Anthony Kiedis

American musician

Anthony Kiedis (born November 1, 1962) is the lead singer and lyricist of the Californian band Red Hot Chili Peppers.


  • I knew there was never anyone to blame when people get into drugs. They're always responsible for their own behavior, and it's not the dealer, and it's not the friend, it's not the childhood. (Scar Tissue, 2004).
  • When I do think, "Man a fucking motel room with a couple of thousand dollars' worth of narcotics would do me right," I just look over at my dog and remember that Buster's never seen me high. (Scar Tissue, 2004).
  • Changing and inventing new things is great. That's what we like to do. (Australia, 2002).
  • I never really had the intention of being a rock 'n' roller. It's just that all of my best friends were great musicians and they felt sorry for me so they had me. (Much Music 1991).
  • The existence of sexual energy is such an every-day part of life. It's such a natural aspect of life. That we end up relating to without any shame. (Much Music 1991).
  • There were times when all Hillel and I had was each other. We were fucked up and understood what it was to be living in an out-of-control fog. (Scar Tissue, 2004).
  • Music that I really love and believe in and think is extraordinarily honest and beautiful doesn't always become popular. (Oct, 1994 interview).
  • The fact that I was a junkie for a long time is only one slice of my own personal pie, which is made up of a lot of different slices.(Oct, 1994 interview).
  • You know I love pot, and I love beer, but I am totally sober, just because it completely stopped working for me. (Interview Magazine 2000).


  • All you slingers and fiends
    hide behind your rocks
    put down your guard
    I'm not here to box
    this is no showdown
    so throw down your gun
    you see it doesn't matter
    where you come from.
    • Fight Like a Brave.
  • I'm the bloodstain
    On your shirt sleeve
    Coming down and more are coming to believe
    Now we know it all for sure.
    • Don't Forget Me.
  • How long, How long?
    Will I slide?
    Separate my side?
    I don't believe it's bad
    Slit my throat it's all I ever had
    • Otherside.
  • Under the bridge downtown
    Is where I drew some blood
    Under the bridge downtown
    I could not get enough
    Under the bridge downtown
    Forgot about my love
    Under the bridge downtown
    I gave my life away
    • Under The Bridge.
  • Bob Marley poet and a prophet
    Bob Marley taught me how to off it
    Bob Marley walkin' like he talk it
    Goodness me
    Can't you see I'm gonna cough it.
    • Give it Away.
  • My tendency for dependency
    Is offending me
    It's upending me
    I'm pretending see
    To be strong and free
    • Warped.
  • First born unicorn
    Hardcore soft porn
    • Californication.
  • Desecration is the smile on my face.
    • Desecration Smile.

About Anthony Kiedis

  • Anthony's made a kind-of progress spiritually and inwardly, that you just don't see with rock-stars nowadays. He's gotten so much better as a singer, as a lyricist and as a human being.
    • John Frusciante.
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