Army Wives

American television series

Army Wives (2007–2013) is a dramatic TV series, airing on Lifetime Television, about four women and one man who are brought together by their common bond – they all have active duty military spouses.

Season 1


A Tribe Is Born [1.1]

Michael: Claudia Joy Holden, after 17 years of marriage my heart still skips a beat every time I look at you.
Claudia Joy: Michael James Holden, after 17 years of marriage I can't believe that tired old line of yours still works.

Trevor: Roxy, you work two jobs right? And you got two kids from two different men. Now, I know I only met you four days ago, but I think you're my soulmate!

Pamela: Sit next to the Anti-Christ, going to Hell by association.
Roxy: Oh, I reckon I got you beat on the Hell front.
Pamela: Last week I was a drug dealer. This week I'm carrying the chaplain's kids. You think you can top that?
Roxy: I can try. My kids aren't my husband's. I was married to the first one's daddy till he sucker-punched me. The second one was just a friend who came over to "comfort" me one night. I've known Trevor, my husband, for all of 17 days now. How'd I do.
Pamela: [smiles] I'm impressed.

Pamela: [In labor] Vodka and a hammer! I need vodka and a hammer!!!

Pamela: [Seeing the look on Roland's face as she gives birth] You having a good time?
Roland: Let's just say childbirth is disgusting as it is miraculous.
[The first baby comes out and Denise hands him to Roland. Everyone looks at him.]
Roland: [looks up to see everyone looking at him] It wasn't me.

After Birth [1.2]

Roxy: Give me everything you've got baby doll or you're gonna be looking at me from the floor.

Pamela: I know it's a lot, Roxy, but you gotta harden yourself. You gotta keep it together for your husband.
Roxy: I'm trying. I guess I just thought marrying a soldier would be romantic. But instead, it's about worrying whether he's coming back.
Pamela: Well, he can't go to war worrying about you. He could die from that kind of distraction.

The Art of Separation [1.3]

Denise: [on the phone with Frank] There's nothing wrong. I'm just taking a bath.
Frank: Oh. Damn, I wish there was a webcam!

[Trevor is showing Lucas, TJ and Finn how to maintain a car]
Trevor: Finn, you are on girl watch. No girls allowed, you understand?
Finn: No girls! Yes sir!
[Roxy and Katie walk towards them]
Finn: Here come girls!

Denise: Roxy's right. We need to kick some ass.
Claudia Joy: [stops and looks at Denise in surprise] Did you just say "kick some ass"?
Denise: And I'm learning how to. Roxy is teaching me to box. She's a real survivor, that girl. I can't lift my arms but it was fun.
Claudia Joy: Why are you learning how to box?
Denise: Jeremy lost his temper. Again.
Claudia Joy: He hurt you. Even after Michael warned him?
Denise: Yeah. Roxy walked in and, well, she kicked him in the groin.
Claudia Joy: [surprised] I don't know what to say.

[Roxy is in the bathroom doing her make-up]
Trevor: Hey, I know this is tough for you but I'm coming home.
Roxy: How can you know that? How can anyone know that?
Trevor: I just know. I do.
Roxy: Look, I get it, ok? I hit the jackpot here. I mean, most men put on the skates when they hear I got kids. But you married me. And here we are a blink later and you wanna adopt my boys and you want me to read your will's not "just in case". It's because you could die. Trevor, it's because you could die. [kisses Trevor and walks out of the bathroom]
Trevor: Roxy. [Roxy stops and looks at him] I was adopted. And not till I was seven. Until then it was just foster care. I don't want to adopt your boys because I'm afraid I'm gonna die. I want to adopt them because I want them to know what it feels like to have someone really want them. It's like I said, I'm coming home.

[Jeremy knocks at Claudia Joy's door, Amanda opens it]
Amanda: Look everybody, it's Jeremy Sherwood -- How are you?
Jeremy: Great -- Uh -- Amanda, you look great!
Amanda: So do you.
Jeremy: So, when did you get home?
Amanda: About 90 minutes after I got arrested.
Jeremy: Arrested?
Amanda: I take it you haven't been watching the news?
Jeremy: I hate that show, it's too depressing.

[At the donation gathering, at the podium]
Pamela: Hey -- It's me, Pamela Moran. I just want to let you all know, I made fifty grand carrying those kids. That's right, I was a paid surrogate. So, they're not my babies, they're not in the hospital, they're not dead and I lied to everyone. So -- Have at it!

Pamela: [to Roxy] I read this quote once. Once you become a mother, you stop being the picture and you start being the frame.

One of Our Own [1.4]


Independence Day [1.5]

[Inside the LeBlanc home]
Pamela: Marilyn is having an affair, and you waited until now to tell me?
Roxy: Well, excuse me, but I worked until midnight last night.
Pamela: Well, my phone works twenty-four hours a day! And so does my front door!
Trevor: So do you have any advice for me?
Chase: My first deployment, I didn't know what to expect. There was a Major in my unit. A married guy, been on a lot of tours. He told me not to contact my family. Said the less I talked to them, the less I'd miss them and it would make it easier for me to get through. I called home only called four, five times in six months. My son was two weeks old when I learned he was born. The Major was right. It did make it easier. For me.
Trevor: [looks at Roxy, who is in the kitchen with Pamela] Four five times in six months? [shakes head] I don't think I could do that Roxy.
[Camera cuts back to kitchen]
Pamela: We can't tell anyone.
Roxy: Wait, why not? [lowers her voice] I was gonna tell Trevor. I mean, he knows her husband.
Pamela: Nah, you can't do that. Maybe in civilian life you could, if someone's cheating. But not here. We have to protect each other. Even if it's Marilyn. You still have to protect another soldier's wife. It's our code.
[Camera cuts back to Chase and Trevor]
Chase: You asked for my advice, right?
Trevor: Yeah.
Chase: Well, here it is. [pauses] You call her every minute you can. I hurt Pamela a lot. Don't hurt your girl.

Claudia Joy: I married a committed military man. And I have loved this military life. I've also had to put my personal opinions aside to truly understand that our defenders of freedom are fighting a bigger battle. Not a political one. Their battle goes beyond politics, beyond religion, race or gender. They're the defenders for us all. They're the defenders of our differences. As one soldier is taken away from us, another returns to us. There's balance in the universe, a natural system of order. Look beside each soldier and you'll find the people who fight with them. The spouses, the sons, the daughters, the families. We serve too. Their victories are our victories. Their defeats are our defeats. Together, we fight for our freedom. For eighteen years I have tried to be the perfect wife and mother. Each day, I disappoint myself. Human life isn't about perfection. It is about accepting the flawed, the misguided parts of ourselves. We keep trying, we keep loving, we keep believing. I'm proud of the role we play in maintaining peace in our country and in the world. I'm proud to stand beside a man whose integrity shines like a diamond in the dust. And I am proud to call myself an Army wife.

Who We Are [1.6]

Roxy: Denise looks so happy. Like hogs in the sun.
Pamela: [looks at Roxy, chuckles] You just make 'em up as you do, don't you, these expressions.
Roxy: It's hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hell. Seriously though, I half wish I could've gone to the pool with Trevor and the boys.
Pamela: So, why didn't you?
Roxy: He wanted to get some quality time with them before he goes.
Pamela: Well, he just wants to make sure that they remember him when he's gone.
Roxy: You think?
Pamela: Chase was deployed the first year of Lucas' life. He left before he was born and came back after he was walking. Had no clue who daddy was.
Roxy: Must've broken his heart.
Pamela: Yeah. And mine. It's a real fear for soldiers, being forgotten by their children.
Roxy: Well, then why are they so gung-ho to leave in the first place?
Pamela: It's the military, sweetheart. Army, unit, family. In that order.

Marda: [arguing with the guards] I showed you my license, what else do you want? My first report card? A pint of blood? Marriage certificate? I got three of them.

[Marda sees Trevor with a bandaged knee.]
Marda: Now I'm hoping this knee is a by-product of an illegal sexual act. [Trevor laughs]
Roxy: [horrified] Mother!!
Marda: It's a firm grip. You did good!
Trevor: So did you ma'am. You raised a hell of a daughter.

Betty: Excuses are like backsides. Everybody's got one and they all stink.

Roxy: I'm half hoping for a medical discharge so he'll stay home for good. Does that make me selfish?
Betty: Yup. [Roxy looks at her] Army's his identity. Take it away, what's he got left?

Marda: That husband of yours, keeper. Unlike your first one. Dumb as a box of nails and a beater to boot. So I'd say your man-pickings, mightily improved. Because this one is sweet, smart, a little nuts about the soldier thing but I can live with that.

Hail and Farewell [1.7]

Marda: Roxy tells me your husband was gone. That must be tougher than getting into a nun's undies.
Pamela: [looks up at Marda] That's a new one.

Roxy: [complaining to Trevor about having to work on her birthday] Skanky cranky people who make you work on your birthday, they do too fire you.

Only the Lonely [1.8]

Roxy: My favorite designer is the Goodwill.

Roxy: So last night Trevor was on top of me when Finn walked in.
Pamela: Oh my god, what did you do?
Roxy: We said we were cold.
Pamela: [laughs] And what did he say?
Roxy: He said, it was summer! [both laugh] Can you beat that?!
Pamela: I wish I could but you're talking about sex, right? I have vague memories of moaning and toes curling––
Roxy: Your toes curl?
Pamela: [smiles] I didn't say mine.

Nobody's Perfect [1.9]

Pamela: [to Roxy] See, this is exactly what I mean. Scott sends me flowers. The last time Chase sent me flowers was when Lucas was born. That was five years ago. And you wonder why Scott got to me.
[Roxy walks up to her front yard where Trevor is assembling a new bookshelf]
Roxy: [smiles] Mister, you better be sending me flowers after we've been married for nine years.
Trevor: [looks at her in surprise] Hey, do I wanna know what this is about?
Roxy: No.
Trevor: Yeah, didn't think so.

Betty: People are like artichokes.
Roxy: Don't you mean onions?
Betty: [deadpan] I like any word that has "choke" in it. It fits better with marriage.

Roxy: I just want to know that you have faults, Trevor. You know, like normal people.
Trevor: I jump to conclusions. I'm a terrible cook. I forget names and I'm clumsy, hence the knee. I can be impulsive and sometimes a little bit too sensitive. [pauses] Feel better?
Roxy: [chuckles] Yeah. Really, I do.

[Trevor is taking a shower when Roxy suddenly barges into the bathroom]
Roxy: I can be jealous, but I'm working on it. I can be outspoken, but I'm really not working on that. I haven't read many books, not really the best speller. I don't want any more kids, at least not now, but I'm with you. I love to practice.

Dirty Laundry [1.10]

Roxy: Now, I'm putting this to all of you. For the first time, Trevor and I did not have sex last night. What do y'all have to say about that?
Claudia Joy: I'm impressed.
Pamela: I'm jealous.
Denise: I'm speechless.
[The ladies turn to Roland, who is awkwardly looking at the table]
Roland: [looks up] I'm not here! Please leave a message.

Pamela: Hey, you guys, Claudia Joy is doing okay, huh? You've gotta admire how she's been handling things, especially with Mrs. Lenore Baker trying to take her down like that.
Roxy: Do you really think she would use what happened against Claudia Joy like that?
Pamela: That's how it works around here sometimes.
Roxy: Well, what do we do?
Denise: We stick together. We support Claudia Joy, no matter what.
Roxy: We deep fry Lenore Baker and serve her up with a side of hushpuppies!

Roxy: Fastest way to a man's zipper; tight jeans, new haircut.

Roxy: Sergeant Hendrix, can I talk to you about my husband, sir?
SFC Hendrix: And you are?
Roxy: Roxy LeBlanc. I'm married to––
SFC Hendrix: PFC LeBlanc, I take it.
Roxy: Yes. Look, I'm sure I'm breaking all sorts of rules here but I have to. See, Trevor's so dedicated to his training that he tore his feet up. He can barely walk, his socks are all bloody.
SFC Hendrix: And so, what shall I do about it?
Roxy: [lowers voice] Well, I made an appointment for him at the doctor tomorrow and he won't go because he has to train. So would you please give him the day off?
SFC Hendrix: Oh sure. Why don't he take the week off?
Roxy: Look, I feel responsible, ok? Trevor hurt his knee tripping over our kids' toy. Just...let him go? You can have him right back.
SFC Hendrix: I'll take your advice, ma'am.
[SFC Hendrix walks away and turns back to his men]
SFC Hendrix: LeBlanc!!!! Front and center!!!
[Trevor catches sight of Roxy and glares at her]

Trevor: Rox, you were so far out of line in like a hundred different ways.
Roxy: Sorry. I was just trying to help.
Trevor: I know but you gave Sergeant Hendrix another thing to ride my ass about! Do you know what the guys are calling me now?! "Babysoft"!
Roxy: Was just trying to get things back to normal for us.
Trevor: [looks at Roxy curiously] What is that supposed to mean?
Roxy: We haven't had sex in three days! Something's gotta be wrong. Are you still attracted to me?
Trevor: That's what this is about??
[Roxy nods]
Trevor: [in disbelief] Rox! [turns to Roxy] Ok, just because we're not having sex every night does not mean I'm not attracted to you. 'Cause I am.
Roxy: [chuckles] I'm being needy. Never been needy before. I'm sorry. I just haven't had the best relationships, you know?
Trevor: Then this is a good one in case you're wondering.

Truth and Consequences [1.11]

Pamela: [on the air describing her new call-in show] Ok, uh, so much for announcements. Now for a little call-in segment that I'm calling 'Have At It With Pamela Moran.' Where we talk about us – the Army Wives – and what we go through. Like how it feels to be a single mom even when you're married. Or, better yet, what it's like to be the mistress 'cause the Army is the wife and sometimes that bitch gets all the attention! You know, they say, 'Mission First. People Always.' But that's crap. And what the hell does that mean, anyway? Because the Army comes first - period. And we deal with it or we move on. And it doesn't matter if your spouse wears sergeant's stripes, or, or colonel's eagle. Because worrying about your soldier at wartime feels exactly the same. So, forget rank, 'cause people are just people. And uh, speaking of which - I know we all like to gossip, but come on folks, can we just stop all the lies and innuendos about a certain colonel's wife. I mean, what the hell folks! Did we all lose direction to the high road, or what?

Victoria Grayson: [to Claudia Joy] Getting older is like being punished for a crime you didn't commit.

[After Roxy and Pamela are confronted by Marilyn about Pamela having Scott over for Pizza]
Roxy: So, you still think having your own microphone to tell the world off is a bad thing?

Rules of Engagement [1.12]

[In response to a caller on her radio show asking about what to expect when her husband comes home from war]
Pamela: My man just came back and got a heroes welcome, lemme tell ya he knows how to shoot off the fireworks, we're talking 21-gun salute, so stay hydrated.

Customer: [trying to hit on Roxy] You must be from Tennessee, 'cause you're the only ten I see.
Roxy: [smiles] Sweet, you can count! Just don't breed. [walks away]
[Everyone laughs]

Trevor: Rox, you are one of the smartest people I could do anything.
Roxy: You know the difference between a lawyer and an accountant? An accountant knows he's boring. [kisses Trevor] I'm happy where I am right now.

Goodbye Stranger [1.13]

Roxy: Do you remember the trek from Tuscaloosa?
Trevor: [glancing at the boys] How could I forget? TJ threw up on me twice, Finn peed on me, and you broke the dial fighting over the radio station.
Roxy: [smiles] Good times.
Trevor: [smiling] Hmmm...good times.

Claudia Joy: [to Betty] When is your surgery?
Roxy: She's not having it.
Claudia Joy: [concerned] Why not?
Roxy: She's short three grand. I keep telling her to sell the Hump Bar, but she won't.
Betty: This place has been truer to me than any man I've ever been with, Roxy. I can't sell it. It's better we just go out together.
Claudia Joy: There has to be something we can do.
Roland: Yeah.
Betty: [shrugging] Forget it. I mean, who needs surgery? It's like putting lipstick on a pig.

Claudia Joy: UVA doesn't know how lucky they are.
Amanda: [her head on her mother's shoulder] Why?
Claudia Joy: Why? Because they're getting the best Political Science major they'll ever have.
Amanda: Mom, don't exaggerate.
Claudia Joy: I'm not. I'm serious. I can see the woman you're going to be. You haven't caught sight of her yet, but she's just around the corner. And I'm damn glad that test was negative.

Roxy: I'll always remember this day.
Trevor: Why?
Roxy: Because terrorists are trying to blow us up and we're flying a kite. [they both laugh] That would really piss them off!

Trevor: Mrs. Roxy LeBlanc, we got married at City Hall. We never had a chance to say our vows and you never got to wear a wedding dress. So here it goes. [hands her a rose] Roxy, sometimes I think I've spent most of my life asleep, not taking any chances or any risks...
Roxy: I think jumping out of an airplane is a risk.
Trevor: Shh! [smiles] You're not supposed to interrupt me!
Roxy: Sorry!
Trevor: It's one thing to jump out of an airplane. It's another to really love someone. And I met you and you made sense of me. You are who I'm fighting for. You are who I'm coming home to. [looks at Roxy] Roxy, I love you. You are the love of my life.

Finn: [standing beside TJ as Trevor says good bye to the boys] Please stay.
Trevor: [to TJ and Finn] Well, you know why I have to go. But I'm gonna come back as soon as I can, and when I get home, I'm gonna tell you guys stories about everything I've seen. So, be brave for me, okay? Take care of your Mom, she's gonna need it. Come here. [kneels to hug both boys, and picks up his rucksack to leave, as Roxy tries not to cry]
[TJ stands still, still staring at Trevor]
Trevor: What's the matter, buddy?
TJ: It's just that we've never had a Daddy before.
Trevor: [bending to look TJ straight in the eyes] I love you.

Pamela: [over the air on her show, 'Have At It'] Ok, so in case you were wondering why it's been so busy on Fort Marshall today, it's because we've gone to FPCON Alpha Plus, and we know 'Alpha' relates to the global threat of terrorism. But...hell, we've been to Alpha Plus here before. We've bought the gas masks, we've stocked up on bottled water. But, there's one thing we can never be prepared for, and that's the fear. How do we handle the fear? My son Lucas once asked me if the 'bad guys' were going to blow us up. How do you answer that? How do you explain terrorism to your kid? How do you explain that at any time, any place, someone could just decide to take us all out? And that's why terrorism works, because we can't explain it, we can't predict it, it can happen any time, anywhere, by anyone. So, all we can do is trust that the military has our backs, and then we let it go. Because the only way to stop the fear is by living. Just living, being with your family, your friends, your community. Look, there is nothing we can do about it - except to seize the day. We live while we can, laugh while we can, love while we can. And that, my friends, is how we beat terrorism. So, 'Have At It.'

Season 2


Would You Know My Name [2.1]

Amanda: Show me the mother, and I'll show you the child.

