Annie Lennox

Scottish singer-songwriter

Ann Lennox (born 25 December 1954) is a Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and philanthropist. After achieving moderate success in the late 1970s as part of the new wave band the Tourists, she and fellow musician Dave Stewart went on to achieve international success in the 1980s as Eurythmics.

Annie Lennox in 2010


Annie Lennox
  • Historically, the image of women in pop music has been so totally ornamental - sexual, but predictably so. It's hard to tell how far women's individuality has come in the past twenty years. Certainly, if you look at the pop charts as a measuring stick, you'd think it hasn't come far at all. But women do feel less like victims now than they did twenty years ago. At heart I'm a feminist, but I'm also a feminist for men. Men should be liberated from the roles that are foisted on them also.
  • We all fight over what the label 'feminism' means but for me it's about empowerment. It's not about being more powerful than men - it's about having equal rights with protection, support, justice. It's about very basic things. It's not a badge like a fashion item.

Song lyrics


Diva (1992)

  • I may be mad
    I may be blind
    I may be viciously unkind
    But I can still read what you're thinking.
    And I've heard it said too many times
    That you'd be better off
    Besides, why can't you see this boat is sinking?
  • And If you're trying to cut me down
    You know that I might bleed
    'Cause if you're trying to cut me down
    I know that you'll succeed
    And if you want to hurt me
    There's nothing left to fear
    'Cause if you want to hurt me
    You're doing really well my dear
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