April Fool's Day (1986 film)

1986 film by Fred Walton

April Fool's Day is a 1986 film about nine college students staying at a friend's remote island mansion who begin to fall victim to an unseen murderer over the April Fool's Day weekend.

Directed by Fred Walton. Written by Danilo Bach.
Guess who's going to be the life of the party!  (taglines)


  • [watching Kit and Rob through binoculars] Respectable young Quaker couple returning from a quiet afternoon of nonviolent sex.
  • Hey guy, your fly is open and your Hostess Twinkie is hanging out.


  • Muffy hasn't been in an institution for three years, she's been at Vassar!


Clara: Have a nice party.
Muffy: Nice? It's gotta be better than nice. It's gotta be bloody unforgettable.

Nikki: My name is Mary O'Reilly O'Toole O'Shea. Somewhere out there is the island my friend Muffy owns. It's spring break and she's invited us over there for the weekend and we're waiting for the ferry now to take us there, and... I don't know what else to say.
Chaz: Why don't you tell us something about yourself?
Nikki: Oh, all right, something about myself. Um, I wanna work with handicapped children, and my parents are my best friends. Oh, and I start convent school next semester... and I fuck on the first date. April Fool's!

Harvey: Y'know what I find amazin'? Muffy's her real name. I mean, my name's Harvey but they call me Hal, so I figure Muffy must stand for something... Muffin?
Nikki: Muff-child, Moffo, the Muffster, Muffin' stuff...
Harvey: Muff dive.

Chaz: Boy Muffy, you really know how to make a guy look forward to... dessert.
Arch: Please God, let it be Ding-Dongs!

Harvey: I know you think I'm a hick, but I'd like to change your mind about that if you'd give me a chance.
Nikki: Why?
Harvey: Because I would really like to plow your field.

Arch: You're telling me! When I was out there swinging in the woods, I nearly crapped my pants.
Ferryman: What do you mean "nearly"?
Chaz: Arch? You browned your trou?
Arch: Well, uh... you know, I was...
Constable Potter: It's all right, Arch, they'll be out of the dryer soon.


  • Guess who's going to be the life of the party!


  • April Fool’s Day was conceived as a parody of the genre from the very beginning, hence, April Fool’s Day instead of some other holiday. I only tried to make what I thought would be a scary movie; it just didn't happen to involve any gore or any onscreen violence. I have always believed that the anticipation of violence, the threat of violence, is usually much more frightening than the act of violence itself. You can rarely beat the audience’s imagination.


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