Roxy: [opening her front door] Weren't you just here awhile ago?
Pamela: I know. But this time I brought a medical professional.
Denise: [sliding a bottle of wine out of a paper bag as she walks through the door] This won't cure anything, but it just might make the waiting easier.
Roxy: I doubt it.
Pamela: Well, it couldn't hurt to try.
Roxy: [laughs as she walks toward the kitchen] Look at the two of you. It feels like I'm on the wrong end of an intervention.

Pamela: [Intro radio voiceover] This is Pamela Moran. I realize that this isn't my normal radio slot, but normal isn't a word that applies much anymore. Not around here. I don't know how to gently lead up to something like this, so I'm just going to say it. I just found out that someone very near to me died. As you all know, four days ago there was a bombing at the Hump Bar, and the city is still not back to normal. People are trying to understand how something so terrible could have happened here. The destruction, debris, both physical and emotional have taken a heavy toll, though the Army was quick to respond. I too was one of those who was glued to my television. It was as if I only listened to the news reports long enough, and watched the images enough times, that somehow it would all change. On that first day that we were hungering for information, my son came up to me and asked me if I could take him to the beach. Our adult world is falling apart, but in my child's world, he just wanted to go to the beach he said he'd found this secret place where the gold starfish are, and he wanted to show it to me. But no I couldn't pull myself away. I just sat there in front of the television hypnotized by it all. People who aren't in the military don't understand the unique bonds that are forged so quickly on an army post. Maybe it's because we move so much. You know when you rarely spend two or three years in one place, it forces you to get to the heart of things. That's why when one of these people who we've come to care about like they're our own family slips away, leaves us forever, the loss is almost unbearable.

Pamela: [Continued radio voiceover] The mind plays tricks on us at times like this. It has to. We need it to. It's how we're able to power on and do what needs to be done. Even something as mundane as doing the dishes that are piling up in the sink, or going out, getting up and doing what needs to be done for your loved ones. The future doesn't stop. We all search for strength on that first day or two. I did. But whether what I found was true strength or some part of our DNA that makes us want to reach out and help, I don't know. Times like this we question our own strength, our ability to hang on and not crumble. It's one of the things I admire most about the army wives I've met. Must be a military thing- this capacity to press on despite the obstacles, to see a mission through to its completion. No matter what happens that makes us question the world we live in, life goes on, as cliché as that sounds. One generation passes the baton to the next generation and the cycle of life continues. Regeneration- life renewed. What is it that the poets keep trying to hammer into our heads? Winter becomes spring, night becomes day, as one wave crashes onto the shore and disappears, another one appears behind it, and another and another. I guess we humans just plain want to stick around. The ride must be worth the price of admission. And it's not in us to give up hope, even when any reason for hope has dwindled to almost nothing. This communal spirit, this crazy insistence that we all are connected in each other's caretaker, it keeps us from sinking into despair, or sliding into the abyss. What is it about the human touch- holding a loved one close and feeling their warmth, their heartbeat. I mean this is the Army and frequently our loved ones are far away. But their warmth doesn't have to be. At times it feels totally random. It's roll of the dice on who lives and who dies. At some point words fail us and we're left with silence. Silence and time. I read something once, to live in hears you leave behind, is not to die. I don't know what each of you is going to do today, but now is the time to tell those you love, that you love them. Like we loved Amanda and she lives in our hearts still, and will never be forgotten. Me, I think I'm going to pick up my kids up and take that ride down to the ocean like they wanted. The water's beautiful this time of the year. Besides, they know where the gold starfish are.

Pamela: [to Denise, standing by the comatose Betty] I'm gonna stay. Maybe I'll tell Betty how Roxy dyed her 'netherlands' in a pink heart before Trevor left.

Strangers In A Strange Land [2.2]

Claudia Joy: [voice-over] To rejoin life is to accept what's happened, but I can't accept it. I can't move forward. I can't turn back. So I hold my breath living in a suspended state of existence.
Trevor: [voice-over] What do you do when you're told no mail can go out for a week due to security concerns? You get out a pen and paper anyway. Dear Roxy, I'm here, and by the time you get this letter, I might be somewhere else. But right now, Iraq has got to be the driest place on earth. Baby, there's no preparing for this. No books, no pictures, no training. Just the reality. It makes me wonder if sometimes you'd be better off if I had never brought you into this crazy life.
Claudia Joy: Everything that was familiar is now unfamiliar. What's light is now dark. The world seems a vast and unfriendly place.
Trevor: Death is everywhere here, in what you smell, hear, see, feel, and somehow, you're just supposed to put it all away. Forget you saw it. Move on. Is this hell?
Claudia Joy: Where is hell? Never to love again.

Betty: [to TJ and Finn after they had set off an alarm] Hey! Watch it! Pull the wrong plug and I'll die.

[Joan has just vomited into a trash can as Roland arrives home with dinner.]
Roland: Sorry I'm late. I got dinner.
Joan: I already had dinner. It's in the trash can!
Roland: I see.
[Roland walks over and starts to set the food on the desk next to Joan.]
Joan: [gags] Oh baby, whatever that is, it's –– it's not welcome here!
Roland: Ok, ok, I got it. [takes food outside] You ok now?
Joan: [drinks water] My body's being invaded. I'm no longer a person, I'm a host!

Roxy: They're not sending you to County. I got you another week!
Betty: [in amazement] Roxy LeBlanc. What did you do?!
Roxy: I took my shirt off. And as soon as the week is over, you're moving in with me.

The Messenger [2.3]

Chase: [sees Katie wearing her armor costume] Wow! You know what this is?
Katie: No.
Chase: It's a breastplate.
Katie: But I don't have breasts yet.
[Chase is speechless and looks at Pamela for "help".]
Pamela: [laughs] You're on your own!
Katie: You'll read my lines, Daddy? Please! You can take all the other parts.
Chase: [embarrassed] No, no...your daddy is not much of an actor, sweetie.
Katie: You're a real soldier. You know how to say all the words right.

[Finn is in the bathroom trying to tie a tie while talking to his imaginary friend "Harry".]
Finn: [looks at "Harry"] Shut up Harry! No, you're stupid!
Roxy: [comes to the bathroom door, amused] Are you and Harry at it again?
Finn: He told me to wear a tie but he can't tie one and neither can I!
Roxy: [smiles] Well, your dad can't tie a tie worth a darn either. I have to tie it for him all the time.

Finn: Hi!
Claudia Joy: Hi Finn.
Finn: [hands Claudia Joy some yellow flowers] I tried to find red ones.
Claudia Joy: [smiles] Oh, thank you! I love yellow!
Finn: Would you go on a date with me?
[Claudia Joy is speechless and looks at a slightly embarrassed Roxy walking up behind Finn]
Finn: [sees Roxy] Mom! Shoo, shoo!

[Katie and Lucas are having a mock swordfight with Chase in the front yard]
Roxy: [walks over] Katie, Lucas! Stop beheading your father! Hey Chase. Welcome back. Where's Pamela?
Chase: [on the ground after being tackled by Katie and Lucas] I gave her the day off.
Roxy: Uh-oh. She promised to sit these two. [points at Finn and TJ]
Chase: Between you and me, I've had easier training missions.
Roxy: Well, four is easier than two.
Chase: [mock surprise] Really?
Roxy: No! [laughs] [sends boys to Katie and Lucas] Go impale somebody! [turns to leave, to Chase] I'll pick 'em up at six. Have them laundered and dried.

Harry: [to Claudia Joy] Love's an amazing thing. Can't see it. Can't touch it. Can't smell it. Yet, it's there with us from the day we're born.

[Roxy and Trevor are video-conferencing]
Roxy: [excitedly] I know you've only got a minute so, how are you? Are you ok? Are you alive? Are you hurt in anyway at all?
Trevor: I'm good. Yes, yes, no.
Trevor: How about everybody else? They're doing all right?
Roxy: They're getting there.
Trevor: And Betty? That old bat make it through?
Betty: [walks out to the kitchen, deadpan] Bat's right here!
Trevor: [embarrassed] Oh...
Roxy: Oh, guess what? Finn's in love!
Trevor: With Betty???
Roxy: No.
Finn: Mrs. Holden
Roxy: As in Claudia Joy Holden!

Pamela: [voice-over, speaking on her radio show] My daughter has faith. That her father will come home in one piece, that tomorrow will be better than today, that she can be brave, that she can be Saint Joan. I guess what I'm saying is, let's not forget to believe, let your imagination roll again. Or something like that.

Leaving The Tribe [2.4]

Joan: [trying her best to hide her nausea] Deployment papers ready for your signature sir.
Michael: Which unit is leaving next?
Joan: 3rd Brigade Combat Team.
Michael: All right. Thank you, Joan.
Joan: Yes, sir. [turns to leave]
Michael: Oh, wait. [Joan stops in her tracks] I'd like you to pull their files for me.
Joan: All of them, sir? There's almost 500. [Michael looks up at her] I'll have them on your desk by this afternoon–– [dashes to the trash can and vomits in it]
Michael: [stoically] I'm guessing that's either bad sushi or you decided to keep the baby.
Joan: [regains composure] The baby.

Joan: [about to tell her staff that she is pregnant] Some of you have probably noticed a few changes in me lately, and I thank you for not bringing them to my attention.

Joan: Roland, I like logic, discipline, control. It makes me feel safe. That's why I love the Army. But now, I don't know. Sometimes I don't feel logical or in control
Roland: It's normal. And it's also temporary.
Joan: So it is my hormones.
Roland: Yes it is.
Joan: And you can tell the difference when it's me and when it's...
Roland: The 'mones? Yeah, I can tell the difference.
Joan: [sighs in relief] Good. 'Cause I can't, I really can't. This morning, I threw up on General Holden.
Roland: Ouch. [both laugh]
Joan: I just had a thought.
Roland: What?
Joan: Since my hormones are up and about anyway...
Roland: [grins] Might as well put them to good use.
Joan: Exactly. [they start kissing]

The Hero Returns [2.5]

[Joan has fallen asleep at her desk]
LTC Evan Connor: [knocks at the door] Joan?
[Joan is startled awake]
Connor: I'm sorry, sometimes, when my wife was pregnant, she wouldn't just nod off at her desk but in the middle of conversations. Of course I think that was my fault. I tend to run on.

[Roxy and Trevor arrive home from the hospital]
Trevor: Listen.
Roxy: What?
Trevor: It's quiet. I never thought I'd miss that.
Betty: [walks in from kitchen] Welcome home, superhero.
Trevor: Hello, Betty.
Betty: [deadpan] Where's the cake?
Roxy: Would you give him a minute before you start with the wisecracks?!
Trevor: It's fine. I like that someone has a sense of humor about this whole thing. [Betty turns on the TV] Ugh...goodbye quiet.

Trevor: So when did Pamela drop off the kids?
Roxy: Last night. It was their idea. They wanted to be here when you got home. Didn't want to miss a minute.
Trevor: [amused] You left them alone with Betty? Are you crazy?
Roxy: [laughs] What! They're survivors. I'm sure they found a great place to hide.

Thicker Than Water [2.6]

[Joan notices the large stack of baby books on the coffee table in front of Roland.]
Joan: Whoa! Will there be a quiz?
Roland: Every day until college!

Betty: How's the shoulder?
Trevor: It's ok. How's the cancer?
Betty: Sucks. [deadpan] Wanna trade?
Trevor: [shakes head] No.
Betty: Well, at least you got to take out your enemy. Damn cancer's a sneaky bastard. [points fingers at a mock target] I wish I could just line it up in the crosshairs and drop the son of a bitch. [pretends to shoot]
Trevor: [sighs] Yeah, don't be so sure.
Betty: [pauses] Must be tough to actually shoot somebody.
Trevor: I know what I did was right but all the attention...I don't know, it just feels wrong somehow. I killed a man. Why would I celebrate that?

Uncharted Territory [2.7]

[Chase has just told Pamela that one of his team members is having a family cookout this afternoon.]
Chase: Uh, I sort of promised that you'd make potato salad.
Pamela: But what you really meant was 'I'll BUY potato salad.'
Chase: Absolutely! You think I want to wipe out my entire squad!

Joan: Evan, hey I wanted to thank you for reminding me of the pregnancy limits yesterday.
LTC Evan Connor: Glad I could help
Joan: Yeah, I had a discussion with General Holden and we agreed that I need to restrict myself to eight hours a day until my maternity leave.
Connor: Well, every regulation has its purpose.
Joan: Yeah. Hey Evan, check it out. [shows her pregnancy ACU pants]
Connor: Nice.
Joan: Feels good to be loose.
Connor: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Joan: I just wanted you to know that I told the General that I'm happy that you're here. And there's no one more competent to pick up the slack.
Connor: You said that to him?
Joan: [nods] I did. And while I'm home resting I'm gonna feel a lot more at ease knowing that you're here filling in for me. [calls out] Corporal, just put them on the Lieutenant Colonel's desk.
[Corporal brings in a box and a stack of files and papers and sets them on Connor's desk]
Connor: [opens a file] What's this?
Joan: It's the bids for all outside vendors who supply goods to the post. They need to be checked for any irregularities and then altered if noted. [pats Connor on the back and turns to leave] Oh. And, uh, General Holden wants them on his desk at 0800 tomorrow.
Connor: But this could take all night!
Joan: Yeah, wish I could help. [walks out] Later, Evan!

Trevor: Hey, so, this guy here is from our motorpool. He can fix anything. Right Charlie?
Charlie: I'll admit that.
Roxy: Thank you, it's right through those doors.
Inspector: And I'm here to make sure he works on it till it passes. Got your COO right here.
Roxy: [in amazement] How did you do that???
Trevor: It's the Army, babe. We take care of our own.
Roxy: Yeah, but the inspector??
Trevor: Former paratrooper.
Roxy: [heaves a huge sigh of relief] Thank you Army. I will never doubt you again!

Loyalties [2.8]

Sandy: I wish there was a waitress box that I could just check and be done with.
Roxy: You know, sometimes I think that whoever writes these things does it with the sole intention of just turning my brain to mush.

Sandy: Well, well. Didn't know you were a maitre d' too.
Trevor: I figured that as long as I'm here I might as well help out a bit.
Sandy: That's too bad. We could use some eye candy around here.
Trevor: [to Roxy] Hey babe, that new waitress of yours, she's pretty flirty.
Roxy: She's not flirty. She's being smart. With what this job pays you, you gotta use what God gave you to get the big tips.

[Trevor is in the pantry looking for something when Sandy walks in and deliberately bumps into him]
Sandy: It's kinda cozy in here, dontcha think?
Trevor: [looks at Sandy in disbelief] Are you serious?
Sandy: I'm just sayin'. A person can get in a lot of trouble here ya know. If they wanted to.
Trevor: [backs away from Sandy] All right. [seriously] As weird as this sounds, I'm actually in love with my wife it.
[Unknown to them, Roxy is at the door listening]
Sandy: [chuckles] Nothing is gonna happen. [goes up to Trevor] Unless you want it to.
Roxy: Hey! I think he just said he doesn't want it to. 'Cause I got that department covered just fine, thank you.
Sandy: Roxy, I...I was just––
Roxy: [deadpan] Leaving. That's what you were just doing. You're fired. [Trevor looks on in bemusement] And unless you want this jar of mayo on your head, I'd leave right now.
[Sandy leaves]
Trevor: [laughs] Babe! That was so hot!
Roxy: Thank you! [Trevor kisses her]

Casting Out the Net [2.9]


Duplicity [2.10]


Mothers & Wives [2.11]

Denise: [Talking to Claudia about her feelings and how mixed up they are] Just being around him makes me feel like I'm lying to him.

Emmalin: Why do you always get so stressed out when Grams comes? She's fun.
Claudia Joy: Grandmothers are always fun. Mothers are another story.

Trevor: How's the colonel feeling?
Roland: Great. I think she's making up for all the sleep she lost over her entire career.

Roland: [about the death gratuity] I remember signing those papers. But the thought of Joan being killed in combat, I just pushed it out of my mind.
Trevor: Seems like a soldier's worth more dead than alive.

Claudia Joy: You think after all I've been through, having your parents split up wouldn't be such a big deal.
Pamela: I think parents splitting up is always a big deal.
Claudia Joy: I feel like a five-year-old...embarrassing!

Great Expectations [2.12]


Safe Havens [2.13]

Claudia Joy: Don't you remember? Paolo and Maria had lilies waiting for us in our hotel room when we arrived.
Michael: [in amazement] You remember what kind of flowers were in a hotel room twenty years ago? That's scary.

Trevor: Three months ago, I'm patrolling enemy territory in Iraq with Dalton. Now he's dead. And I spend all day filing things, making sure everything's all lined up. A, B, C, D...
Roxy: What?
Trevor: I'm an admin clerk, babe. [sarcastically] Thought I'd make you proud.

Payback [2.14]

[TJ and Finn enter the bedroom dressed up in their suits and ties]
Finn: Hurry up, Daddy.
Trevor: You look all grown up.
TJ: I wish we had uniforms for the Silver Star ceremony.
Trevor: No. [kneels down to straighten out their shirts and ties] I like you guys just the way you are.
TJ: We wanna be like you.
Trevor: You do?
TJ: Most of the time.
Trevor: Not all the time?
Finn: Almost.
Trevor: So when are the times when you don't want to be like me?
Finn: Cranky times.
TJ: When you yell at Mommy.
Finn: And throw stuff.
Trevor: [sits on bed, the boys back off] Come here. Come over here, I'm not going to bite you. Come on.
[The boys sit on the bed on either side of him]
Trevor: I promise you, no more cranky times.
Finn: No more yelling?
Trevor: No more yelling. Just kissing. Lots and lots of kissing.

[Michael knocks on the hotel door]
Paolo: [opens door, surprised] Michael!
[Michael punches him square in the face and promptly leaves without saying a word.]

Joan: [holding Sara Elizabeth] How can you love someone so much after only a few days?

Thank You for Letting Me Share [2.15]

Roxy: A good time? I'm up to my neck in other people's good times. Getting drunk and losing control, that's not "good times". [raises her voice] And you know what the problem is? It's never your fault! What about the people who have to pick up the tab for that, huh? What about their good times? You don't even care about the people whom you leave in your path!
[Customers all turn and stare at Roxy]
Roxy: What are y'all lookin' at?! [storms off]
[Later at Roxy's porch]
Roland: How are you feeling?
Roxy: I've a cold.
Roland: No kidding. Hey, Rox. What happened at the bar––
Roxy: I know. I was over the top.
Roland: People who grow up with addictions, they develop their own addictions. It's called enabling.
Roxy: You know, I was hoping the first five addicts I hooked up with were just a coincidence. Trevor was different. I was sure I'd broken the cycle.
Roland: Trevor is different. This is situational. But the way in which you're handling it is not. Glossing over problems, taking on more than you can do, not admitting defeat. That's the pattern.

