Anne Kansiime

Ugandan actress and comedian

Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne (born 13 April 1986) and popularly known as Anne Kansiime, is an Ugandan entertainer, comedian, and actress. She has been referred to as "Africa's Queen of Comedy" by some African media outlets.

Quotes edit

  • The experience of having my first child has shown me to wait on God. I do not know what I want, I don't know when I will get what I want. I just pray for grace and good health.
  • It is easy to make people laugh if you do not make them sit and scratch about the things that you are talking about because social problems apply to everyone
  • Whatever profession it is you are in, you know that you want to get back home and deal with the society within your reach so if you want to touch so many people you have to look for a subject that touches everyone.

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