Another You

1991 film by Maurice Phillips

Another You is a 1991 American comedy film about a former mental patient and pathological liar, just released from the hospital, and a con man who helps him against an unscrupulous business manager who wants him to impersonate a millionaire.

Directed by Maurice Phillips. Written by Ziggy Steinberg.
One is a professional. The other is pathological.taglines

Eddie Dash

  • [as the Tri-Star advertisement music begins playing, a stallion galloping onto the screen towards the Tri-Star logo] Easy boy, steady. [the stallion sprouts wings and leaps and flies over the Tri-Star logo] Wait? Whoa! Fuckin' wings? What's goin' on? [loud crashes, bangs, pots and pans hitting the floor than coming to a silence] Fuckin' white horse!


  • [last line (after credits)] Don't ever call my friend a "shithead" again, OK?


Wax Frankenstein: [stands still pretending to be statue, then moves and places a hand on George's chest] Hi, how ya doin'?
George: Waaahh! Ahhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhh!
[runs off, flailing his arms]
Eddie Dash: George? George! [backhands Frankenstein on the chest] Damn you! You see what you did to my friend? You big, green fuck!

Eddie Dash: [Eddie and George are in a duck blind, waiting for the ducks to fly overhead] Steady, steady, now!
George: [waving his arms] Fly away! Fly away! There are men with guns here! Fly away! Go back to your families.
Eddie Dash: Why'd you do that?
George: To keep a harmless creature from suffering a horrible fate, and to keep you from suffering a life of heartache and guilt!
Eddie Dash: They're just ducks!
George: They're not just ducks, they're creatures just like you and me!
Eddie Dash: They're not like you and me! They fly all over and they shit on people!


  • One is a professional. The other is pathological.
  • Meet two big liars.
  • One lies for fun. The other lies for money. Now that's teamwork.


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