Archibald Lampman

Canadian poet

Archibald Lampman (November 17, 1861February 10, 1899) was a Canadian poet.

Lampman, 1889


  • Though fancy and the might of rhyme,
    That turneth like the tide,
    Have borne me many a musing time,
    Beloved, from thy side

    Ah yet, I pray thee, deem not Sweet,
    Those hours were given in vain;
    Within these covers to thy feet
    I bring them back again
    • Dedication to His Wife, Among the Millet and Other Poems (J. Duire & Son Ottawa 1888).

About LampmanEdit

  • He has been described as 'the Canadian Keats;' and he is perhaps the most outstanding exponent of the Canadian school of nature poets.
    • "Lampman, Archibald," Encyclopedia of Canada (Toronto: University Associates, 1948), III, p. 379.

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