Annie (2014 film)

2014 film directed by Will Gluck

Annie is a 2014 American musical comedy-drama film directed by Will Gluck and produced by Village Roadshow Pictures and Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment for Sony Pictures' Columbia Pictures.

Mr. Stacks

  • That everything means nothing. You're fired.


Stacks: Why are you running?
Annie: It gets me to places quicker.
Girl #1: Good luck, Annie.
Annie: Luck's for suckers.

[After Annie leaves with her fake parents, Stacks looks down]
Grace: Will? I hate seeing you like this.
Stacks: Grace, I'm fine. Let's just…
[Nash arrives with the foster girls, Hannigan and Lou]
Nash: Mr. Stacks, I think you're gonna want to hear this.
Tessie: Annie is in trouble.
Stacks: What?!
Hannigan: Those weren't her real parents.
Grace: What?! What's happening?
Guy: Ignore her, because she's clearly insane.
Lou: Watch your mouth, chango.
Hannigan: Look, I did something terrible, and I'm really sorry.
Stacks: What do you mean those aren't her real parents?
Hannigan: He had them take her somewhere.
[As Hannigan points at Guy, Guy himself looks over his shoulder as if saying, "Who did?", as Stacks and Grace gape at him]
Hannigan: I can't believe I danced with you!
Lou: You danced with him?
Hannigan: Yeah, I was desperate. He was a little handsy.
[Stacks and Grace glare at Guy]
Stacks: Where's Annie?
Grace: What have you done?
Stacks: Where's Annie?

[Stacks, Grace, Hannigan, Nash, Lou and the foster girls are in the helicopter, following the car where Annie's fake parents have abducted Annie and Sandy. A police car is in pursuit]
Annie's Fake Father: Huh? [spots the police car on the back view mirror] It's the cops. [swerves into the other lane]
[The police car and the helicopter are still in pursuit. Annie looks over her shoulder at the police car. The helicopter flies above the car. Furrowing her brow, Annie's fake mother spots it]
Annie's Fake Mother: Oh, no! It's Stacks. Why is he following us? [her partner shakes his head as if to say, "I have no idea."]
[The police car and helicopter are still chasing the actors' car. Another police car joins in. As Annie's fake parents look over their shoulders, a third police car stops in front of them]
Annie's Fake Mother: Whoa! Watch out!
Annie's Fake Father: [swerves away] Whoa! Hey, watch it!
[The car crashes through a gate]
Stacks: Annie!
Hannigan: [weakly] Annie. [retches]
[The helicopter and the three police cars continue to chase Annie's fake parents on a narrow pier]
Stacks: Gil, let's land this.
Lou: Cut 'em off.
[The helicopter turns around]
Hannigan: I really hope we find Annie soon.
[The helicopter lands on the ground, cutting Annie's fake parents off]
Annie's Fake Mother: No!
[The vehicles stop, and everyone gets out of each of them. Annie steps out of the car, and rushes away. Stacks goes after her. Annie's fake parents run away in the other direction]
Stacks: Annie! Get them!
Police Officer: N.Y.P.D., hold it! Freeze!
[Annie's fake father looks over his shoulder as Nash tackles him. Annie's fake mother gapes]



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