Anne Simpson

Canadian poet

Anne Simpson (born 1956) is a Canadian poet, novelist, artist and essayist. She was a recipient of the Griffin Poetry Prize.


  • I became a writer when I began to take it seriously.
    • Interview comment - Geosi Reads Feb 17 2015

Loop Annual Interview (February 2010)

  • I find playing with form allows me to play with ideas.
  • I can look at the world aslant by using an unusual form and thus take hold of an idea in a unique way.
  • The forms often loop back on themselves... circling around on an idea in order to examine it more fully.

Susan Olding Interview (February 23, 2010)

  • I find a way to ground myself, literally by using the ground of places near where I live.
  • I do this in my long poems. I have to move between one thing and another and this oscillation is the way I find out what I'm trying to say
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