Arthur Li

Hong Kong politician

Arthur Li Kwok-cheung GBS, JP (born 27 June 1945 in Hong Kong), grandson of the co-founder of the Bank of East Asia, Li Koon-chun, and brother of its current chairman, David Li is a member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong and was Secretary for Education and Manpower from August 2002 to June 2007. In March 2015, Li was appointed to the Council of the University of Hong Kong by HK Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.



On Johannes Chan being nominated to pro vice chancellor of the University of Hong Kong:

  • The dean, the vice chancellor illuminated, in those old days was elected by the faculty. So all you have to do is to be a nice guy to everyone. And I think Johannes Chan is a very nice guy. And at this point I like to declare my interest, because of one of the referees is my cousin (Andrew Li Kwok-nang). My cousin said he is a very, very nice guy... My main worry on the academic side is that he has no higher degree of PhD or MD or LLD. You may say in law it is not necessary. Well, if it is not necessary, why is there such a degree in the first place?
  • And if you look at other referee professors, they all have LLDs. Therefore, either he hasn’t tried or he is too busy or he doesn’t think it’s important. But if that’s the case, he will be devaluating [sic] … maybe of the lecturers or professors who have got PhDs who have gone through the rigors of academic pursuits. Now can you … can someone be in charge of the promotion of other persons who actually has not gone through same rigors as that other person and give an honest, independent, objective view?
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