[Roxy and Trevor are speaking at their separate therapy groups]
Trevor: I only knew my wife a couple of weeks before I married her. A lot of people would call that irresponsible but I just knew. I knew she was the one.
Roxy: I made one impulsive choice after another because that's all I saw the people around me do. But for some reason, choosing Trevor was the right thing. It led me to sanity and I can't forget that. I can't run away at the first sign of trouble but I also can't deny what's all around me either. I owe it to him and to our children... [fades off]
Trevor: It's like, it's like there's something bigger, you know, like this small voice that we can barely hear trying to tell us what we need to do.
Roxy: The truth is in the middle, in the quiet.
Trevor: You just have to listen.
Roxy: I'm learning to be still.
Trevor: Thanks for letting me share.
Roxy: Thank you for letting me share.

Sacrifices [2.16]

Roland: You would not believe this. These are Joan's nanny requirements.
Denise: Oooh. I can't wait.
Roland: [reading off paper] Great parental instincts, infant CPR certificate, clean driving record, stable family background, advanced college degree or experience as a pediatric nurse.
Claudia Joy: Is that all?
Roland: She calls me every hour with another addition.
Pamela: So Mary Poppins need not apply?
Roland: I barely qualify.
Roxy: How's the mom thing going?
Roland: It's like she and Joan have this secret club. They look at me, then they look at each other and then they laugh.
[Roxy and Claudia Joy exchange glances and they, Pamela and Denise start laughing]
Roland: [awkwardly] Right, it's kinda like that.

Chase: Ok everybody! Family meeting! Let's go! [goes to kids' room] Family meeting. Now! Let's go! Move it! [goes to Pamela in the kitchen] Come on Mom! You too!
Katie: Are we in trouble?
Chase: Not you honey. Lucas.
Lucas: Me? What did I do?
Chase: [in mock anger] Did you think you could just grow up and we wouldn't notice this? Turning eight on Saturday?
[Lucas breaks into a smile]
Chase: Well, there's only one solution to this serious problem. A party.

Vivian (Roland's mother): His dream was to be a doctor and how he's teaching high school. Feels like he lost his way a little.
Joan: Sometimes people run so hard towards something they past by what they really want. I know. I've done it myself. [looks at Sara Elizabeth sleeping in the cot]
Vivian: [smiles] Thank God he didn't run past you.
Joan: [smiles] Well, he tried. But I tripped him. [both laugh]

Betty: Roxy, I want you to be happy, honey. I spent most of my life in that place and what do I have to show for it? Half-empty bed, that's what I have to show for it. If I had to choose right now between the man I love and that bar, I would burn it to the ground, honey.

[After conducting a string of nanny interviews]
Joan: No. No way. They're not getting near our daughter.
Vivian: I wanted to call 911 on everyone of them. [gets up and leaves room]
[Roland and Joan look at each other dejectedly. Sara Elizabeth starts crying.]

[During casino night]
Roxy: Ok bones. Make it rain. [throws dice] Yes! This is so fun!!
Roland: It's always fun when you win.
Chase: [bored] I don't understand craps.
Pamela: Yeah, me either.

All in the Family [2.17]

Emmalin: The domain of ƒ divided by ɡ is given by, um, the intersection of dƒ and dɡ without the zeros of function ɡ.
Logan: Ooh! So close, so close. [laughs] Yeah, that's right.
[Emmalin and Logan kiss]

[A clearly sleep-deprived Roland answers the door]
Claudia Joy: Hi. I hope I'm not disturbing you
Roland: No, not at all. Come on in.
Claudia Joy: I keep forgetting to drop these photographs off. I took them at the baby shower. [hands photo album to Roland]
Roland: Oh.
Claudia Joy: They're the old-fashioned kind. On film.
[Roland looks at photo album listlessly]
Claudia Joy: [waves at his face] Anybody in there?
Roland: [snaps out his daydream] Ah, I'm not sure. You want some coffee?
[Roland shuffles past her into the kitchen. Claudia Joy notices baby spit on the back of his shirt.]
Claudia Joy: Woah, you've got something baby-related on your shirt. [grabs a towel and wipes the spit off Roland's shirt]
Roland: [mutters] Thanks.
Claudia Joy: How is my godchild?
Roland: [still in a stance] Asleep. Finally.
Claudia Joy: So Mr. Mom is getting to you already?

[Marda and her fiancee Jerry are having dinner at Roxy and Trevor's place.]
Marda: I'm not drinking now. The past is over.
Roxy: [sarcastically] For you, maybe.
[awkward silence]
Jerry: Hey, we didn't come here to fight.
Trevor: Jerry's right. Maybe we should all just take a deep breath and not say something we're gonna regret.
Roxy: Are you talking to me or to her, Trevor?
Trevor: Baby, I'm just trying to keep the peace, ok?
[Trevor and Roxy are washing dishes after dinner]
Trevor: That was an adventure.
Roxy: You didn't seem to mind her too much.
Trevor: [chuckles] Oh please. Don't be ridiculous.
Roxy: Why are you always defending her?
Trevor: [looks at Roxy] I'm not. [Roxy is silent] Look, Rox, I know Marda isn't perfect.
Roxy: Yeah. By a long shot.
Trevor: Ok, by a long shot. But at least you've got a mother who loves you and is trying to make things better. You don't know what I'd give to know who my real mother was.

Claudia Joy: [sternly to Jennifer Connor] I know you don't have children but you should really watch those wildlife documentaries about what happens when you try to come between a mother and her child. It doesn't end well.

Departures, Arrivals [2.18]

[Marda walks into The Hump Bar]
Roxy: So you're still here.
Marda: I broke up with Jerry. Sent him packing.
Roxy: Broke up till you get home or kicked him into orbit?
Marda: [laughs] Take a look at the moon tonight. He'll be circling it!
Roxy: [smiles] That, I'd like to see.

[Roland spills a bottle of breast milk on the floor while Sara Elizabeth is crying in his arms]
Roland: Oh damn it. [looks at Sara Elizabeth] I didn't say that. I didn't say that... [picks up phone to call Joan]
[Camera cuts to division headquarters. Trevor is waiting outside Joan's office]
Joan: [hands Trevor a cooler] My house. Fast.
Trevor: Yes ma'am.
Joan: If anyone asks, you're going on a picnic.
[Back at the Burtons' home]
Roland: [opens door, relieved to see Trevor] Thought you'd never get here.
Trevor: Sorry, had to wait for that hand-off.
Roland: Yeah pumping can take a lot longer than you might think.
Trevor: Try not to think about it.

Roxy: I wasn't gonna say anything but only a party doesn't really do Betty justice. The week leading up to my husband's deployment was pretty rough for me and everyone tried to help but no one really could. But Betty had me talk about all the horrible things I thought might happen, had me lay my fears on the table, and I cried my eyes out. And then she told me to go home and see Trevor alive and in one piece and asleep in our bed. And I just loved her for giving that to me. Because from then on I'd know what it was like when someone you love comes home safe and sound like most do. But tonight, I know what it feels like when someone you love does not come home.

Last Minute Changes [2.19]

Trevor: So did this guy say what he expected us to do with...[points at urn]...Betty?
Roxy: Nope. He just walked in and dropped her off. You know, maybe we should spread Betty's ashes over the ocean. She always loved the water.
Trevor: Or a brewery. She always loved her beer too.
Roxy: Trevor.
Trevor: [laughs] Come on, you know if those ashes could speak, Betty would agree with me.
Roxy: All these people are leaving our lives, you know.
Trevor: That's why I've been thinking about a baby.
Roxy: [looks at Trevor] We will have our kid. Honestly, I'd think about it now if things weren't so hectic at work.
Trevor: It's just that with my shoulder better and knowing that I'm redeploying...I think about things.
Roxy: What things?
Trevor: Well, if something were ever to happen to me.
Roxy: Trevor...
Trevor: I know it sounds crazy but I would hate it if there was never a little boy or girl running around that people would stop and go, hey look there's Roxy and Trevor's kid and he's got our eyes.
Roxy: First of all, nothing is gonna happen to you. Second of all, we will have our baby. Just not right now. And I really hope he or she has your eyes.

Claudia Joy: It's amazing huh. Moving around the world, seeing fascinating places, all the adventures, making wonderful friends. I love being an Army wife.

Season 3


Best Laid Plans [3.1]


About Face [3.2]

[After Roxy trips up a pickpocket who stole Viola's purse]
Viola: Thanks for getting this back for me. It's the only purse that matches these shoes.
Roxy: Thanks for giving me an excuse to beat the crap out of someone legally.

Moving Out [3.3]


Incoming [3.4]

Emilyn Jane Holden what have you done your hair

Disengagement [3.5]


Family Readiness [3.6]

SGT Barranco: Ma'am, I'm sorry they called you over. My Captain is out with a two-day pass and I think his CO might have misunderstood or misstated the seriousness of this--
Joan: All security matters are serious, Sergeant. You responded accordingly.
SGT Barranco: Ma'am I understand but it may not be classifiable as a security matter per se. Could be an action counter to protocol, or possibly an issue of quarters contraband, or a violation of post policy. Again, ma'am, I am sorry you were contacted.
Joan: Well, I'm here now, so hup to.
SGT Barranco: Yes ma'am.
[SGT Barranco opens the door and reveals Lucky the dog.]

Roxy: How about if I cut my hair like this?
Trevor: Like what?
Roxy: Shorter. Like this. [folds hair up] That's sexier right?
Trevor: [amused] It's not possible to have anymore sexiness in one woman. Can't be done.
Roxy: Trevor, I'm serious.
Trevor: Seriously? [Roxy nods] I like your hair the way it is.
Roxy: Really?
Trevor: Is this one of those trick questions like, "Do I look fat?"
Roxy: Now I look fat?
Trevor: No, no no. Ok, Rox, I love your hair the way it is and you do not look fat. Now I'm going to the live firing range where things are a lot safer. [leaves room to go to work]
[Roxy sits on the bed and continues looking at catalog]
Trevor: [from outside] Don't cut your hair!

[Brigadier General Holden is walking out of his office with a cup of coffee when Lucky runs past him into his office while Joan and Private Sutherland catch up.]
Holden: [Joan and Sutherland salute him] As you were. Colonel Burton, is that a dog in my office?
Joan: Affirmative, sir.
Holden: Why is there a dog in my office?
Joan: Still working out the details, sir. [looks at PV2 Sutherland] Apparently-- [Lucky barks]
PV2 Sutherland: Permission to pursue, sir.
Holden: Permission granted.
Joan: Apparently this animal has been living in barracks. Rumor has it that he was smuggled from down range.
Holden: [surprised] From Iraq?
[Lucky runs into the foyer past the cleaners with PVT Sutherland behind him]
PV2 Sutherland: Stop that dog!
Joan: [PV2 Sutherland is chasing Lucky in the background] Yes, sir. By way of the 315th Airlift Wing. By way of quarantine in Germany. By way of Kuwait, sir. But that's just a rumor.
Holden: A little below your pay grade isn't it, Joan. Dog catching?
Joan: Comedy of errors, sir.
Holden: Roger that. Go get 'em cowboy.
[Trevor is walking along when Lucky runs past him on the lawn.]
Joan: LeBlanc!!! Stop that canine!!
Trevor: [whistles to Lucky] Come here! [Lucky runs to him]
Joan: [looks to PV2 Sutherland] Why didn't you think of that?
PV2 Sutherland: I'm more of a cat person, ma'am.

Onward Christian Soldier [3.7]


Post and Prejudice [3.8]

Roland: [sees Joan] Hey! Mommy's home.
Joan: Only for a few minutes.
Roland: But you do have time for lunch right?
Joan: [playing with Sara Elizabeth] Hmm?
Roland: Lunch.
Joan: If it's quick. [takes out a file and reads]
Roland: [takes food out of oven] It's not only quick, my dear. It's ready. [brings plate to Joan] First course, ginger shrimp Thai dumplings. You mince the shrimp–– [Joan takes a dumpling and puts it in her mouth without saying a word] ...and let it marinate for three hours in ginger sauce. Add a little fresh cilantro and sc–– [Joan takes another without looking up] ...scallions.
[Joan is still preoccupied]
Roland: [awkwardly] Glad you like 'em. [looks at Joan writing in her file] A grocery list?
Joan: [continues writing] Jostling my battle strategy.
Roland: It's a good thing these war games start tomorrow. I like my wife back for at least a little while before she deploys.
[Joan is still preoccupied and takes out her bullet-ridden target from shooting practice earlier.]
Joan: [sighs] I'm gonna mop the floor with Evan Connor. [turns and leaves]

Pamela: There are a million ways to save money, like the shampoo your family uses. When you're halfway through, fill the bottle with water and stretch it out. Like I used to do with my dad's whiskey.

Roxy: [after Trevor explains the war games to her and shows her his equipment] So you're gonna be gone for two days playing laser tag?

Trevor: [salutes] Corporal LeBlanc reporting as ordered, Ma'am.
Joan: [salutes back] At ease, Corporal. You take a public ass-kicking very well.
Trevor: [laughs] Thank you ma'am. And you publicly kick-ass very well, if you don't mind me saying.
Joan: Ah, sorry about that. I had to make it feel real for Major Dandridge to see.
Trevor: Understood.
Joan: Now that that's over with, I'll make sure that Colonel Connor's letter of reprimand is removed from your record.
Trevor: [smiles] Thank you ma'am.
Joan: And that, Corporal LeBlanc, should clear the way for you to start thinking about taking the steps to becoming "Sergeant LeBlanc".
Trevor: Yes ma'am!

Major Proell: In a war zone, sometimes a smallest thing could escalate out of control. That's what was happening. [...] Time and again he was getting us out of jams. He saved American lives and I could honestly say that I would lay down mine for his. But I didn't get that chance. We were on patrol in Mosul. We were talking about our kids, how they all loved the same movies. We were just two dads walking along, when a sniper's bullet blew the back of his head off. I would say that bullet was meant for me. But everyone knows insurgents would target an Iraqi translator before the American soldier. We got that sniper, but there was nothing we could do for Raizal. Translators like Raizal or this girl Haneen's father, they're as much a part of this war as any soldier, their family. But most people back here don't appreciate it. But by helping this girl you're sending a message back to Iraq, that we do understand, that we do care. And for that, God bless you.

Trevor: It was amazing. Colonel Burton said I should start studying to make Sergeant.
Roxy: Trevor! I am so proud of you.
Trevor: There's a promotion board I gotta study for, a Warrior Leader Course, but it is so worth it. [notices the "edible underwear" on Roxy's dresser] What's this? [picks it up] It's a....[sniffs] It smells like fruit or something.
Roxy: Apricot.
Trevor: [sniffs] Yeah, that's it. It's apricot. [looks at it] What is it?
Roxy: You mean, what was it.
Trevor: Ok, what was it?
Roxy: [pauses] It's edible underpants.
Trevor: [speechless] What?
Roxy: Yeah, but Lucky got to it before you came home.
Trevor: [raises eyebrows] I see.

Joan: Did you get the meat thermometer?
Roland: No.
Joan: Roland.
Roland: But, I did win the door prize.
Joan: Really? What was the door prize?
Roland: I'm wearing it. [takes robe off and grins]
Joan: [looks in amazement] Roland! [giggles]

Coming Home [3.9]

[Roxy is vacuuming while Trevor is studying and the boys are lying around in the living room reading and studying]
Trevor: Roxy! Knock it off!
Roxy: What??
Trevor: Roxy! Do you mind?
Finn: We're studying.
Roxy: Blame the dang dog. He's the one who dragged in all the dirt. [to Trevor] You want me to fix you a snack while you're studying for your finals?
Trevor: This isn't high school, Rox. It's the promotion board. I gotta earn enough points to make Sergeant.
Roxy: [picks up a tattered sock chewed off by Lucky] Thought you already had a whole heap of points.
Trevor: Still gotta ace the board.
TJ: What's the board?
Trevor: A bunch of NCOs lock me in the room and grill me with questions, that's what. [looks at Roxy] I'd better know the answers.
Finn: [gets up] I'll quiz you!
Roxy: No, you won't.
Finn: But we need to make Dad's brain Army strong.
Roxy: We need to make your brain Army strong.
[Roxy finds a teacher's note in Finn's textbook]
Roxy: How long have you had this?
Finn: I dunno.
Roxy: What is it about?
Finn: I dunno.
Roxy: [irritated] You don't know?
Finn: I think Miss Hayley says I have a listening problem.
Roxy: Yeah. Well, I think you have a remembering problem. Were you ever gonna give this to me?
Finn: I dunno.
Trevor: [to Finn] Hey, what you meant to say was "I'm sorry Mom. It will never happen again".
Finn: [smiles at Roxy] What Dad said!
Roxy: Get back to work.

PFC Brian Day: Ten bucks says I'll put more rounds in center mass than you today!
Trevor: I didn't know you had ten bucks to loose.
PFC Day: Look who's talkin'. I'm not the one supporting a wife, two kids and dog, like some suckers. [looks at Trevor]

[At the Holdens' residence]
Claudia Joy: Where are you going?
Denise: No idea. Some place special, Frank said. He wants to continue our conversation from last night.
Claudia Joy: What happened last night?
Denise: I told him he was "old-fashioned".
Roxy: Oops.
Denise: Yeah. I meant it as a compliment.
Claudia Joy: [cringes] Errr, no man likes to be called "old"-anything.
Pamela: Men are such babies. He'll get over it. Just ask him to open a jar or something.
[Frank drives up in his new Harley. The ladies stare at him in bewilderment.]
Frank: [takes off his helmet] Afternoon, ladies.
Denise: [shocked] Frank???
Frank: Hey, baby. Wanna go for a ride?
[Pamela, Claudia Joy and Roxy all look at Denise]
Denise: You bet! [walks to Frank and gets on his bike]
[Pamela, Claudia Joy and Roxy look on in amazement and are speechless]
Roxy: Is that really Frank??

Joan: [reads from her fortune] "You will gain admiration from your pears."
Roland: You mean "peers".
Joan: [shows Roland the fortune] It says pears, like the fruit.
Roland: [chuckles] I'm sure the apples and oranges would admire you too.

M.I.A. [3.10]

[Denise is helping Frank shaving]
Denise: [mischievously] That'll be $8.50, soldier.
Frank: Hang on now. Are my sideburns even?
Denise: Uh....yeah, yeah. It's your head that's crooked.

Roxy: I will be so glad when Trevor gets back from sergeant school.
Pamela: Speaking of school, what's up with our little genius?
Roxy: I'm in the application process to three private schools. It's a friggin' nightmare. "Tell us about your child". How am I supposed to answer that? Erm, he eats dog biscuits, sleeps in a Batman costume and has a higher IQ than both of his parents combined.

Roxy: I thought talking about Delta was like double-secret-probation or something.

