Antoni Lange

Polish writer and philosopher

Antoni Lange (1861 or 186317 March 1928) was a Polish poet, writer and translator.

All our blasphemies are only little prayers.


  • I gave myself up to you, gracious goddess
    And I believe it will decorate your temples
    like a precious jewel.
    • Vita Nova
  • I was at god's order
    To looking for you in every woman's eye.
    • Vita Nova
  • We pray to the grave, nothingness and plague.
    • Vox Posthuma
  • Be — fight — feel the pain — and love the wounds!
    • Vox Posthuma
  • All our blasphemies are only little prayers.
    • Vox Posthuma
  • I loved life too much to lust for life.
    • Vox Posthuma
  • Dead is the travel of all our travels.
    • Thinkings
  • Dead is the cradle of everything.
    • "Thinkings"
  • How many times have I created to destroy?
    • Vita Nova
  • People souls — perennial loners. They're loners like stray stars.
    • Loneliness
  • There live Christ and Nero in our hearts.
    • Thinkings

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