Ari Shavit

Israeli journalist

Ari Shavit (born November 26, 1957) is an Israeli reporter.

Ari Shavit 2014


  • If we go for the one state solution, we are endangering ourselves as Jews twice. Once, we are endangering the Jewish majority. There is a great democratic controversy. I don't want to get into it. Carolyn writes about it. Let me speak about where we know the numbers. Israel itself, sovereign Israel, right now we're already down to a 75% Jewish majority in Israel. In 2025, we're talking about 70%. If you were to add even one million, I think there are 3 million, but if you add one million Arabs, we will either stop being Jewish, or stopping democratic. If we do not give full rights to these Palestinians we will not be democratic. If we do, we would go down to levels of a Jewish majority that is fragile.

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