Michael: I've been looking over the promotions list. How does "Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood" sound?
Frank: Well, to be honest, sir, it sounds a little fancy for a mutt like me.
Michael: Well, get used to it. It's being announced next week.
Frank: Thank you, sir.
Michael: You've earned it. As it happens, my G-3 is also on that list. He's headed to Fort Carson as a full-bird which leaves me with a problem and I was hoping you could help me solve.
Frank: Sir?
Michael: I'd like you to be my new G-3. I know how much you like being in the field but you're almost at the end of your third tour and my thinking is––
Frank: I accept.
Michael: [looks at Frank strangely] You don't even want to think it over?
Frank: [without hesitation] No need, sir.
Michael: Welcome aboard, Colonel.
Frank: Thank you, sir.

[Joan is playing with Sara Elizabeth]
Joan: [squeals] Roland! Did you hear that?!
Roland: Hear what?
Joan: She said Mama!
Roland: It doesn't count unless she repeats it.
Joan: [to Sara Elizabeth] Mama, mama. Come on, baby girl, say Mama!
Roland: [amused] Ok...

Pamela: [after finding her wallet] Ah! My wallet! Yes! I'm alive!

Operation: Tango [3.11]

Pamela: Is Joan with you?
Roland: Um, no. Things are a bit frosty at the moment.
Pamela: You talking about snow flurries or arctic tundra?

Lindsay: [walks over] Hey, what are y'all celebrating?
PFC Brian Day: [points to Trevor] This man just made Sergeant.
Lindsay: [flirtatiously] Ooooh. Well, does the sergeant speak for himself? [reaches hand out] Hi, I'm Lindsay. What's your name?
Trevor: [shakes hand] I'm Trevor.
Lindsay: Tell me more, Sergeant Trevor, I'm very interested.
Roxy: [cuts in while Trevor drinks from his bottle, smiles at Lindsay] He's very married! [jokingly to Trevor] You're in big trouble, Mister!
[Trevor laughs and follows her out]
PFC Day: [to Lindsay] Hey, I'm not married.
Lindsay: Oh yeah? What are you?
PFC Day: Private First Class Brian Day, at your service.
Lindsay: Private? [scoffs] As if!
[Sailors sitting behind PFC Day laugh]
Petty Officer: Guess the lady knows dog meat when she smells it.
[A fight breaks out between PFC Day and the sailors. Trevor and his friends drag PFC Day out through the back door.]
Roland: [in amazement] The Hump is officially banned!

Michael: How do you do it?
Claudia Joy: Do what?
Michael: Organize everything and still manage to look so damn beautiful.

[Pamela catches Katie looking at herself in the mirror.]
Pamela: Whatcha doin?
Katie: I'm fat.
Pamela: [surprised] What?
Katie: I'm a fat cow!
Pamela: Katie! Stop it! You are not!
Kate: You have to say that. You're my mom!
Pamela: What I see is a young lady who is healthy and strong and looks great just the way she is. Now get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast.
Katie: I'm not hungry.
Pamela: You have to eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Katie: [retorts] If it's so important why do you just drink coffee in the morning?
Pamela: [at a loss for words] ....because mommies are all grown up and they can do what they want.

Claudia Joy: Michael, I am so sorry but what could we do? She's a nut!
Michael: Yeah. Faulty intell. I thought she was just a doddering old lady. Turns out she's the merry widow.
Claudia Joy: She needs armed escort, not us.
Michael: Just get her to that ceremony tomorrow and she'll be out of our hairs. [turns to walk back to his office]
Claudia Joy: [glumly] Easy for you to say.
Michael: [smiles] That's why I'm the general.

Trevor: [confronts PFC Day who is mopping the floor as punishment and angrily kicks his bucket] What's going on with you?
PFC Day: Nothin'.
Trevor: Nothing? You're pulling extra duty for missing formation. You've been insubordinate. And what about last night, huh? Letting those squids get underneath your skin? Throwing the first punch?! [sarcastically] Right. Nothing's going on.
PFC Day: So what? I'm not some hotshot soldier like you.
Trevor: Are you deliberately trying to sabotage your career? Because if you are, you're doing a hell of a job!
PFC Day: What do you know about it, huh?! You don't know nothing about me!
Trevor: So tell me.
PFC Day: Forget it. Guys like you had it easy your whole life. You don't understand. You don't understand how–– [goes back to mopping the floor] Forget it.
[Trevor smirks as he turns to leave]
PFC Day: Did I say something funny?!
Trevor: Don't understand, huh? My mom died when I was three. The next day in between beers my father dropped me off with social workers. And I was in and out of foster homes till I was seven.
PFC Day: I'd kick my old man's ass for that.
Trevor: Yeah, I didn't have the chance. He's in prison doing life for murder.

First Response [3.12]

Michael: Your mother's gone only a few hours and our eating habits have gone completely to hell.

TJ: How do you spell "Holden"?
Finn: H-O-L-D-E-N.
TJ: I was asking Mom. [turns to Roxy] Mom!
Roxy: He's right.
Finn: See?
TJ: [mutters] Know-it-all.

Finn: I played the clarinet. It sounds like a goose.

Finn: Mom, are we poor?
Roxy: [looks up in surprise] What? Where did you get that idea?
Finn: Byron's got a trampoline, a swimming pool and a wooden fort bigger than the one at school
Roxy: He does?
Finn: He even has a computer and a TV in his room.
Roxy: Wow. That's a lot of stuff
Finn: Yeah.
Roxy: But you know, stuff doesn't really make a person rich or poor.
Finn: It doesn't?
Roxy: Heck no. I mean, we may not have a lot of stuff but we've got plenty of things that other people don't have.
Finn: Like Lucky?
Roxy: [smiles] Yeah. Like Lucky. But also, like a roof over our heads and clothes on our back and food in our bellies. A lot of people don't even have that.
Finn: They don't?
Roxy: No. But more importantly we have each other, right? Like your dad and TJ and all of our friends.
Finn: So we're not poor.
Roxy: Do you feel poor?
Finn: [thinks] No. But I wish we had a pool.
Roxy: Yeah, well, me too. Come here. [gives Finn a hug]

Duty to Inform [3.13]


Need to Know Basis [3.14]

[Denise is practicing CPR and resuscitation techniques on Frank, who is lying down on the floor pretending to be the victim]
Denise: Frank!
Frank: What?
Denise: Behave! Today's my first ride-along and I'm out of practice.
Frank: Aw, Dee, you can do this paramedic stuff in your sleep.
Denise: I've got 500 hours to log and I want to be the best.
Frank: 500 hours? Sheesh! [sits up] Ok, you can save my life but I gotta warn ya, you're turning me on.
Denise: [laughs] I suppose you're right. If I don't know it by now, this isn't gonna help.
Frank: [mischievously] How about we practice a little mouth-to-mouth? [grabs Denise and they start kissing]

[Sara Elizabeth spat on Roland, who hands her to Roxy while he runs upstairs to get changed]
Roxy: Roland, she's a little "ripe".
Roland: Oh, um, diaper's in the bag. [points to the bag and runs off]
Roxy: I didn't volunteer to change diapers!
Roland: [off camera, out of earshot] Time to get back into practice!
Roxy: [grumbles to herself] They always disappear. Always! [to Sara Elizabeth] Just so you know!

Roxy: Do you ever think about having more kids?
Pamela: Hell no. That ride is closed!
Pamela: Ok, what's really going on?
Roxy: What?
Pamela: Well, all of that stuff. The swollen ankles, the misery, that's temporary. We both know that. So, what's really bothering you? Don't you want to have a kid with Trevor?
Roxy: I don't know. [pauses] I guess, I don't want things to change, that's all.
Pamela: What are you talking about?
Roxy: Our life has been so good and, before Trevor, I was just so worried about TJ and Finn having a good home. And now they do.
Pamela: And?
Roxy: And, what happens if there's a new baby?
Pamela: Oh! You think Trevor is going to favor the new baby over TJ and Finn?
Roxy: [sighs] I don't know. I guess. Maybe. I don't know.
Pamela: He loves those boys like their his own because they are. He adopted them. He didn't have to do that.
Roxy: I know. I'm just being silly. My boys mean everything to me.
Pamela: And to Trevor too. You know that he has enough love in his heart for three children. Just don't expect him to help with midnight feedings.

As Time Goes By [3.15]

Roxy: Um, ladies, I think the concert's starting.
Virginia: Oh, yes, yes. We know.
Elsie: [relieved] We escaped. Just in time. I swear, if it isn't singing children, it's puppies to pet, or bingo cards to fill in. No thank you.
Virginia: [looks at Roxy and Pamela] But I'm sure your children are adorable.
Pamela: [rolls eyes] Yeah. Most of the time.
Roxy: [deadpan] Yeah. Today, I could've drop-kicked them across the parade ground.

Shrapnel and Alibis [3.16]

Frank: You want a beer?
Jeremy: Absolutely.
Denise: Frank, he's underaged
Frank: Oh hell. If a man's old enough to go to war, he's old enough to have a beer in his own damn house.

Denise: He seems fine...but how do you know?
Claudia Joy: I can't imagine losing a friend during deployment. Michael says it's something you never get over.
Denise: It's hard enough watching your husband go through it. It's harder watching your son.
Claudia Joy: I don't know how they do it.
Denise: Me neither. One day you're in a combat zone. The next day you're having burgers in your own backyard.

Jeremy: Thought you were deploying with the 23rd Sustainment.
Trevor: Uh..I was, but––
Chase: He's decided to command a desk instead. [to Jeremy] How are you doing?
Jeremy: Sergeant Moran, what happened to you?
Trevor: He tripped up over his own ego. It's kinda hard to avoid.
Chase: Had a little helicopter mishap. We all walked away.
Jeremy: It's always good. [to Trevor] So, uh, you're working at a desk?
Trevor: I'm a recruiter. Got my stripes, decided to stay stateside for a while. Encourage more studs like you to sign up.
Jeremy: That makes sense.
Chase: Don't think about hitting on that road, Sherwood. You wanna be where the action is, not pushing paper like this slacker. [looks at Trevor]
Trevor: Watch it or I'll tip over your crutches. [jokingly threatens to push his crutches]
Chase: You can try, buddy.
Trevor: [cellphone rings] I gotta take this. We'll compare scars later again.

Michael: [walks into kitchen] What can I do?
Claudia Joy: Uh... [hands him a bread knife] Slice the bread.
Michael: The one thing I can't ruin, right?
Claudia Joy: No guarantees.

Fire in the Hole [3.17]

[Trevor is trying to teach Pamela and Roxy how to play golf.]
Pamela: [takes a swing] Damn it! Either my boobs have gotten bigger or my arms have gotten shorter.
[Trevor and Roxy look on in bemusement]
Trevor: Just keep your knees bent and your head down.
Pamela: I'm trying!
Trevor: All right. Let's see how you address the ball.
Roxy: Ok. [clears throat] Hi, ball.
Trevor: [laughs] I meant, let's see your stance.
Roxy: I know what you meant. Geez, lighten up. You played high school golf, not the PGA Tour.
Trevor: Babe, the game comes with its own language.
[Pamela is heard cussing loudly off camera.]
Roxy: I can see that.

Trevor: [checking Martinez's time] Welcome to the United States Army.
Martinez: Yes!! [jumps and hugs Trevor] I can't believe it! You're my Jedi Master! Thank you Obi-Wan! The force is with me.

Trevor: Lookin' for Tiger?
Denise: You heard.
Trevor: Yeah, I spent an hour with her at the driving range. I'm impressed you lasted 18 holes.

Fields of Fire [3.18]

General Ludwig: Well, Lenny should be here any minute.
Claudia Joy: We're delighted your wife could join us.
Michael: Absolutely.
Ludwig: After my wife died I was sure I'd never get married again. I mean, who'd want to marry an old warhorse?
Denise: You suffered a service, General.
Ludwig: Then along came Lenny. Vibrant, beautiful. She understands what Army life is about.
Claudia Joy: How'd you meet her?
Ludwig: Six months ago in DC at a fundraiser. She loves helping other people.
Claudia Joy: She sounds wonderful
Ludwig: I think you're gonna like her. There she is. [calls out] Honey, over here!
[Camera shot reveals Lenore walking towards them]
Denise & Claudia Joy: [in shock] Lenore???
Lenore: Hello, dears. Small world, isn't it?
[Denise and Claudia Joy are speechless]
[Pamela, Roland Roxy are watching from a distance]
Roxy: Lenore Baker??? Tell me I'm dreaming.
Pamela: Yeah. You're havin' a nightmare! What is she doing here?
Roland: Well, from the looks of it, she is General Ludwig's new wife.
Pamela: [in disbelief] How did she get her hooks in a four-star??
Roxy: Oh, she must be a dynamo in the sack.
Roland: [makes a face] Oooo.
Roxy: What, come on, what else could it be?
Roland: Aw come on now, let's be fair. Lenore was a very supportive wife to General Baker.
Pamela: Let's not be fair. She's a heartbeat-wannabe muzzled.
Roxy: Yeah, and don't forget, she accused Claudia Joy of murder.
Pamela: And spread a rumor that Michael was a racist.
Roxy: And she didn't have very nice things to say about us either.
Pamela: Yeah.
Roland: I'm not saying the woman's perfect.
[Pamela glares at him]

Roxy: [while eating cake] Would it be inappropriate for me to hurl this at Lenore's head?
Pamela: Only if you miss.

Claudia Joy: I don't think I've ever fooled around with a two-star general.
Michael: [mischievously] Really? Have anyone in mind?
Claudia Joy: You'll do.

[Trevor is sitting on the bed writing in his planner]
Roxy: [glumly] I got a bit of good news. We don't have to worry about bar fights. We don't have enough customers.
Trevor: [smiles] You're hysterical. [looks up at Roxy] Hey, what's wrong?
Roxy: [shakes head] Nothing. I'm happy.
Trevor: Rox, this is you happy?
Roxy: And I wanna make you happy.
Trevor: Come here. [pulls Roxy onto his lap] Baby, you always make me happy.
Roxy: We don't have enough money.
Trevor: Yeah we do. Ok, no we don't. But so what? We got each other, right? You, me and the boys.
Roxy: And the dog.
Trevor: And the dog.
Roxy: And Finn's bugs.
Trevor: [laughs] And Finn's bugs.
Roxy: And the new baby.
[Trevor looks at her in shock]
Trevor: [still in shock] Baby? [Roxy nods] We're having a baby?
Roxy: [looks at Trevor] Are you happy?
Trevor: [pauses] [jumps up in delight] Yes!!! Yes!!! This is me happy!
Roxy: [tearfully] Because you said it's not the right time.
Trevor: This is the greatest thing you've ever said to me since "I do".
Roxy: Well, you haven't seen me with fat ankles.
Trevor: Babe, I love fat ankles and I love you. [picks Roxy up and hugs her]

Season 4


Collateral Damage [4.1]

Roxy: Look, you're upset and you have every right to be, but it's not really the best time to make a big decision. We both know that Army life is this big cycle––
Pamela: No, Roxy, it is not the Army. It's him. Your husband's in the Army and he made a choice. Trevor chose you. I can't tell you how amazing that is to me!

Chase: Your wife gave me quite an earful about me and Pam. She tell you?
Trevor: [chuckles] No, but I'm not surprised. They're best friends. So...
Chase: I just don't know what she wants anymore. I mean, we used to be together on this stuff, you know? What do you think?
Trevor: About what?
Chase: Am I wrong to go to Fort Carson? Opportunities come, you take them, right? I mean, I was hand-picked for this.
Trevor: Look, I get it. Coming back from that injury couldn't have been easy.
Chase: No, it wasn't. [pauses] What about you man? I mean, Silver Star recipient. You could be leading a squad, fast-track on the way to a butter bar but you didn't go that way.
Trevor: It's not the same situation.
Chase: Maybe not. But what's that like? Being here instead of over there.
Trevor: It's good being around the family.
Chase: That wasn't the question.
Trevor: Honestly, after I got wounded, all I could think about was getting back to my unit. That's what drove me, everyday, to the gym, to the track. I had to get back to my guys.
Chase: You still want to.
Trevor: Don't get me wrong. I would make the same decision again. But you just can't get these years back. [both look at TJ and Finn]
Chase: Ever since I joined up, all I ever wanted to be was the best of the best. And I got there. And I love it.
Trevor: [nods] Have you told your wife that?
Chase: Yeah, I just don't think she's listening much anymore.

Scars & Stripes [4.2]

[Roxy is glancing through a baby catalog]
Roxy: Boy howdy. They got strollers in here for $500. For that kind of money it should push itself.
Trevor: I bet they're cheaper at the PX.
Roxy: Well, it doesn't matter if they are. We gotta beg, borrow and steal everything we can before we spend a dime on anything real. Besides you can't go poking around the PX 'cause I haven't told anybody about the baby yet.
Trevor: [looks at Roxy in astonishment] Rox, you're killin' me. Why haven't you told your friends yet?
Roxy: When was I supposed to tell them? After Jeremy tried to shoot himself? Oh, or when Pamela left Chase? Or maybe I should've done it––
Trevor: Ok, ok, I get it. Just don't let other people's stuff stress you out. It's not good for the baby.
Roxy: I'm not stressed about other people's stuff. I'm stressed about my own stuff, like the ban on The Hump Bar, the Mustang's on its last leg, we gotta get all this new baby gear.
Trevor: Babe, I got a plan.
Roxy: Oh really. What's that? A bake sale?
Trevor: That's funny. No, I'm getting a second job.
Roxy: What??!
Trevor: A lot of guys moonlight.
Roxy: [looks at Lucky] Why don't you get a job, huh? Your kibble isn't free y'know. Hey, you look at me when I'm talking to you.

[Watching Lenore Baker pose around for photographs]
Pamela: Some things never change.
Roxy: She's changed all right. Now that she bagged General Bigshot, she's ten times worse.
Claudia Joy: Forget Lenore. We've got work to do.

Roxy: Meanwhile, my business is in the toilet, my bills are getting bigger, I've got the baby and now––
Claudia Joy: [interrupts Roxy] Woah. Baby? You're pregnant?
Roxy: [realizes that she slipped her secret] Ohhh. [smiles] Yeah. I am.
Claudia Joy: Oh Roxy, come here. [gets up and hugs Roxy]

[Michael is at the officers' club having a drink. Unknown to him Claudia Joy is not far away.]
Claudia Joy: Buy you a drink, soldier?
Michael: I'm married.
Claudia Joy: Bet your wife doesn't understand you.
[Michael grins and gives Claudia Joy a kiss]

[Roxy is preparing the presentation for General Ludwig and Major General Holden]
Bar owner: I heard on TV once that if you're nervous of people, just picture them naked.
[Just then, General Ludwig and MG Holden walk in]
Roxy: Um, yeah, I'm not gonna do that.

Claudia Joy: [walks to join Denise and Pamela at the table] What did I miss?
Pamela: About a beer and a half. [laughs]
Roxy: [brings a bottle of wine to the table] Wine.
Claudia Joy: I think this occasion calls for a toast. [holds cup] To The Hump. Can't keep a good bar down.
[Roxy takes out a bottle of water. The ladies toast]
Pamela: Really, Rox? Water?
Roxy: Yeah. Water. It's better for the baby.
Pamela: What?
Denise: Baby?
Roxy: [squeals in excitement] I'm pregnant!!!

