indifferent attitude to politics
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Apoliticism is apathy and/or antipathy towards all political affiliations.

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  • The biblical view is not just apolitical but antipolitical in the sense that it refuses to confer any value on political power, or in the sense that it regards political power as idolatrous.
    • Jacques Ellul, The Subversion of Christianity (1982), G. Bromiley, trans. (1986), p. 113
  • What is called politics is something so superficial and inhuman that, practically, I have never fairly recognized that it concerns me at all.
  • Whether or not our position fairly can be charged as “apolitical” depends entirely upon how one defines “political.” If “political” be taken in the narrow sense, as signifying those means and methods the world regularly accepts as normative for its doing of politics, then the position of me and mine clearly and is that of apoliticism. If, however, “political” be understood in the broad, etymological sense, as identifying whatever actions have public effect upon the life of the “city” (polis), then there are no grounds for accusing either “me” or any of “mine” of advocating apoliticism.
    • Vernard Eller, Christian Anarchy: Jesus’ Primacy Over the Powers (1987)

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