Asher Peres

Israeli physicist (1934–2005)

Asher Peres (January 30, 1934January 1, 2005) was an Israeli physicist. He is well known for his work relating quantum mechanics and information theory. He helped to develop the Peres–Horodecki criterion for quantum entanglement, as well as the concept of quantum teleportation, and collaborated with others on quantum information and special relativity. He also introduced the Peres metric and researched the Hamilton–Jacobi–Einstein equation in general relativity. With Mario Feingold, he published work in quantum chaos that is known to mathematicians as the Feingold–Peres conjecture and to physicists as the Feingold–Peres theory.

Asher Peres

Quotes edit

  • Quantum phenomena do not occur in a Hilbert space. They occur in a laboratory.
    • Asher Peres (1995). Quantum theory: concepts and methods. Springer. p. 373. ISBN 0792336321. 
  • Some authors state that the last stage in this chain of measurements involves "consciousness," or the "intellectual inner life" of the observer, by virtue of the "principle of psycho-physical parallelism." Other authors introduce a wave function for the entire universe. In this book, I shall refrain from using concepts that I do not understand.
    • Asher Peres (1995). Quantum theory: concepts and methods. Springer. p. 26–27. ISBN 0792336321. 
  • Unperformed experiments have no results.
    • Title of a 1978 paper, Peres, Asher (1978). "Unperformed experiments have no results". American Journal of Physics 46: 745. DOI:10.1119/1.11393.

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