Aristotele Fioravanti

Italian architect (1415-1486)

Ridolfo "Aristotele" Fioravanti or Aristotile Fieravanti (c. C.E.1415 – 1486), Italian architect and engineer.

Letter from Aristotle Fioravanti to Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza of Milan

Quotes about Aristotle Fioravanti:

  • He was most likely responsible for the model of the Palazzo del Podestà ordered by the Regiment in C.E.1472, since it was necessary to repair the façade facing the main square which Burselli said was ruinous due to its antiquity. And the Municipality must have done well to entrust the study of the new works to [sic], then at the height of his fame, sought after and envied by the courts of Italy and abroad, traveling in those years between Rome and Naples (C.E.1471) and Bologna. It was better for no one than him to solve the problem of redoing the large portico and the Romanesque façade without completely demolishing either one or the other, but only covering them with new forms. (Guido Zucchini (historian))
  • Architect and engineer of the Municipality of Bologna, very skilled in regulating water and designing new hydraulic works, in straightening towers, in moving tenement buildings, a good machine maker, as Filarete called him[1], and well versed in measurements. (Guido Zucchini (historian))


  1. Antonio di Pietro Averlino, o Averulino, known as Filarete (circa C.E.1400 – 1469), Italian sculptor, architect and architectural theorist.



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