Homefront [4.3]

Roxy: Mommy is pregnant.
[TJ and Finn look at her and Trevor]
Trevor: Wow. Come on. Your mom's having a baby!
TJ: [unenthusiastically] Really?
Finn: Why??
Roxy: Uh...because...we thought it would be fun for you guys to have a little baby brother or baby sister?
[Still no reaction from the boys]

Lenore: Congratulations Claudia Joy. Looks like you win it all. Again.
Claudia Joy: This was never about winners or losers.
Lenore: Noble to the end. How endearing.
Claudia Joy: You know, Lenore. With all you've accomplished, I honestly don't understand how you can be such a miserable person.
Lenore: Excuse me?
Claudia Joy: Only someone intensely unhappy could be so petty and vindictive. It's not enough for you to succeed, others have to fail. I don't get it. What could you possibly want that you don't already have? Prestige, a successful husband, friends....
Lenore: Friends? I don't have friends. I have followers. They either fear me or want something from me. You have friends.
Claudia Joy: Well, you know why, Lenore? It's no great secret. I don't expect anything other than friendship in return. It's not a political calculation to me. It's really simple. To have a friend you need to be one first.
Lenore: Thank you for that. [gets up] I'll have to have it embroidered on a pillow someday. Right next to my Girls Scout handbook. Goodbye, Claudia Joy. [walks out]

Finn: TJ did it.
TJ: You were there too.
Finn: I told you not to.
TJ: No you didn't!
Trevor: All your mom and I wanna know is why.
TJ: You never asked us if we wanted a new baby.
Finn: Yeah.
Trevor: [surprised] What?
Roxy: Go ahead, TJ.
TJ: You're gonna love the new baby more than us because it's really yours and we're not.
Trevor: Buddy, is that what you think?
TJ: It's true.
Trevor: No, no it's not.
Finn: It isn't?
Trevor: No.
TJ: We saw at the park playing with that baby.
Trevor: [takes a deep breath] Look, guys. Maybe I wasn't there when you were born. But for me, you two are mine and you're always gonna be mine. No matter what. Ok?
TJ: Ok
Roxy: See, it doesn't matter if somebody is your birth parent or not. All that matters is that they love you. And your dad and I love you so very much.
Trevor: And you need to know that there's a lot of love inside every person. It's just not something that gets used up and then there's no more.
Roxy: When this new baby comes, there's gonna be just so much more love in this house.
TJ: You mean like when we got Lucky?
Roxy: Yeah. Like when we got Lucky.

Be All You Can Be [4.4]

SGT Farina: [notices Trevor surfing on the internet for a new car] A mini-van? Seriously? What, it's soccer mom? [chuckles]
Trevor: This is coming from a man who rides a scooter.
SGT Farina: I told you, LeBlanc. It's a fully-stripped street bike. 450cc.

Grace: Your mother crushed the competition in moot court.
Emmalin: Moot court?
Grace: Simulated trial. Nobody wanted to go up against C.J. Meade. After her summations you were dead!

Guns & Roses [4.5]

[Frank and Denise get back from a ride]
Denise: But next time, I drive.
Frank: That's fine with me. That way I get to wrap my arms around you.

[Trevor shows TJ and Finn the gold necklace he bought for Roxy]
Finn: Is that it?
Trevor: What do you mean, "is that it"???
Finn: It's kinda small.
Trevor: Buddy, that's real gold. It doesn't have to be big to be good. Remember that.
TJ: [skeptical] You really think she'll like it?
Trevor: Like it? Guys, she's gonna love it.
Finn: It's a surprise, right?
Trevor: Exactly.
TJ: [sternly to Finn] So no blabbing.
Finn: I won't.
Trevor: Ok, so let's go over tomorrow's battle plan. Atten-hut! [TJ and Finn stand at attention] First we let your mom sleep in till 0800 correct?
TJ & Finn: Yes, sir!
Trevor: Then?
TJ: Breakfast in bed with cards and flowers.
Trevor: Affirmative. Then what?
Finn: FRG brunch.
Trevor: Perfect. Now I'm gonna be going away on Army business but I'll be back in time for dinner with you guys, Katie, Lucas and Mrs. Moran, ok?
TJ: And then the special present?
Trevor: Roger that.

Evasive Maneuvers [4.6]


Heavy Losses [4.7]


Over and Out [4.8]

Denise: I think that cold got to me more than I thought.
Choi: Ten bucks says it's walking pneumonia. Get your lungs checked.
Denise: Choi, it was a cold.
Choi: Could be a stroke set in. Let that go, you could go into septic shock.
Denise: [laughs] What is with you?
Choi: Hey, if you stroke out, I get Esposito as my partner. Please don't let that happen!

Joan: Yesterday when I came home, Sara Elizabeth didn't respond to me and I couldn't get her to settle down last night. Roland had to do it.
Pamela: Wow.
Joan: Yeah. I know that'll change but I was asking myself, why do I put my family through that? Why do I put myself through that?
Pamela: Why do you?
Joan: What does Chase tell you?
Pamela: Not much. But he doesn't want to leave Delta.
Joan: I take it that's a problem.
Pamela: Yeah.
Joan: Well, if he's like other operators I know, it's not that he won't leave Delta. He can't. You see, for soldiers like us, the Army isn't just a job. It's our life. God knows, I love my family, but when duty calls, I answer. It's who I am. I can't explain it any better than that.

Claudia Joy: You're having a baby? Seriously?
Denise: Yup.
Claudia Joy: I don't believe it.
Denise: You? What about me?
Claudia Joy: What about Frank?
[Camera cuts to Frank and Michael in Michael's office]
Frank: I was fine, once I came to. [shakes head] At first I thought she was joking.
Michael: So would I. You had no inkling?
Frank: [shakes head] None, none. After Jeremy was born they said Denise couldn't have more kids. [pauses] We haven't worried about birth control since.
[Camera cuts back to Claudia Joy and Denise]
Claudia Joy: You always said you wanted more children.
Denise: I meant twenty years ago. Talk about a late gift.
Claudia Joy: Oh, you're healthy, you're strong. This is a blessing. It's exciting.
Denise: Try terrifying. Well, you know the risks at our age. Chromosome problems, pre-eclampsia, even diabetes. I just thought I was past all this long time ago.
Claudia Joy: Having kids keeps you younger.
[Camera cuts back to Frank and Michael]
Frank: [horrified] Oh God. I feel old. I'm gonna be that guy sitting at a little league game with the ice cream dribbling down his chin. Other parents are gonna think I'm someone's grandpa.
Michael: [chuckles] Who cares what they think? I'd say this calls for a drink.
Frank: At nine in the morning?
Michael: It's four in the afternoon in Baghdad.
Frank: Roger that.
[Camera cuts back to Denise and Claudia Joy]
Denise: Don't you have anything stronger?
Claudia Joy: Not for nine months, my friend.
Denise: Oh, I just realized that I will be packing lunch boxes when I'm fifty.

New Orders [4.9]

[Frank and Denise are discussing colors to paint on the nursery wall.]
Frank: Honestly, Dee. It looks like the choices are between green, green and green.
Denise: No. Pistachio, willow and julup.
Frank: Green.
Denise: It's important, Frank. The baby is going to be living with these walls.
Frank: How about black and white?
Denise: [groans and rolls her eyes] Frank.
Frank: No, I'm serious!
Denise: A nice soothing color helps the baby's development. They've done studies.
Frank: I know. And the latest research in early cognitive development suggests that high contrast actually stimulates the infant brain more.
[Denise looks at Frank in amazement]
Frank: Hey. You're not the only one that can read up on the subject.
Denise: You've been reading about babies?
Frank: Well, um, when Jeremy was born it was all just a blur. At least it was for me. This time it's going to be different.
Denise: I'm proud of you. [kisses Frank] But I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, there is no way we are painting the baby's room black and white.

Trevor: I love weekends! [starts kissing Roxy]
Roxy: [stops Trevor] Honey!
Trevor: [surprised] What?
Roxy: We need a new car.
Trevor: Ok, how did we go from what we just did to "we need a new car"?
Roxy: I dunno. Good sex doesn't change the fact that I have to put oil in the car every time I get gas.

Frank: Oh, hell, I could do it. I've got nothing going tomorrow night.
Roland: Hey, that's really nice Frank, know, Sara Elizabeth can be a real handful these days.
Frank: Well, I admit it's been a while since I looked after a toddler but I need to get back in training. [points at a pregnant Denise] Soon.
Denise: Uh, honey, I don't think Roland wants his daughter to be used as a field exercise.
Frank: That's not what I meant. Look, we're tag-teaming. Take the first shift together, you show me the ropes. When you gotta leave I'll take over.
[Roland is speechless]
Denise: Roland?
Roland: Um, you know, if the Lieutenant Colonel can lead men into combat I'm sure he can look after my daughter.
Frank: I appreciate the vote of confidence. [picks up the baby bag] [Denise laughs] I'll take these into the baby's room. Thank you.
Roland: Thank you, Frank. [looks on in amusement]
Denise: [chuckles] Well, what can I tell you? My warrior has turned into Mr Mom.

[Michael is reading his study when his cellphone rings]
Michael: Frank?
Frank: I'm sorry to disturb you sir.
Michael: [Sara Elizabeth is crying and screaming in the background] What is that? A cat in heat?
Frank: Uh, that would be your goddaughter sir.
Michael: Sara Elizabeth?
Frank: Affirmative. I'm at the Burton residence and I got babysitting detail.
Michael: [chuckles] Really.
Frank: Yes, sir. And I have a bit of a situation. [Sara Elizabeth is still crying]
Michael: [amused] Apparently.
Frank: Nothing I can't handle but I thought that perhaps considering your background with a child and the fact that you've raised two females yourself...
Michael: Sit tight, I'm on my way.
Frank: [relieved] Thank you sir!
[Sara Elizabeth continues crying and screaming while Frank looks on in desperation.]

Trial & Error [4.10]

Pamela: [describing her first day at work to Roxy on the phone] [...] And then I meet my FTO and he's just––
Roxy: Excuse me, your what?
Pamela: Um, my Field Training Officer...
Roxy: Ughhh, they're as bad as the Army!
[Katie and Lucas are arguing, Pamela is still on the phone with Roxy.]
Pamela: [angrily to them] Hey, what are you guys doing?!
[Katie and Lucas hold up their hands, they have handcuffed themselves together with Pamela's handcuffs.]

Trevor: [on his laptop] [to TJ and Finn] Ok, men, commence "Operation New Car" and by that I mean new, used car.
TJ: This is cool.
Trevor: Ok, so what kind of car should we get?
TJ: I want a truck with really big wheels.
Finn: I want a purple one.
Trevor: Hmm, a purple monster truck, huh? That's interesting.

Roxy: I've known my car longer than I've known you Trevor. I've slept in it, cried in it. I almost had TJ in it. Not to mention it's where you and I first "you-know'ed" in it.
Trevor: [nods] Yeah. And I still got the scar from that broken spring to prove it
Roxy: It's just like losing an old friend, is all.
Trevor: You want me to keep it around? I could work on it when I get back.
[As the tow truck pulls away, the front door completely falls off onto the driveway]
Roxy: Um, no. I'm good.

Safety's First [4.11]

Trevor: We're doing live fire exercises. Gotta shake off the rust.
Roxy: Wait, you all are doing live fire exercises today?
Trevor: We gotta train under combat conditions.
Roxy: Don't you think that's kinda bad luck to do that on Day 99?
Trevor: I don't think the Army worries about it when they schedule these exercises.
Roxy: Well, they should.
Trevor: Babe...[kisses Roxy] You need to relax. I promise you, no one's gonna get hurt. [leaves]
Roxy: That includes you Trevor. [Trevor grins as he walks out] I mean it!

Denise: The safety record's on everyone's mind. Frank won't let me talk about it either. He's nervous about passing 99 days too.
Claudia Joy: I know! I never seen Michael like this. Would be funny if he wasn't so serious!

Roxy: So if we make it to a hundred days, it's gonna be like one big party around here, right? So I went ahead and I ordered a boatload of shrimp for The Hump and now I kinda have this bad feeling like, maybe I jinxed everything.
Claudia Joy: You're showing confidence in the 23rd. You're betting on success.
Roxy: True.
Claudia Joy: And I don't think a food order could affect field exercises.
Roxy: Ok...well, now I feel silly!
Claudia Joy: No, no. Soldiers are superstitious. Michael wore the same t-shirt everyday when he was in the Gulf.
Roxy: [looks at Claudia Joy in disbelief] That's gross. And unhealthy.
Claudia Joy: And for the last week, he's eaten nothing but eggs for breakfast.
Roxy: And Trevor always gets dressed in exactly the same order.
Claudia Joy: Soldiers need to feel lucky. So do we. So if eggs can work for Michael then I guess shrimp can work for you.

Frank: Live fire exercises before my second tour. Some numbskull pulls a pin of out of a grenade and then manages to throw the thing behind him.
Jeremy: You're kidding!
Frank: Don't know how he did it. It's a miracle nobody was hurt. Turns out the thing rolled into a hole before it exploded. If it hadn't done that then, well, who knows what would've happened. Point is, some days you get lucky.

Trevor: Babe, I am so glad this day is over.
Roxy: Yeah, so am I.
Trevor: You know, when I made Sergeant, it was to become a recruiter. I never thought about leading a team until I was told I had to deploy. But these guys, they're counting on me to bring them home. It's a huge responsibility.
Roxy: Yeah. I get that.
Trevor: I thought today was about testing my men. But you know what? It was about testing myself. [pauses, looks at Roxy] What about you? What did you decide with the whole shrimp thing?
Roxy: [smiles] I doubled my order. I figured that I couldn't lose betting on the 23rd.
Trevor: Damn straight.

Michael: [telling Claudia Joy about Joan's brain injury] You should've seen the look on her face when I told her she couldn't deploy. We may have reached a hundred days without a fatality but yesterday I lost one of my best soldiers.

Change of Station [4.12]

Trevor: [rushes in] Hey babe, I need a favor. I ran into time at the SRPC so I need you to get my will looked over for me, ok? [hands Roxy an envelope and rushes into his room to get something]
Roxy: What? Your will?
Trevor: [from room] Yeah, I made a few notes. It's all there.
Roxy: Uh, Trevor, I do not have time.
Trevor: [rushes back out] It needs to be done today and...[kisses Roxy before dashing out the door] I gotta get back for equipment inventory and inspection. I love you...
Roxy: Yeah, but––
Trevor: I promise I'm gonna make it up to you. Promise. [closes the door]
Roxy: [annoyed] How? You're leaving!

Claudia Joy: There's always too much to do before deployment
Roxy: Yeah...
Roxy: I don't like any of this. Wills, funeral arrangements, "what hymn do you want sung?"
Claudia Joy: It's always hard. How are the boys handling it?
Roxy: We're gonna tell them tonight. I just wanted them to have as much time as possible without worrying. I still can't believe he's going. Thought I'd be used to it by now.
Claudia Joy: We never get used to it. We just get through it. You will too.

SSG Tyrell Sallers: We all feel so out of place at first here, ma'am, but when you see a PFC, Staff Sergeant, Lieutenant Colonel all trying to relearn how to tie their shoes, you realize TBI is a great equalizer.

Roxy: Men have shorter memories. It's a fact.

TJ: [angrily] You said three years!
Trevor: [trying to calm TJ] And I meant to be here that long.
Roxy: But he Army needs your dad in Afghanistan right now.
Finn: Why?
Trevor: 'Cause we're fighting over there.
TJ: You lied!
Trevor: We didn't lie to you, bud.
TJ: You said you got a new job. You didn't say you were deploying.
Roxy: We wanted to find the right time to tell you.
TJ: You never told us anything! [goes into his room] You think I'm just a little kid! [slams door]
[Trevor follows TJ to his room]
Roxy: Your brother's upset, that's all.
Finn: [sadly] Dad'll miss my birthday.

Finn: TJ?
TJ: What?
Finn: What if something happens to Dad?
TJ: It won't.
Finn: What if it does?
TJ: Dad's strong. He won't get hurt. Now go to sleep.

Frank: You all right sir?
Michael: [groans] Heavy PT this morning with Emmalin. We did stadiums.
Frank: Really. How many?
Michael: Ten.
Frank: [chuckles] Well, that's ambitious.
Michael: [looks at Frank] Word of advice. Start stretching now before the baby gets here.
Frank: Roger that.

Trevor: Army kids grow up faster than most. That's just the way it is. If TJ wants to rise to the occasion, we need to guide him.

Michael: When I was 25 I went to Ranger School. A nine-week combat leadership course. Intense physical challenges. Not enough food, not enough sleep. Twenty mile marches with sixty pounds on your back.
Emmalin: Sounds fun.
Michael: Yeah. Got to a point where my feet throbbed so badly, all I wanted to do was sit down and take off my boots. But I knew if I did that, I'd never get them back on again. So I pushed through, because more than anything, I wanted to be a Ranger. That's what I wanted. And my question is, what do you want? I thought it was to play Division 1 hockey. If that's not true anymore, that's fine. I won't be disappointed. I won't love you any less. But it is true, if you still cherish that dream, I don't want you wondering five years from now if you could've gone all the way if you had only pushed yourself a little harder. You have got all sorts of strength inside of you.

Army Strong [4.13]

Roxy: Officer Boone, Officer Moran.
Pamela: What are you doing here? I figured you'd be spending the day with Trevor.
Roxy: You know him. He's making sure that his men are ready for deployment so I'm just popping in to check on Chief and then I'm popping right back out.
Boone: Hey wait a minute. Maybe you can tell me. What's her type? [points to Pamela]
Pamela: [annoyed] Stop!
Roxy: [confused] Her type?
Boone: Of date. A guy at the station asked her out and she turned him down.
Roxy: [to Pamela] You got asked out on a date and you didn't even tell me?!
Pamela: Ok, no. A guy asked him to ask me. It's like passing notes in study hall.
[Boone chuckles]
Roxy: Uh, yeah, right. [to Boone] That is not her type.

[At the Holdens' dinner table]
Michael: You really made this?
Emmalin: Mom.
Claudia Joy: She did!
Michael: Wow. A vast improvement over the very first meal you ever made me. You remember that?
Emmalin: [embarrassed] Not again.
Michael: You sat me down at your plastic pink tea party table, served slices of American cheese and a tower of saltines. I had to eat the whole thing and then you charged me for it.
Emmalin: And you paid. Ten cents.
Claudia Joy: And a quarter tip.

