Arnold Vosloo

South African actor

Arnold Vosloo (16 June 1962–) is a South African-born American actor.

Arnold Vosloo

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  • Oh it’s a relief to do movies, especially ones like this because you get to be like a little kid again and run around and play in this great adventure. I had a wonderful time.
  • I’m so thankful that all that stuff made it to the screen, because a lot of the time studio executives say that there’s no time, or ask why we should feel sympathy for this bad guy. I joke that I’m the romantic lead in the movie, I just happened to pick the wrong girl. Imhotep is kind of the tragic villain, I guess, and a lot of people have come up to me and said I was hating you, but then I reach a point when I was feeling sorry for you too. It's those different facets that help explain why this film is such a success

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