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Apetor also known as Tor Eckhoff (22 November 1964 – 27 November 2021) was a Norwegian YouTuber who was known mostly for his videos where he drank Vodka while performing stunts on Ice Skates, Climbing Mountains, and Swimming in Frozen waters. He died in 2021 after he fell through the ice of a lake west of Kongsberg, Norway, while recording a video. At the time of his death, he worked at a paint factory in Sandefjord run by the chemicals company Jotun. His most popular video was The First Snow 4, in 2017, attracting over 100 million viewers.

Quotes edit

  • Eeep, Eeep
    • Original Motto
  • Happy Winter Solstice!
    • Apetor, Dec 21, 2020
  • These layers are old sea bottom, once upon a time they were horizontal. Greetings from Apetor, geological expert!
  • These are Ice claws, never ever skate on Natural Ice without them. When the ice breaks, stay calm and pull them apart, turn around and push yourself up.
  • Yes. The Ice Swimming, the Diving from the Ice, it's very Cold.
  • It's 8°C and almost no wind, just like a chilly summer day.
  • They say Breakfast is important, I don't believe that; But i'm not going to take the risk and skip it.

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