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Students of Ascended Master Teachings organizations (also known as "Ascended Master Activities") believe that the Presence of Life - God - Individualizes as the "I AM" and incarnates throughout the created universes. They believe that their Teachings have been given to humanity by the Ascended Masters.

Great Sea of Universal Light, Life, and Love edit

Unveiled Mysteries states:

  • Inter-stellar space is filled with this pure 'Light-Essence.' It is not dark and in chaos, as has been the ignorant, limited concept of puny human intellects. This Great Sea of Universal Light - that exists everywhere throughout Infinity — is constantly being drawn into form, and given a quality of one kind or another, according to the way the electrons are held around a central point or core by Love. The number of electrons which combine with each other in a specific atom is the result of, and determined by, conscious thought. The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the result of and determined by feeling. The intensity of the drawing and whirling motion within the central core is the 'Breath of God' and therefore, the most Concentrated Activity of Divine Love. Speaking in scientific terms it would be called centripetal force. These are the determining factors which make the quality of an atom.
    • Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Press 1934).
  • The importance of keeping a feeling of peace, love, and serenity in the personal self cannot be emphasized too strongly for when this is done the 'Mighty God Presence Within' can act without limit in an instant. The continual outpouring of a Feeling of Peace and Divine Love to every person and everything unconditionally, no matter whether you think it be deserved or not, is the Magic Key that unlocks the door and releases instantly this 'Tremendous Inner God-Power.' Fortunate indeed is he who has learned this 'Law', for he then seeks to BE All Peace and Love. Without It humanity has nothing good, and with It they have all things 'Perfect.' Harmony is the Keynote — the 'One Great Law of Life.' Upon It rests all Perfect Manifestation, and without It all form disintegrates and returns into the Great Sea of Universal Light.
    • Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Press 1934).
  • Try to think upon this Power, which is within you. Call into use the Great Sea of Universal Substance from which you may draw without limit. It obeys, without exception, the direction of thought, and records any quality imposed upon it, through the activity of the feeling nature in mankind. Universal Substance is obedient to your conscious will at all times. It is constantly responding to humanity's thought and feeling whether they realize it or not. There is no instant at which human beings are not giving this Substance one quality or another, and it is only through the knowledge that the individual has conscious control and manipulation of a Limitless Sea of It that he begins to understand the possibilities of his own Creative Powers, and the responsibilities resting upon him in the use of his thought and feeling."
    • Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Press 1934).

The fall of man edit

A "Dictation" from Maitreya further clarified this matter through the "Messenger", Geraldine Innocente, on September 27, 1954 when what occurred during the time of the "Fourth Root Race" was described:

  • Curiosity, rebellion against holding true to the Divine Pattern and the use of thought and feeling in creation of imperfection, began the building of what you call the 'soul'. It is a consciousness apart from the full Purity of God. The first thought a man had that was imperfect and impure, energized by a secret feeling, was a cause and that, sent out into the atmosphere, created an effect. Like a boomerang, the effect came back into the consciousness and made a record. That record was the beginning of an impression. Energy sent out in a certain manner returned to affect the lifestream who had sent it forth and there began to be created a shadow between the I AM Presence and the human consciousness. Endeavoring to contact the Presence, the individual would find these 'tramp' thoughts and feelings flowing through that line of contact until more and more imperfect was the conscious use of them. Finally, those centers got completely away from the control of the ego and acted independently. Anything the individual saw, registered on the mind, was energized by feelings, and manifested. Acting independently of the I AM Presence, thought and feeling created most of the conditions in which you are functioning today.
  • Through the ages, blessed children, the creation of thought forms and the energizing of those forms by feeling, as well as the action that follows through the flesh, has built an etheric consciousness. The 'soul' is the accumulated consciousness resulting from your experimental use of life, action and reaction. The tendencies, habits and nature of your soul are determined by the ways in which you have used life through the centuries and what life has returned to you, age after age.
  • Your 'soul' endures in embodiment and between embodiment. Your 'soul' will continue to live until it is transmuted by the Flame in your heart and there is no longer this shadow self that thinks and feels apart from the Christ. Your 'soul' lives through every personality (embodiment) that you use. Today you have a name, you were born into a family, you live - if fortunate - approximately threescore and ten years and then you 'pass away' as a personality. That personality is no more, but the 'soul' of you, in the etheric garment, influences each personality which you become in each succeeding incarnation. If you were to look at an unbroken stream of one hundred of your Earth lives, you would find that the 'soul' was more or less the same through each personality.
  • Now we have to undo the effect of millions and millions of these embodiments, in the matter of a few short years! We are endeavoring to teach you to enter, again, into the Authority of your own I AM Consciousness, drawing Primal Life and getting directions from your Presence. You must learn to silence the cravings of your lower bodies, the etheric rumblings, the human tendencies. Then, in the mastery and control of your own life, you must begin to build anew, as your God Self would have you do, until there are not two - the 'soul' and God - BUT GOD ALONE. Thus, are you reinstated as the I AM Consciousness, Master of thought, feeling and action, absolutely non-recordant to the impressions of the human selves of others, - these vicious conditions of the etheric bodies which manifest as disease of flesh and distress of affairs."
    • The Bridge to Freedom Journal, February 1956 (Reprinted by Ascended Master Teaching Foundation 1989) Purported address from Maitreya on September 27, 1954 "through" Geraldine Innocente.

Fulfillment of the Divine Plan edit

  • Within the Life of every human being is the Power by which he can express all that the Ascended Masters express every moment — if he but chooses to do so. All Life contains Will but only Self-Conscious Life is free to determine upon its own course of expression. Hence, the individual has free choice to express either in the human, limited body or the Super-Human, Divine Body. He is the chooser of his own field of expression. He is the Self-determining Creator. He has willed and chosen to live as Self-Conscious Life.
  • When one individualizes within the Absolute, All-Pervading Life he chooses of his own free will to become an intensified individual focus of Self-Conscious Intelligence. He is the conscious director of his future activities. Thus, having once made his choice, he is the only one who can fulfill that Destiny - which is not inflexible circumstance but a definitely designed Plan of Perfection. It is a blueprint which he elects to express in the realm of form and action. So you see, my son, a human being may at any time determine to rise out of his human qualities or limitations, and if he will give all of his Life, his Energy, to that determination he will succeed. Those of us who have raised the body accomplished the Ascension by giving all unto the God-Self Within - and hence, It expresses through us Its Perfect Qualities — 'The Divine Plan of Life.' . . . The human body with its faculties is God's Temple of Energy — which the 'Great God Presence' provides — and through this outer self It wishes to express a Perfect Divine Plan or Design.
    • Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Press 1934).

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