AWOL [4.14]

Michael: [e-mailing Claudia Joy] Dear Claudia Joy, it feels like an eternity since we kissed goodbye. I've been going 24/7 since we put boots on the ground in Kandahar. Mostly my days are taken up with shuras. That's Afghan for meetings, meetings and more meetings. I swear I've never had so much tea in my life. Frank's working with our NATO counterparts, though I think the officers from France would prefer he didn't try to speak French.
Frank: [e-mailing Denise] You should hear me parle de francais, Dee. I sound just like a native. There are 42 nations in the coalition and I'm liaison with all of them. There's some cultural differences and it can get confusing, but the assignment has its perks. The Germans have beer flowing in their base camp so I might just have to ask for a tour. I sure hope that baby Molly's easing up on her jiujitsu so you can get some sleep. I've seen Jeremy. The boy's settling just fine. Try not to worry about him, Dee, though I know that's easier said than done.
Jeremy: [e-mailing Denise] Hey Mom. I'm sweating my butt off here. I would give anything for a shower longer than three minutes. No worries though. Sergeant LeBlanc pushes us hard but I know he wants to keep us sharp.
Trevor: [e-mailing Roxy] Hey babe, I think of you all the time. No matter what I'm doing, you and the boys are always with me. I bet Fort Marshall's a ghost town since deployment. Hope you're finding things to keep busy. That's it for now. Love you and miss you tons. Hugs to the boys for me and enjoy the peace and quiet.
[Roxy is reading Trevor's e-mail from her laptop in the kitchen when the silence is interrupted by the sound of breaking glass and TJ and Finn's shouting.]

[At the aid station]
Tanya: So you did this how?
Jeremy: The game was tied. Time runnin' out. Giron takes off on a post pattern...
Tanya: [unamused] Playing football. Life and death.
Jeremy: It was against the Air Force!
Tanya: [feels SPC Giron's shoulder] Way to go, soldier. You've dislocated your shoulder. [looks at Jeremy] Happy?
Giron: I held onto the ball.
Jeremy: Only because I put it right between the numbers.
Tanya: I can reduce the dislocation right now. I'll give you something for the pain first.
Giron: No, just do it.
Tanya: You sure?
Giron: Yeah, I could take it.
Tanya: Ok, tough guy. On three. One... [pops Giron's shoulder back in place, Giron cringes]
Tanya: [deadpan] Your government thanks you for taking yourself out of action for blatant stupidity. [leaves]
[Jeremy and Giron look at each other]
Giron: She wants me.
Jeremy: [grins] Right.

Jeremy: [attempting to ask Tanya out] Can I buy you a cup of terrible coffee?

Tanya: Take guys like you. You're goofing off playing football one day and you're on my table the next. Your leg's blown off, face is burnt, bleeding out...
Jeremy: You do what you can. That's all any of us can do.

Hearts & Minds [4.15]

[Roland, Claudia Joy, Denise, Roxy and Pamela are having a drink at The Hump Bar]
Roland: When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep my outcast state. And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries...
[Pamela feigns snoring]
Roland: That's Shakespeare you're snoring at, woman.
[Ladies all giggle at Roland]
Pamela: If you're gonna snore, snore at the best.

Trevor: Morning, Sherwood. Nice day, huh?
Jeremy: Ah, yeah. Not too hot yet.
Trevor: Oh, I don't know about that. I thought I saw a lot of heat a moment ago between you and that medic.
Jeremy: [flustered] We––we were just talking, Sergeant.
Trevor: [smiles, sarcastically] Right. [continues] Look, we're in tough country. I need your head in the game and not in the clouds.
Jeremy: Understood.
Trevor: Now on the flip side, as you're both the same rank, what I can't see, I can't address.

Roxy: [catches a guy staring at Denise, who is obviously pregnant] Dude. She is not available. Is that not obvious to you?

Denise: I feel my heartburn flaring up and it just gets worse when I lay down. There's no chance I'm gonna sleep tonight so I'll just watch some TV or something and try to zone out.
Roxy: Really? We have DVDs.
Denise: No, really, it's ok. I could watch anything right now. [chuckles] I saw this infomercial last night about this egg thingy that removes dead skin from the bottom of your feet. [chuckles] I realized I can't even see my feet. [laughs and suddenly begins to cry] Oh, Roxy, what am I gonna do? Frank is gone and Jeremy is gone and I'm so tired and I'm just gonna be tired for the rest of my life. And baby's not gonna sleep for months and then she's gonna need carpool and then she'll be a teenager and she'll hate me and want to.... [chuckles] Oh god...and then she'll go to college and she'll meet a boy and she'll get married and she'll..... [worried] Oh, what if it doesn't work out and she moves back home and then....I'll hate her?? Or what if it does work out and she has babies and then I'll be a grandmother!...And then I'll have to watch them and then the babies won't sleep and then what am I gonna do?!?? [starts crying again]

Chase: The single scene, it's a jungle out there.
Pamela: Spoken like a true Delta operator.
Chase: Just telling it like it is.

Mud, Sweat and Tears [4.16]


Murder in Charleston [4.17]

[Roxy and Trevor are video-conferencing]
Trevor: All right, babe. This is what we've been working on. You ready?
Roxy: Let's have it.
[Pamela walks into Roxy's house and sees her laughing at her laptop. Trevor is dancing for Roxy wearing only his bullet-proof vest and boxers.]
Pamela: [looks on in amazement] I haven't seen that move since the 80's. [Roxy continues laughing] Wow...oh my...
[Trevor realizes that Pamela is watching and stops]
Trevor: [comes up to webcam, embarrassed] Oh wow. All right, we're gonna talk about this later. [switches off his webcam]
Roxy: Bye! [closes laptop]
Pamela: [laughs] That was a good way to end my shift.
Roxy: [still laughing] I am in so much trouble right now!

Michael: [video-conferencing] Hoping to make headway with some remote village elders who are getting squeezed by the Taliban.
Claudia Joy: Why are you going?
Michael: Their elders prefer to negotiate with our elders. And that would be me.
Claudia Joy: [giggles] Never knew "elders" could be so sexy.

Forward March [4.18]

[Jeremy runs from outside and barges into the operations room where Frank and his men are]
Frank: [startled] What is it?
Jeremy: [panting] Mom's having the baby. Now.
Frank: What? How do you know?
Jeremy: I called her to tell her I was getting married and her water broke while I was on the phone.
Frank: Oh, good lord. I gotta go to the teleconference room.
Jeremy: [tosses Frank's patrol cap to him] Dad, cover!
[Frank catches his cap and goes into the teleconference room]
Frank: [pokes head back out] You're gettin' married???

Frank: My wife's having a baby. My wife's having a Molly. Her name's Molly.
Specialist: [setting up mic and computer] Congratulations, sir.
Frank: [video feed shows Denise in labor, Frank cringes at Denise's groaning] Son of a bitch!
Specialist: She can hear you, sir.
Frank: Oh.
[Denise is in labor]
Frank: [via video-conferencing] Hey! Hi, honey. Hey, Dee. You're doing great. That's it. I'm right with you, sweetheart. I'm right here with you.
Denise: [in labor] No you're not! You're 7000 miles awaayyyy!!!!

Season 5


Line of Departure [5.1]

Roxy: I'd rather have a colicky baby than a crabby teenager any day.
Roland: I thought TJ was twelve.
Roxy: Yeah. He's twelve going on sixteen. I swear he suddenly woke up like a completely different person. He doesn't want to do his chores. He doesn't want to play with Finn. He stays in his room all the time.
Pamela: Well, we all know what that means.
[Claudia Joy looks at Denise and both laugh]
Roxy: Oh, no! Do not even go there!
Pamela: I'm just saying you might wanna see what kind of magazines he's keeping under his mattress.
Roxy: [laughs in horror] Trust me, I do not!
Roland: That's perfectly natural. [Roxy looks at him] I'm just sayin'.
Denise: Gotta strap yourself in, Roxy. The teen years are not for the faint of heart.
Claudia Joy: No.
Denise: High drama. High stress.
Claudia Joy: The worst part? Just when things start to get better, they leave.

Denise: [about meeting Jeremy's fiancée] I don't know that "excited" is the right word. Not that I don't want to meet her. It's just...incredibly weird. I mean...I'm gonna be a mother-in-law.
Roland: Ah yes, the hyphenate that strikes fear in the hearts of women everywhere.
Pamela: And I suppose you love your mother-in-law, huh?
Roland: She never visits, she never calls, what's not to love? [gets up to leave] I gotta go home to see my wife.
Roxy: Oh, sure, rub it in. You've got someone to go home to unlike the four D's here.
Roland: "The four D's"?
Roxy: Deployed, deployed, deployed, divorced.

Tanya: [on the phone with Jeremy] She didn't like me.
Jeremy: Come on. I'm sure that's not true
Denise: [on the phone with Frank] I just don't like her.
Frank: Why, baby? What happened??
Tanya: Everything I said came out wrong. It was like an out-of-body experience. I wanted to yell at myself, "stop talking!"
Jeremy: [chuckles] You were just nervous, that's all. My mom will understand.
Denise: I don't understand. Why the rush? They hardly know each other. And they're so young! They're practically babies!
Frank: [tries to reassure her] Dee, they are hardly babies! They've been to war, seen combat.
Tanya: You'd think after living in war zone I'd be able to face anything, but no! Apparently mothers-in-law scare the crap out of me.

TJ: What are you doing here?
Whit: It's me Whit. Remember? Your Mama's friend?
TJ: Get out!
Roxy: Woah, woah, woah. What did you just say?
TJ: Why is he here?
Roxy: Do not sass me. This is Whit. He's my friend.
TJ: Like the friends you used to have before Dad?
Roxy: You apologize.
TJ: [angrily] No! If Dad was here he would kick his ass and you know it!
Roxy: [points to his room] TJ, get in your room right now and do not come out until I tell you different! You hear me?!

Roxy: Nothing happened. We talked, we had a few beers.
Pamela: Are you ok?
Roxy: [wistfully] I just wish Trevor were home.
Pamela: Yeah, that would make things easier, wouldn't it?
Roxy: Whit was never marriage material. We were just friends.

Command Presence [5.2]

Roland: There's a big difference between being a soldier's spouse and a commander's spouse. Seriously. You ever get tired of it? The responsibility?
Claudia Joy: [sighs] Sometimes. It's a constant balancing act between your needs, your spouse's needs and the Army's needs. As far as Uncle Sam's concerned, you're an extension of Joan's office.
Roland: Right. It's not what I signed up for, Claudia Joy. Making small talk with dignitaries is not exactly my idea of a good time.
Claudia Joy: Get used to it.

Joan: As Garrison Commander, I've got a lot of people watching my every move. As a woman, particularly as a woman of color, I've got to be better than good at this job. I have got to be outstanding. One hint of favoritism, one sign of weakness, my credibility is gone.

Movement to Contact [5.3]

[Claudia Joy, Denise and Pamela are discussing with Tanya about what games to play at her bridal shower]
Roxy: Woah, wait a minute. I feel dumber than a bag of hammers. How do you guys know all this stuff?
Claudia Joy: You didn't play any games at your shower?
Roxy: [looks at Claudia Joy in astonishment] Um, shower? We got hitched so fast that I didn't even get a new dress out of it.
Tanya: Really?
Roxy: Yeah. Seventeen days between "What can I get for you, soldier?" and "I, Roxy, take thee, Trevor".
Tanya: Wow. And I thought we were fast.

Roxy: [calls out] TJ! It's on the table! [excitedly to Finn] Yay, mac and cheese!
Finn: [unimpressed] Again?
Roxy: You love mac and cheese.
Finn: That's three times this week!

Michael: Hey, Claudia Joy tells me she's hosting a bridal shower for your future daughter-in-law.
Frank: That's gonna take some getting used to. Daughter-in-law. I just had a baby daughter, now I have a daughter-in-law!
Michael: [grins] Tell me something, Frank. What exactly goes on at those bridal showers?
Frank: [laughs] Hell if I know sir. My guess is some intell is better left classified.

Supporting Arms [5.8]

Chaplain Maris: For most of us, grief fades over time. But sadness? I don't know if that ever goes away, or should.

[Trevor is teaching PFC Riggs and SPC Giron how to properly maintain their rifle]
Trevor: Make sure you run a bore brush through that saw.
PFC Riggs: Roger, Sergeant.
SGT Wilson: Hey don't listen to that E-5, Riggs. We got a new E-6 coming in to run things.
SPC Giron: What?
Trevor: Was that a joke?
SGT Wilson: Promotion list just came down. Your name was on it. Believe that, "Staff Sergeant LeBlanc". What's this Army coming to?
SPC Giron: Congratulations, Sergeant!
PFC Riggs: About time they paid you for what you're doing anyway.

Kerry: Your husband's a soldier. Honestly, he reminds me of Steve. Army all the way.
Denise: Yeah that's Frank.
Kerry: In a way I envy them. To them, the world is black and white, right and wrong.
Denise: [nods knowingly] The good guys and the bad guys.
Kerry: It's not that way though, is it?

Whit: I know how that might look but I think Roxy can take care of herself, don't you?
Pamela: No, I don't. She's not thinking clearly right now. Trevor's been gone a long time and she's struggling.
Whit: I just want to help.
Pamela: Yeah, but you're not the man of the house, Whit. Trevor is.
Whit: I know.
Pamela: So whether you mean to nor not, your being here confuses things for Roxy. And for the boys.

Countermeasures [5.9]

[Joan and Roland are making a video for the adoption agency]
Joan: Hi! We're the Burtons and we want to introduce ourselves to you. I'm Joan, this is my husband Roland and our daughter Sara Elizabeth.
Roland: And we want your baby!
Joan: [slaps him on the knee] Roland!

Roxy: [on the phone with Pamela] I just left him there asleep. I mean, like, really asleep. His body is in a totally different time zone.
Pamela: Wait, so Trevor still doesn't know about Whit? Roxy! This is getting ridiculous!
Roxy: What could I do? Just shake him from a dense sleep? "Hey morning babe. Oh, uh, Finn's dad is my contractor."

Battle Buddies [5.10]

Denise: What's going on?
Roxy: Trevor and I just had our worst fight ever. I think he wants a divorce.
Denise: Did he say that?
Roxy: Not exactly, but he's sleeping on the couch. And he said he hasn't been happy in a long time.
Denise: I'm sorry
Roxy: That fight at the bar was not a misunderstanding. The guy that Trevor punched out was Whit
Denise: Whit, your contractor?
Roxy: He's an old friend. Actually he's more than that. He's Finn's father.
Denise: Ok. Wow. And Trevor knows that?
Roxy: I needed to hire some that I could trust and that I could afford. So I called Whit. And I tried to tell Trevor but he was already so mad about the truck stop to begin with that it never got out. And now he's accusing me of lying and....and worse. I just don't know what to do.
Denise: We all make mistakes, Roxy. Believe me. Look, what I've learned is, you have to see things from your soldier's point of view. I'm not saying what you did is the same as what I did to Frank. But you hurt your husband. And you hurt your marriage and you'll have to admit that if you want to make things better. You have to honest with yourself and then you can be honest with him and hope he understands.

Drop Zone [5.11]

[Roland explains to the wives that his newly adopted son is HIV positive]
Roland: Joan and I fell in love with this little boy. We weighed the risks, the pros and the cons and this was where we came out but I know that you have to think about it for yourselves.
Roxy: [smiles] What's to think about? He's your son.

Trevor: Ok, so, you're in line, door opens, winds howling, jumpmaster shouts:
TJ & Finn: Green light! Go!
Trevor: Affirmative. Each trooper jumps in order. Go, go, go. It's your turn. You jump. Static line deploys the chute and then TJ order performance..
TJ: Proper exit. Check the body position. Check canopy. Gain canopy control. Keep a sharp lookout. Prepare to land. Lands.
Trevor: Outstanding. Now Finn, in order to stick your landing where are your five points of contact?
Finn: Balls of the feet, calf, thigh, butt, pull-up muscle.
Trevor: Beautiful. [to an amused Roxy, who is standing behind them] We've got two ace paratroopers in the making.

Frank: [playing with Molly] And down comes Daddy in his parachute. And the wind blows into the right. And the wind blows into the left. And down, down, down. [sets Molly on dressing table] Wanna do it again?
Denise: I think Daddy wants to do it again. Frank, you're a little kid yourself.
Frank: There's nothing more fun that jumpin' out of a plane in the dark.
Denise: I'll take your word for it.

Roxy: I think it's really great, what you guys are doing.
Joan: Well, I just hope you all will love him as much as we do.
Roxy: [smiles] Oh, I know we will.
Joan: Roxy, may I ask you a question?
Roxy: Sure.
Joan: You already had the boys before you married Trevor. How long was it before they started calling him "Dad"?
Roxy: Gosh, uh... [thinking] I think Finn started almost right away. Of course, you know Finn, he's just that way. It took TJ a while longer. Kids are different. I don't really think it's something you can force.
Joan: Right. I was just wondering.
Roxy: For what it's worth I think David's a really lucky kid to have you and Roland as parents.

Pamela: How's Trevor?
Roxy: Um, ankle's better. Thank goodness. The Army...just when you get them home you think you can relax!

Firefight [5.12]

[Chase is finishing up fixing a broken lamp at Trevor's house]
Trevor: They've finally settled down, playing some card game Lucas brought over.
Chase: Perfect! There we go. Good as new! Let's face this side towards the wall. [turns the lamp around so the broken side is facing away]
Trevor: [laughs] I told them they don't have to tell their mothers about our game of indoor football.
Chase: Roger that.

Boone: Ok, I want your honest opinion.
Pamela: About what?
Boone: Lisa.
Pamela: [rolls eyes] Boone...
Boone: I won't mark you down on your evaluation if that's what you're worried about, Moran. You know me better than that.
Pamela: Do I?
Boone: Moran!
Pamela: Boone, I haven't said a single word about her and you bit my head off twice today.
Boone: [deadpan] It looks pretty intact to me.
[Pamela gives him the sarcastic "seriously?" look]
Boon: Come on. Spill.

TJ: Hey.
David: Hey.
TJ: What's going on?
David: I ran away. They were mean to me.
TJ: My folks were like that too sometimes. It's just because they want you to act right, you know? [pauses] It's gonna be dark soon. Can't read in the dark.

Chase: You know, what happened today, not being able to reach you, wondering if you were all right. It made me realize how you must've felt all those times I was away on missions.
Pamela: Sucks, right?
Chase: Yeah. I understand why you wanted me to quit.
Pamela: I just wanted you out of danger.

