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Armitage III

1995 cyberpunk original video animation series

Armitage III is a 1994 anime film series.

Some of the episodes of this series include:

  • Volume 1: Electro Blood (50 minutes)
  • Volume 2: Flesh & Stone (30 minutes)
  • Volume 3: Heart Core (30 minutes)
  • Volume 4: Bit of Love (30 minutes)

Please note that Armitage I & II was never made.


Vol.1: Electro BloodEdit

Armitage: If humans don't want me, why they create me?!

Vol.2: Flesh & StoneEdit

[The elevator stops suddenly.]
Armitage: What's wrong? Why did the elevator stop?
Ross: I don't know. (elevator moves fastest) It won't stop!

Vol.3: Heart CoreEdit

[Ross drives around]
Ross: Services here.
Worker: Where have you been, the lieutenant's pissed off.

[Julian suddenly fall down]]
Julian: Dammit, someone just discovered me.
Armitage: We are logging out, now! (pulls plug) Hey!
Julian: Okay, someone is in me! Please help me! (evil voice, laughing) Well, it isn't Naomi Armitage, you think you found trouble, you can't stop me from killing, my dear! (evades by Armitage) Shoot me, I don't mind. I dare you! (laughing)
Armitage: So you are not a man. Are you a Third Type?
Julian: You wouldn't find my name for the clubs for failures.
Armitage: What do you mean?
Julian: You make me wench! Pretending to be humans, you could be one thing! All Thirds should be annihilated! (laughing)
Armitage: I'll kill you! (shoots at the boards)
Julian: (falls down) Oohh.
Armitage: Julian, no!
Julian: That bastard is not that original.
Armitage: Oh, no! What's wrong?
Julian: Don't touch me! This thing might affect you, get back! (screaming) Armitage, good bye.
Armitage: Oh, no Julian! (screams)

Vol.4: Bit of LoveEdit

[Armitage forces Asakura to evacuate]
Armitage: This is the police order... Evacuate!
Asakura: You still a fireball aren't you, Naomi?
Armitage: Papa! (shocks) Ooh.

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