Arnold Wesker

British dramatist (1932-2016)

Sir Arnold Wesker (24 May 1932 - 12 April 2016) was an English playwright, seen as one of the originators of the kitchen sink drama

Arnold Wesker in 2008


  • If the electrician who comes to mend my fuse blows it instead, so I should stop having electricity? I should cut off my light? Socialism is my light, can you understand that?
  • Education ent only books and music – it's asking questions, all the time. There are millions of us, all over the country, and no one, not one of us, is asking questions, we're all taking the easiest way out.
  • And then I saw the menu, stained with tea and beautifully written by a foreign hand, and on top it said…"Chips with everything". Chips with every damn thing. You breed babies and you eat chips with everything.
    • Chips with Everything, Act 1 (1962)