Farewell to Arms [5.13]

Roxy: Whit says he's already finished the wiring and he says the duct work won't take more than a day tops.
[Trevor nods, Roxy is unsure of what to say]
Trevor: [reassuringly] Babe, it's ok. It's all good between me and Whit. I don't want you feeling guilty every time his name comes up. Whit's a good guy. And just because he's Finn's dad doesn't mean he can't be a friend.
Finn: [walked into kitchen unnoticed] Whit's my dad??
Roxy: [hands Finn a photograph of Whit] I was saving these for you. For Sunday. This is Whit from back when I knew him before. I met Whit when I was your age and we were best friends right off. Not boyfriend-girlfriend, just very close. And we stayed that way through high school.
Finn: [looks at photo] Why didn't you get married?
Roxy: Because we didn't love each other that way. Not the way you're supposed to love someone when you get married.
Finn: Oh.
Roxy: But we were lucky enough to have you. And I was happy to raise you by myself. Until I found a person who I did love in the right way. [looks to Trevor] But Whit is a good man. And he loves you very much. He loves you so much he let Trevor adopt you so that you could have a real daddy. You understand?
Finn: [looks at Roxy] So, do I have to call Whit "Dad" now?
Roxy: No. Trevor is your dad, same as always. Whit is just a friend.
TJ: What about my father? Will I ever get to meet him?
Roxy: Honey, I don't think that's gonna happen.
TJ: Why not?
Roxy: Because there were times when he wasn't so nice to me and I didn't want that happening to you. So I got away. To protect you. [TJ looks away dejectedly] I'm so sorry, but I think you're old enough to know the truth. And I would never let anyone hurt you.
TJ: So why did you marry him?
Roxy: Because I was young and I didn't know better.
Trevor: People make mistakes, bud.
Roxy: That does not mean that you are a mistake. You are the only thing that brought me happiness during those years. And I have never ever regretted having you. Not for one second. You understand? [takes out a photo] I saved this for you so you could see what he looked like. You want to talk about it?
TJ: [looks at photo] May I be excused?
Roxy: Sure.
[TJ gets up and goes out to the porch without saying a word]
TJ: It's not fair.
Trevor: I know. [pauses] Look, I told you that I was adopted like you and Finn. But what I didn't tell you was that my natural father wasn't very good to me either. He wasn't good to anybody. In fact, he's in jail. And I haven't seen him since I was Finn's age.
TJ: How come you never told me?
Trevor: Because I didn't think it was important. Until now. [looks at TJ] I know how you're feeling, TJ. Angry, disappointed, embarrassed. It's hard. And that just doesn't go away. But I'll tell you what I figured out. You get two families in this life. The one you're born with and the one you choose. The one I was born with didn't measure up, but I love the family that I chose. And that means you, bud. I hope you feel the same way about me.
TJ: [smiles] I do, Dad.

Roland: Maybe it's time to write another chapter.
David: What do you mean?
Roland I mean, your life's like a book, David. It's gonna be filled with many chapters. You don't read the same chapter over and over again in a book, do you?
David: I guess not.
Roland: No! You read on, see what's gonna happen next. That's the same thing with your life story. See, you started with one mom in chapter 1 and now you got a new mom and a sister and a dad as well right?
David: Right.
Roland: It doesn't stop there man. I mean, you got so many more chapters to write. You got school, friends, new adventures. What do you think?
David: [smiles] Ok.
Roland: [hi-fives David] All right! Good man!

Michael: As a senior officer you're always one accusation away from retirement.

[Chief is taking a photo of Roxy and Shady cutting the ribbon during the truck stop opening ceremony]
Chief: Say, formaggio!
Roxy: What???
Shady: [annoyed] Let's cut this thing.

Whit: Hey Bubba.
Finn: Hey Whit!
Whit: So... I, uh, guess everything's out in the open about me and you huh?
Finn: Yeah. I know you're my dad but you're really more like my friend, right?
Whit: [nods] Yeah. That's right. 'Cause you already have a great dad right over there. [points at Trevor]
Finn: Yeah.
Whit: Hey listen, as your friend, I want you to know how proud I am of you. If you ever need anything at all you just holler, ok?
Finn: Ok. Want a hotdog?
Whit: [laughs] Yeah Bubba. I'd love a hotdog. Lead the way.

[At the banquet]
Frank: [to Trevor] It seems like yesterday we were here talking about Jump School. As I recall, your wife here saluted me.
Roxy: [embarrassed] Yeah...I guess we've all come a long way since then.

Trevor: Hey, babe. Whatcha doing?
Roxy: Hating life.
Roxy: It's the truck stop. I should've listened to you. It's gonna be a ghost town around here when the post closes. We're gonna lose everything.
Trevor: No we're not.
Roxy: Yes we are!
Trevor: Ok. Say we loose everything. So what? Babe, we started with nothing. And we have to do it all over again, we will.
Roxy: Yeah, just wait till the bank come after us.
Trevor: Ok, so we'll go on the run. Like Bonnie and Clyde. [kisses Roxy]
Roxy: Roxy and Trevor? Doesn't really have the same ring to it.
Trevor: Well, then, how about Trevor and Roxy?
Roxy: How about more kissing, less talking?

Claudia Joy: Thank you all for sharing your lives with me.
Denise: For being a light in the dark
Pamela: For having my back.
Roxy: For taking me as I am.
Roland: For making this place a home.
Claudia Joy: [raises glass for a toast] To us.
Everyone: To us.

Season 6


Winds of War [6.1]

Claudia Joy: [to Denise, about Michael retiring from the Army] Loosing you and the others that's one thing. Loosing a way of life?

Joan: This is Mother Nature's war and she doesn't fight fair.

Waitress: You're not worried about the storm? I just heard it's coming in tomorrow night.
Roxy: Honey, if I worry about every storm that comes along I'd be as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full rocking chairs.

Tanya: Mr. Broadsky, you have to take your heart medication.
Broadsky: I feel fine!
Tanya: That's great! But you still have to––
Broadsky: I said no!
Denise: [walks in] Hey, what's the problem?
Broadsky: [grins at Denise] Here's my girlfriend!
Tanya: [to Denise] It's time for Mr. Broadsky to take his digoxin but he refuses. [glares at Mr. Broadsky]
Denise: Gus, you need to listen to Specialist Gabriel.
Broadsky: What is she? Twelve?
Denise: She's a combat vet, just like you.
Broadsky: You're joking.
Tanya: Afghanistan. 23rd Airborne.
Denise: The sooner you listen to her, the sooner you get out of here. Now take your pills. It's an order.
Broadsky: Yes ma'am!

Claudia Joy: Babies are meant to be spoiled.
Roland: As long as they don't grow up to be spoiled brats.
Pamela: Well, only Army brats allowed.

Perchance to Dream [6.2]


The Best of Friends [6.3]

TJ: [bangs on the bathroom door] Katie, hurry up!! Come on Katie! Open up! You've been in there forever!
Katie: [from inside the bathroom] Have not!
TJ: Have too! [to Lucas] Is she always like this?
Lucas: Always!
TJ: [knocks on door] Hurry up!
Roxy: [angrily] Ok, TJ! Knock it off!
Pamela: Katie! The boys are waiting! [knocks on door] Put it in gear!
Katie: It's not fair!
Trevor: [walks past the boys] Can't find my patrol cap.
Roxy: Don't look at me.
Lucas: Is that like a baseball hat?
Trevor: Yeah. Why?
TJ: [sheepishly] We were sort of playing with it in my room. [Trevor goes to the boys' room]
Lucas: [bangs on bathroom door] Katie! The toilet flush!
[Lucas and TJ groan and grumble loudly]
Katie: [from inside the bathroom] It's not my fault!
Pamela: Katie! Open the door. I'll deal with it.
Katie: But Mom...
Pamela: [continues knocking on door angrily] Katie! Katie Moran!
[Trevor grabs his hat and storms out of the house, Roxy rushes after him]
Roxy: Trevor! Don't be mad.
Trevor: This is getting old, babe.
Roxy: Ok, it won't be much longer.
Trevor: [sarcastically] How long? Do you realize we haven't had sex in two weeks?
Roxy: Well, maybe we could get a room.
Trevor: If we could get a room I'd put the Morans in it. That's the problem. There are no rooms.
Roxy: Ok, well, she's my best friend. And she saved Finn's life. So, just a little longer.
[Trevor looks at her and says nothing, gets on his bike and leaves for work]

[Roland and Joan are doing the dishes and talking]
Joan: Charlie Mayfield thinks that she can get away with anything because she's colorful
Roland: Which pushes your buttons. Obviously.
Joan: It is not personal. I have a garrison to run. If people don't follow regs, discipline erodes.
Roland: [pauses] Right.
Joan: Don't say it like that.
Roland: I'm just s– [looks at Joan] I'm just saying that a woman's gotta do her job. You should've seen our son. He loved it there.
Joan: I'm not saying he can't go back. I'm just saying sh––
Roland: She's a pain in your butt.
Joan: [looks at Roland] Exactly.
Roland: [looks at Joan's butt] And such a nice butt too.
Joan: [stops and looks at Roland] Stop... [laughs]

Pamela: Lucas says the first thing he wants to do in California is go surfing and the first thing Katie wants to do is meet Justin Bieber.
Roland: Isn't Justin Bieber from Canada?
Pamela: Ok, it scares me that you know that, Roland.

Pamela: [sadly, after telling Roxy she is moving to California to join] I've had enough. Kids have had a enough. Time to go home.
Roxy: But this is home.
Pamela: Roxy, I love you like a sister but you know that's not true. I mean, home is where my husband is. So, we're going to California. Next week.
Roxy: But––
Pamela: Roxy, I have to. I have to go and you have to let me.

[Roxy and Trevor are saying goodbye to Pamela]
Pamela: [tearfully] Don't..don't say anything.
Roxy: Call, text, write, come back. I love you.

Learning Curve [6.4]

[Denise, Roxy and Roland are at Claudia Joy's for lunch]
Claudia Joy: [raises glass for a toast] To Pamela.
Everyone: [toast] To Pamela.
Roland: Gone, but not forgotten.
Roxy: Hardly. I talk to her every night.
Denise: Yeah?
Roxy: Awful news. She loves California.
[everyone laughs]
Denise: Oh, Roxy.
Roxy: Well, I was hoping she would hate it!
Claudia Joy: It's good she's happy.
Roxy: I just don't like it that she's gone. Glad I have the new house to distract me.
Roland: How's that going?
Roxy: It's a disaster. Boxes everywhere. I swear, they multiply at night.
Denise: [chuckles] I know how you feel.
Roxy: And Trevor's no help. I mean he's busier than ever now that he's platoon commander.
Claudia Joy: Leader. Platoon leader.
Roxy: Whatever.
Denise: Yeah. Frank is swamped too.
Roland: With all the new families from Fort Hope I barely get to see Joan these days.

SFC Leon "Ski" Wisniewski: Sir, you're doing an outstanding job as LT.
Trevor: Thank you.
Ski: You're also doing a heck of a job as Sergeant. Corrective action is not your line sir.
Trevor: I guess I'm still thinking like a Sergeant.
Ski: Understandable. Seen it before in mustangs like you. But you've got to let your NCOs lead. I promise we'll get your men mission-ready.
Trevor: I appreciate the heads up. Any other suggestions?
Ski: One or two.
Roxy: [horrified] You wanna throw a barbecue this weekend?!
Trevor: Well, it's no big deal. It's just the squad leaders and my platoon sergeant.
Roxy: And their wives!
Trevor: And their wives.
Roxy: And their kids.
Trevor: They don't all have kids. So? What do you think?
Roxy: I think you're nuts!
Trevor: Rox...
Roxy: No way.
Trevor: Babe...
Roxy: Trevor, this house is a mess!
Trevor: It's a barbecue! We can do it in the backyard.
Roxy: Like that solves everything.
Trevor: My platoon sergeant says it's gonna be good for morale so...
Roxy: Ok. So let him do it.
Trevor: I'm the platoon leader.
Roxy: Ok, so order him to do it. You outrank him, right?
Trevor: Yeah I outrank him, but platoon sergeants, they're career guys. They know everything. It's important that I get along with them.
Roxy: Yeah? Well, it's more important that you get along with your wife.
Trevor: [chuckles] I'm working on it.
Roxy: Work harder.

[Roxy is introduced to Ski and his wife Gisela]
Roxy: And you must be Jisela.
Gisela: Gisela.
Roxy: What now?
Gisela: Gee-sel-la
Roxy: Oh, I'm sorry. I must've been practicing that wrong. What is that, like French?
Gisela: German.
Roxy: [awkwardly] German. [to Ski] So, where did you two meet?
Ski: In Germany.
Roxy: On vacation?
Gisela: Working. In Kaiserslautern.
Roxy: Kaiser––...that's another one.
Ski: It's a town near Frankfurt.
Trevor: The Army has a base there, Rox.
Ski: Air Force too.
Gisela: Largest American military community outside the United States.
Roxy: [embarrassed] Learn something new everyday.

True Colors [6.5]

Jackie: Did you hear about that Bravo Company FRG meeting?
Denise: You mean the great doughnut meltdown? It was all over post.
Jackie: Bad situation.
Denise: Poor Min-Ji. She's always had trouble with that FRG but it happens sometimes. Bad chemistry.
Jackie: I don't believe in bad chemistry. I believe in good leadership.
Denise: I wouldn't judge Min-Ji too harshly. This isn't her native culture and, well, it's hard to wrangle a bunch of self-absorbed twenty-year-old's.
Jackie: I agree, but the fact is, they need a new FRG leader. Somebody to "kick butt" and take names. Know anyone?
Denise: [thinks] Actually...I do.
[Later at the LeBlanc home]
Roxy: FRG leader??? Me?
Denise: Why not? You'd make a great leader.
Roxy: Shark bait, you mean. You should've been there, Denise. They ate that poor woman alive.
Denise: I know. It's not the easiest group.
Roxy: Are you kidding?! They're horrible!
Denise: They just need to be led.
Roxy: Yeah. Off a cliff! What about Captain Brunson's wife?
Denise: Erm...Captain Brunson is between wives. That's why Min-Ji took the job. Her husband is the XO.
Roxy: Well, who's like, "assistant XO"?
Denise: There is no "assistant XO". The next in line are platoon leaders and that's you. You're an officer's wife, Roxy. That means more responsibility.
Roxy: Yes. I get it. Look, I would love to help. But with the kids and The Hump Bar––
Denise: I will help. And so will Jackie. She really wants to meet you, by the way.
Roxy: Yeah. Well, I don't want to meet her.
Denise: Oh come on. I know you got a bad first impression but she's a great person. And she could be an important contact for you. [Roxy looks at her curiously] Being an FRG leader could help Trevor's career.
Roxy: Hmm, hadn't thought about that. [looks at Denise] You really think I could do it?
Denise: [smiles] I know you can. And right now, the Army needs you.
Roxy: Wow, that's something I never expected to hear.

Trevor: I'm really proud of you, babe.
Roxy: Yeah?
Trevor: I just hope you're not taking on too much.
Roxy: I don't think so. And besides, I like helping your career.
Trevor: How's that?
Roxy: Well, Denise said that Jackie Clarke could be a good contact for me and being an FRG leader could help you.
Trevor: Yeeeaahh...ok...but it goes both ways, Rox.
Roxy: What do you mean?
Trevor: Well, that whole doughnut thing the other day? LT Webster is in the doghouse with the Captain because of that.
Roxy: Why?? I told you it wasn't Min-Ji's fault. The other women were horrible to her.
Trevor: Doesn't matter. Guy can't keep it together at home, how's he supposed to lead on the field.
Roxy: [in disbelief] That is so unfair.
Trevor: That's how it is, babe.
Roxy: So what you're saying is "no pressure but don't screw up".
Trevor: Yeah, pretty much. [kisses Roxy]
Roxy: Great.

Claudia Joy: Calm down, sweetheart. I am sure Denise didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Roxy: Maybe not. Just that FRG Nazi Jackie Clarke. Wants everyone to be her little clone.
Claudia Joy: I wouldn't be too hard on Jackie either.
Roxy: Why not?
Claudia Joy: Because I happen to agree with her.
Roxy: Not you, too. What does my hem line have to do with being an FRG leader??
Claudia Joy: A lot, actually. [Roxy looks at her in frustration] Things change when your husband becomes an officer, Roxy.
Roxy: Yeah. Your friends think you're an embarrassment.
Claudia Joy: This isn't about you. This is about being part of something that's bigger than you. An officer's uniform commands respect. Same thing being an officer's wife. How you dress makes a statement.
Roxy: You know, I didn't sign up for the Army. Trevor did.
Claudia Joy: [smiles understandingly] That doesn't cut it and you know it. When you married Trevor, you married into the Army.
Roxy: Yeah, well, I never saw this coming.
Claudia Joy: Whatever you decide, don't let the prospect of a longer dress or shorter heels stop you.
Roxy: Shorter heels? Really??
Claudia Joy: You'll always be the same Roxy underneath. Nothing can change that, thank God.

[Roxy is dressing up for the encasing ceremony]
Trevor: [whistles] Lookin' good, babe.
Roxy: Thanks.
Trevor: [grins] Hard to believe it's really you.
Roxy: [glares at him] What is that supposed to mean???
Trevor: [stunned] was a compliment.
Roxy: You didn't like the way I looked before?
Trevor: All I meant was...I'm just, you know, not used to seeing you this way. [awkwardly] Can I take the boot out of my mouth now?
Roxy: Well, it's still the same me underneath. You wanna see?
Trevor: Yes please.

Viral [6.6]

[Trevor walks in to find Roxy staring at the wall]
Roxy: Lemon.
Trevor: What?
Roxy: I'm thinking pale lemon would look nice in here. What do you think?
Trevor: [shrugs] Yeah, I like lemon.
Roxy: Or maybe, avocado.
Trevor: I like avocados.
Roxy: [rolls eyes] You're a big help.
Trevor: [looks up at Roxy] What? You asked my opinion.
Roxy: I just want the house to look nice.
Trevor: It is nice.
Roxy: You know what I mean. "Befitting an officer".
Trevor: Ooooh. Right.

Trevor: So? How did it go with Cruz's wife?
Roxy: It didn't.
Trevor: What?
Roxy: She wouldn't let me in the door.
Trevor: [shocked] You're kidding.
Roxy: That woman is a bitch on wheels. You should tell your soldier he'd be better off without her.

Hector: Honey, I'm home!
Gloria: [unamused] You're hilarious.
Hector: What's for dinner?
Gloria: I don't know. What are you making?
Hector: Come on.
Gloria: You got two hands. What'cha do before you married me?
Hector: Drive-thru?
Gloria: [smiles] We're having chicken.
Hector: [smiles] Get over here. [pulls Gloria over for a hug]
[They kiss before Gloria pushes him off]
Gloria: Oh! Hector! You stink!!
Hector: I've been working!
Gloria: That is so nasty! Go take a shower and take this crap with you! [points to his rucksack]
Hector: [laughs] All right, all right, tranquilla.
Gloria: [seriously] Don't tranquilla me. Did you tell your boss we were having problems?
Hector: No. Why?
Gloria: He sent his wife here to check in on me.
Hector: Mrs. LeBlanc was here? What did she say?
Gloria: Nothing. I didn't let her in.
Hector: [shocked] You're joking, right? [Gloria says nothing] Lieutenant LeBlanc is my platoon leader!
Gloria: Well, I don't need his wife sticking her nose in our business!

