Annie Idibia

Nigerian actress, model and presenter

Annie Macaulay–Idibia is a Nigerian, model, presenter and actress. She was nominated in the "Best Supporting Actress" category at the 2009 Best of Nollywood Awards. Prior to the start of her acting career, she competed at the "Queen of All Nations Beauty Pageant" where she placed runner-up and she also went on feature in a cameo appearance on the music video of 2face Idibia's "African Queen" song. Her Nollywood career came to limelight for her role in the movies titled Pleasure and Crime and Blackberry Babes.


  • "The last 10 weeks have been the worst of my entire life. Yes the worst since I was born. I have gone from being so angry to being so broken and back to anger. And then Sadly which I am ashamed to admit suicide."
    • [1]Annie talks about family and relationships in an interview.
  • As an individual, your own speech, your own choices matter, and can make a difference.
    • [2] Annie Idibia responding to questions in an interview.
  • In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experience that shaped you.
  • Even my mistake will speak grace for me. Soon.
    • [4] quote on her mistake.
  • Growing up with only my mother really affected my life and I suffered and I do not ever want my children to face the agony of not having both parents together because it was so hard for us. Even right now, the way the world is, children are more enlightened than we were in our days, so the pressure would be harder on the kids from broken homes right now. I do not want my children to ever experience that.
    • [5] Annie speaks on her career and marriage in an interview.
  • I want to believe that I have successfully been able to identify and differentiate my brand as Annie Idibia the actress/career woman and Annie Idibia the wife/mother. I prefer being addressed as Annie and not Tubaba’s wife. I hate this because I am my own person and have worked hard to build my career and brand. I should be identified and respected on that basis.
    • [6] Annie Idibia talks on being called Tubaba's wife.

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