Arachnophobia (film)

Dr. Ross JenningsEdit

  • The itsy-bitsy spider crawled up the water spout; down came the rain and washed the spider out.


[Flicks ant off of Manley's knee]

James: 24 hour ant.
Dick: They bite?
James: They kill, Mr. Manley. In sufficient numbers.

Ross: Respect is fine, but actually I've always wanted to be feared.

Delbert: Rock and roll!

Jerry: So how long will it take us to get back to camp?
James: What's the matter? You still worried about dinosaurs?

[noticing the dead spider Lloyd took out of the cereal box]

Milt: What could have killed it?
Ross: The shock of seeing Lloyd?

Molly: What's wrong.
Ross: Metcalf - he's having a seizure.
Molly: Thank God you didn't examine him this morning.

Delbert: Would anyone object if I tore this floor out?
Molly: I would.
Delbert: False alarm then. Lead on.

Molly: I'm sure you knew exactly what you were doing when you took Margaret off those pills.
Ross: Like I knew what I was doing when I chose this town... with the country doctor from hell!

Ross: What do you want to bet they're going to go chase fireflies?
Bunny: Want to blow up a bullfrog?
Shelley: Okay.

Delbert: Spiders would find your barn a tad breazy this time of year. In that respect, spiders are a bit like you and me. No, I frankly doubt there are any spiders in your barn.
Ross: Well, I frankly know there is, Delbert. I saw a web! There is a web in my barn!
Delbert: ...a web would indicate an arachnoid presence.

James: What's your specialty, Manley?
Jerry: Football.

Ross: [after killing a spider] Therapy.

James: [last lines as he baits the general spider by striking part of the web] Suppers, ready...come and get it [hears a screech and turns to late to see the general spider leaping onto his neck and screams as it sinks it's fangs into his neck]
Delbert: [later on discovers James hanging cocooned and covered in spiders with a startled shout] They got the professor!


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