[Gloria walks into The Hump Bar and sees Roxy behind the counter]
Gloria: You? What are you doing here?
Roxy: I own the place. [smiles] What are you doing here?
Gloria: Had to get out of the apartment.
Roxy: Beer? First one's on the house. It's my door-in-the-face special.
Gloria: Thanks.
Roxy: So, you've been married less than a month.
Gloria: Yeah
Roxy: How'd you meet?
Gloria: Online.
Roxy: [looks at Gloria] You're kidding.
Gloria: I was tired of living at home with my brothers and sisters. I saw this home movie An Officer and a Gentleman, you know?
Roxy: [grins] Yeah, I know. Very romantic.
Gloria: Right? So I started looking on these military dating sites. There he was in uniform, looking hot.
Roxy: I get that.
Gloria: Chatted online, went dancing when he came into the city. He opened the taxi door for me. [smiles wistfully] I'll never forget that. On our second date he proposed. [looks at Roxy] Stupid, right?
Roxy: Well, I met Trevor when I was bartending. Four days later, he proposed.
Gloria: Yeah?
Roxy: Uh-hmm. It's worked out so far.

Roland: My son has tremendous courage. You don't see all the medicine he has to take to keep his viral load down. And you don't see him getting sick and nauseated. He didn't feel sorry for himself. He just lives with it. We could all learn from courage like that. Look, everyone lives with an element of risk in their lives but we don't have to live with ignorance and fear. And we don't have to punish an eleven-year-old boy because we're too narrow-minded to know better.

System Failure [6.7]

[The adults are watching the boys play catch with eggs]
Joan: Hoping those eggs are hard-boiled.
Trevor: Oh they are. Believe me, Roxy doesn't want anything messing up her new home.
Joan: It's lovely.
Trevor: Thanks. She's been taking her time putting stuff up on the walls, says she wants a "new look". You know what that means.
Roland: She told me she was eyeing on some new furniture.
Trevor: I know. Scares me.
[off camera]
TJ: Heads up!
Finn: Ow!
TJ: My bad!

Casualties [6.8]

Roxy: It's your first deployment. You'll get through it.
Gloria: How?
Roxy: Apparently by coming here and bugging me.

Hector: How much longer Sergeant?
Ski: As long as it takes, Cruz. It's only been twenty minutes.
Hector: Yeah, feels like an hour.
Ski: Relax.
Hector: I'm trying but this kid is pointing his AK at me like he's about to light me up.
Ski: So what do we know about this negotiator they're sending?
Trevor: She's a Captain in intelligence.
Ski: [in disbelief] She? Oh yeah...good luck with that.

Non-Combatants [6.9]

Maryanne: Look, I feel bad, don't get me wrong. But I don't think we should be going overboard.
Roxy: I'm sorry...overboard?!
Maryanne: Min-Ji did this to herself. I don't know why we should be honoring her exactly. [Gloria looks at her in disgust]
Roxy: I can't believe that you'd say that. What is wrong with you? Min-Ji was part of this group.
Rita: Not really.
Gloria: Maybe that's because some people wouldn't let her be part of it
Rita: Hey, don't blame us!
Gisela: Shame on you! How dare you sit there and judge. Do you what it takes to marry a soldier and leave your country behind? Your family? Do you have any idea what it feels like to be different? I do. I know how cruel people can be. I still hear the jokes, the whispers. I know the difference just what friends can make. Were we too busy, too special to reach out to Min-Ji? We should all should feel ashamed. She needed help and we weren't there for her. Tomorrow I could be the one who needs help, or maybe it could be you.

Dr. Blake Hanson: So why did you enlist, Gabriel?
Tanya: Usual. College benefits, transportable skill, serve my country. You?
Hanson: Pay off my med school loans.
Tanya: Oh.
Hanson: Hey, I'm not that cold. I wanted to be a pediatrician.
Tanya: Really?
Hanson: My older brother died of leukemia when I was twelve. I always wanted to do something for him. Doesn't pay the bills though. When I was doing my residency I realized that I was going to be in debt until my 40's if I didn't do something. The Army offered me a good deal. I give them ten years, they pay off the loans. The only catch was, they needed ER physicians at the time, not pediatricians.
Tanya: You can always make the switch when your contract's up.
Hanson: Yeah, that's six years from now.
Tanya: It's your dream.

[Roxy and Gloria are getting ready for their husbands' return]
Roxy: This won't be like the usual homecoming. Normally we have a big blow-out with music and food and banners and all that stuff. But we couldn't do that on such short notice.
Gloria: Hey, as long as they're coming home, I'm happy. Thanks for giving me a ride to the pick-up spot
Roxy: No problem. Actually, it's assembly point, not "pick-up spot".
Gloria: [laughs] Whatever!
[Gloria sprays perfume on herself, Roxy looks at her]
Gloria: Makes Hector go wild.
Roxy: Really? Can I smell it? [smells bottle] Do you mind?
Gloria: Go for it!

After Action Report [6.10]

Gloria: Hey Roxy.
Roxy: Wow. Someone's been busy.
Gloria: Yeah, Hector and I had a little fun at the mall.
Roxy: A little?
Gloria: It's not that much. Couple of tops, some jeans. Yeah, got something to show you. [takes out a stiletto shoe] What do you think of these?
Roxy: I love them.
Gloria: Yeah, you don't think they're too much?
Roxy: Are we talking money or style?
Gloria: Style.
Roxy: Style? No.
Gloria: That's what I thought. I got Hector a little present too.
[Gloria takes out a pink lingerie top]
Roxy: I don't think that will fit him.
Gloria: Come on, I've got something else to show you.
Roxy: There's more?
[Gloria takes Roxy outside. Camera shot reveals Hector and a red Ram Pickup.]
Roxy: Woah.
Hector: What do you think?
Roxy: It's...awesome.
Gloria: We got a great deal on it.
Roxy: Yeah?
Hector: [excitedly] Ok, baby. It's time for your next lesson.
Gloria: Hector's teaching me to drive.
Roxy: [surprised] You don't know how??
Gloria: Hey, in The Bronx you take the subway. See you later!
Roxy: Careful!
[Roxy cringes as the Ferrari (with Gloria driving) stutters and veers off to the main road.]

Nicole: [embarrassed] You didn't have to get champagne.
Charlie: Of course I did. [toasts Nicole] To my Bronze Star winner.
Nicole: It's "Bronze Star recipient".
Charlie: Don't give me attitude! This is a big deal!
Nicole: No, I know. It's just embarrassing. You know me, I like flying under the radar.
Charlie: Yeah I do know. But this time you couldn't help it. You were just too damn good.
Nicole: [smiles] I guess so.
Charlie: Face it, girl. You are a hell of a soldier!

Dr. Hanson: Wow...that was...uh...definitely against the rules of fraternization.
Tanya: [grins] Definitely. [pauses] We can't do this.
Dr. Hanson: It's too late. [kisses Tanya]
Tanya: Blake, I mean it. This could ruin your career.
Dr. Hanson: [chuckles] My career. They could throw me in jail for this!
Tanya: How can you joke about it?
Dr. Hanson: I don't know.

Soldier: [comes up to Gloria] Hey honey. Where's our beers?
Gloria: Are you talkin to me? 'Cause I could tell what you could do with your beers if you don't take that meat hook off me, honey.
Soldier: [embarrassed, takes hand off Gloria's shoulder] Sorry.
Gloria: Now be a good boy and go sit down. I'll bring you your beers.
Soldier: Yes ma'am. [leaves]

Fallout [6.11]

Gloria: I feel sick about those kids
Roxy: Yeah. Me too. That woman has a lot of nerve blaming our guys for what happened.
Gloria: Hector says it was messed up.
Roxy: What does that mean?
Gloria: Nothing. He just says they could've done more, that's all. Your husband told him to forget about it, there was nothing they could do.
Roxy: Yeah, well, he was right. Look, they're soldiers. They have to follow orders. And if Trevor said it was the right call, it was the right call.
Gloria: Yeah I know. I just feel sick about it, that's all.
Roxy: So do I.

Roxy: I was talking to Gloria about those kids, the orphans.
Trevor: Yup.
Roxy: We were just both saying what a horrible situation it was and I said that you would've saved those kids if you could've, right? [Trevor says nothing] Trevor?
Trevor: Technically we could've saved them.
Roxy: What?
Trevor: I mean, if there was room in the Humvee it would've been tight, but...
Roxy: I don't get it.
Trevor: Ok, even we had taken them to the airfield. Then what? We couldn't fly them out of the country.
Roxy: Why not?
Trevor: 'Cause that wasn't our mission. Our mission was to evacuate Americans.
Roxy: Yeah, I get that...
Trevor: Those tribes over there, they all hate each other.
Roxy: Yeah, but these weren't dangerous gunmen or anything.
Trevor: People say we're taking sides.
Roxy: Trevor, these were orphans standing right in front of you, some of them the same age as TJ and Finn!
Trevor: [snaps] You don't have to remind me! All right?
Roxy: [quietly] Ok. Sorry.
Trevor: [pauses, looks at Roxy] It's war, and in war civilians pay a price. Always. Mothers, fathers, children. One time we were on patrol at this village outside Kandahar. Jeremy Sherwood is kicking a soccer ball with this Afghan kid. A few minutes later, a car bomb explodes and this kid and his father are dead. Funny thing is, the soccer ball wasn't touched. You got these two bodies lying there and the ball's perfectly fine.
Roxy: You never told me about that.
Trevor: There's a lot I never told you. There's a lot I wish I never knew.

[Roxy and Gloria bring Jackie, who is drunk, back to her house]
Jackie: [points at house] That's my house.
Roxy: That's right! We just need to get you inside.
Jackie: Um, hold on a second...
Gloria: Ok
[Jackie vomits on the ground right then and there while a bemused Roxy and Gloria look on and grimace.]
Roxy: It's ok. Denise said that's a good sign. It gets it out of her system.
[Jackie vomits again]
Gloria: So I guess that's a really good sign huh?

Gloria: What do I tell him?
Roxy: Ahh...I wouldn't lie, but don't tell him the truth.
Gloria: [confused] What does that mean?
Roxy: You'll figure it out.
[Gloria and Roxy head over to join their husbands]
Hector: [concerned] Gloria! Where've you been?
Gloria: Didn't they tell you? I...I had to go on an errand.
Hector: Yeah, what kind of errand?
Gloria: Uhh....babysitting General Clarke's wife.
[Hector gives her a strange look and laughs]
Gloria: [laughs nervously] I thought you'd like that. Uh, it was nothing. FRG business.
Hector: [nods, offers her the wine bottle] Want some wine?
Gloria: You know what? [puts hand on her wine glass] I think I'll pass.

Blood Relative [6.12]


General Complications [6.13]


Fatal Reaction [6.14]

[Roxy has just revealed that she's pregnant with twins]
Claudia Joy: How's Trevor dealing with it?
Roxy: Are you kidding? He loves it.
Jackie: Well, he's not the one carrying twins.
Roxy: Exactly. He has no idea what he's in for. These are our first kids together so he's never been through the midnight feedings...
Denise: Or sleep deprivation.
Claudia Joy: Or mood swings.

Claudia Joy: What is it about the ocean? Nothing seems to matter when I'm here. You just drift.

Tough Love [6.15]


Battle Scars [6.16]

Charlie: [to Nicole] How is it you're getting a medal for valor but you can't find the courage to tell your mother we're getting married?

Trevor: Look what I found. [hands Cody a photo of both of them]
Cody: [smiles] That was right before the final road march at OCS.
Trevor: Yup. You came in first that day. Hell of a soldier.
Cody: Nah, hell of a recruit. Not much of a soldier.
Trevor: What are you talking about?
Cody: What am I talking about? Trev, I never got a chance to do squat. It was my fourth day in theater. It was my first time outside the wire. I was 500 meters from the patrol base when that IED went off. I never saw any enemy. I didn't fire my weapon. All I did do was get thrown from a Humvee and burned.
Trevor: That doesn't make you any less of a soldier.
Cody: I guess that depends on how you look at it.

Roxy: [to Cody] You know what? I've got a friend whose son died in Afghanistan. She'd give anything to have him back here, no matter what shape he was in. And I guarantee you he would not be sitting here feeling sorry for himself. He'd be living everyday.

Gloria: My husband cheated on me.
Cody: [takes a second look at her] Really? What is he, blind?

Baby Steps [6.18]

Marda: He is the best thing that ever happened to you and you want to throw it all away?
Roxy: Leave it alone. It's none of your business.
Marda: [...] You forgot what your life was like before Trevor? Your first husband was a wife-beater, drove you out of the house and into the arms of another loser-man who gave you nothing but a second child. You're living in a trailer with two kids on food stamps when Trevor picked you up like a knight on a white horse and brings you here. Look around. I don't know anyone who lives in a house this nice. But I guess it's not good enough for you anymore is it?
Roxy: I never said it wasn't nice!
Marda: You have a man who loves you, who's raising your kids like his own, who's the father of those babies you're carrying.
Roxy: Yes and what happens to them when their dad doesn't come home one day because he's been blown up somewhere around the world?! Did you ever think about that? What happens then?
Marda: Well, then you'll have proud memories of a man who died doing what he believed in.
Roxy: I don't want that! I'm thinking about my family!
Marda: You're thinking about yourself and you know what? There's more to life than just what's best for Roxy LeBlanc.

Trevor: You were tossing around a lot last night, babe. How are you feeling?
Roxy: [groans] Like a beached whale!
Trevor: Only three more weeks.
Roxy: Yeah, easy for you to say. Hey, do my shoes match? It's been months since I've even seen my feet.
Trevor: You look great. For a whale. [Roxy throws a pillow at him]

Roland: [showing Gloria a picture of Sara Elizabeth on his cellphone] It's her first swimming lesson. It seems like yesterday Sara Elizabeth was learning to walk.
Jackie: Before you know it, she'll be applying to college.
Roland: [jokingly] You mean the nunnery!

Gloria: I love baby showers!
Jackie: They should come with a warning: babies grow up.

Centennial [6.19]


The War at Home [6.20]

[Joan brings out a fresh plate of burgers Roland has just barbecued, the kids scramble for the burgers]
Joan: Woah, woah, one at a time!
Roland: [observing] Animals.
Denise: Kids.
Roland: Same thing.
[A sleep-deprived and exhausted Trevor walks over to Roland at the barbecue grill]
Trevor: [yawn] Morning.
Denise: Hey Trevor.
Roland: [amused] It's afternoon.
Trevor: Right. Sorry we're late.
Denise: [laughs, to Roland] Give this man a cheese burger.
Roland: I think caffeine's a better call!
Trevor: How about a nap?
Denise: [smiles] Sorry.
Roland: Hey, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.
Trevor: Yeah but nobody told me how dangerous.
Denise: Welcome to the club, dad.
Trevor: You guys need me? I gotta head up to PX. We're out of diapers and....a few million other things.
Roland: You're relieved of duty, Lieutenant.
Trevor: [relieved] Thanks.
Denise: I will bring the boys home when this is over.
Trevor: [looks at Denise] Really?
Roland: Go! Go!
[Trevor heaves a huge sigh of relief and leaves]
Roland: [watches Trevor leave] Been there.
Denise: Hey, I'm still there.

Roxy: I was hoping it would work out. But you two were so young and you barely knew each other when you got married.
Gloria: Yeah, but neither did you and Trevor.
Roxy: Well, we were older, more experienced anyway. I already had one marriage and two kids and Trevor had been in the Army for a while.
Gloria: True.
Roxy: Hey, you make a mistake. You learn from it. Then you move on. In the meantime, you've got your work and you've got your friends.
Gloria: Look, about that. I know you've been counting on me to look after The Hump and all but...
[Baby starts crying over the baby monitor]
Roxy: Trevor!
Trevor: [from upstairs] I got it!
Roxy: Thanks babe.
Gloria: Please don't hate me, Roxy
Roxy: Hate you for what?
Gloria: I want to go back to New York
Roxy: Oh, for how long?
Gloria: I don't know. Forever, maybe? I really miss my family.
Roxy: Don't even think about it.
Gloria: Really?
Roxy: I totally get it.
Gloria: What about you? And the bar and the babies?
Roxy: [smiles] You know what, we'll figure it out.

[Michael notifies Frank that he is up for the Soldier's Medal]
Michael: You deserve it, Frank. You showed everyone what the Army is all about.
Frank: It's just what we do for each other, sir.
Michael: But you did it for me.
Frank: [nods] Gladly.
Michael: We've walked a long road together haven't we?
Frank: That we have, sir. Good times and bad.

Ski: Welcome back, sir.
Trevor: It's good to be back, Sergeant.
Ski: Look like hell, sir.
Trevor: I feel like hell, Sergeant.
Ski: [chuckles] Those babies are kickin' your ass, huh?
Trevor: Big time.
Ski: Hope you've got enough gas left in the tank for the platoon. We're bivouacking at Range 28 tomorrow afternoon.
Trevor: Outstanding. Four hours of uninterrupted sleep on cold dark ground sounds awfully good to me right now.
Ski: Roger that, sir!

Handicap [6.21]

Roxy: Hey babe, what are you doing home at this hour? [Trevor motions for her to sit down] Honey I've got like a million things to do this morning.
Trevor: Just sit down.
Roxy: [sits down] Ok, this is either very good news or very bad news.
Trevor: It's both. My order just came in. I've been assigned 2nd Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis.
Roxy: [pauses] Is that the good part?
Trevor: It is.
Roxy: [smiles] Well, congratulations, babe. You deserve it.
Trevor: Thank you.
Roxy: What's the bad part?
Trevor: [takes a deep breath] We report to Tacoma in thirty days. [no reaction from Roxy] Rox?
Roxy: [nonchalantly] We can do that.
Trevor: [surprised by her reaction] What?
Roxy: I thought you were gonna say two weeks or something.
Trevor: [still in shock] Really?
Roxy: Yeah! We knew this day was coming. So, now it's here. No more guessing.
Trevor: [looks at Roxy in astonishment, at a loss for words]'s just moving the boys and the dog and everything we own three thousand miles away––
Roxy: [cuts Trevor off] Are you trying to make me crazy?
Trevor: [stops short] No, no. I'm just trying to figure out if it's you or the sleep deprivation talking and you know what? I don't wanna know.
Roxy: [smiles] Can you get your butt outta here before I wake up?
Trevor: Yes ma'am. [kisses Roxy on the forehead and quickly leaves]

Finn: [sadly] I hate the Army.
Roxy: Honey, don't say that. You're very proud of your father and everything he does to serve our country. The Army just comes at a cost, that's all. You're old enough to understand that.

Michael: A measure of leadership is how a unit performs when the leader isn't present.

Domestic Maneuvers [6.22]

Frank: Sir, I was wondering if you'd like to join us tonight for a home-cooked meal.
Michael: Oh, that's awfully nice of you
Frank: Denise and Claudia Joy have been talking and, well, her intell is that you're not much of a cook.
[Michael stares at Frank]
Frank: [laughs] That's your wife's words, sir!

Onwards [6.23]



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