Anne Lynch Botta

writer, poet, socialite (1815-1891)

Anne Lynch Botta (November 11, 1815March 23, 1891) was an American poet, born in Bennington, Vermont.

Anne Lynch Botta

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  • The planted seed consigned to common earth,
    Disdains to moulder with the baser clay;
    But rises up to meet the light of day,
    Spreads all its leaves, and flowers, and tendrils forth;
    And, bathed and ripened in the genial ray,
    Pours out its perfume on the wandering gales,
    Till in that fragrant breath its life exhales.
    • Aspiration
  • Blindfold I walk this life's bewildering maze;
    Up flinty steep, through frozen mountain pass,
    Through thornset barren and through deep morass:
    But strong in faith I tread the uneven ways,
    And bare my head unshrinking to the blast,
    Because my Father's arm is round me cast;
    And if the way seems rough, I only clasp
    The hand that leads me with a firmer grasp.
    • Faith

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