Arnold Hermann Ludwig Heeren

German historian (1760-1842)

Arnold Hermann Ludwig Heeren (25 October 1760, Arbergen – 6 March 1842, Göttingen) was a German historian. He was a member of the Göttingen School of History.

Arnold Hermann Ludwig Heeren.


  • It will scarcely be possible to deny the Mahabharata to be one of the richest compositions in Epic poetry that was ever produced." "The Hindu lyric surpassed that of the Greeks in admitting both the rhyme and blank verse."
  • "If we compare the mythology of the Hindus with that of the Greeks, It wilI have nothing to apprehend on the score of intrinsic copiousness. In point of aesthetic value, it is sometimes sup en or, at others, inferior to Greek: while in luxuriance and splendor it has the decided advantage. Olympus, wIth alI its family of gods and goddesses, must yield in pomp and majesty to the palaces of Vishnu and Indra."