation: "Sono Pazzi Questi Romani!"
The Italian version is even better, since it alludes to SPQR, "For the Senate and the People of Rome".

"You may call it rain in the south, but over here it's just a bracing dampness in the air"
Asterix and the Normans
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