Animal Control (TV series)

American sitcom

Animal Control (2023–present) is an American sitcom, airing on Fox, about a group of animal control workers in Seattle beginning to see their lives complicated by humans and not so much by animals.

Don't do it. You'll bleed to death.

Season 1


Weasels and Ostriches [1.01]

Fred: Knock it off. This is not fun for me. This is not fun. Can I help you, Frank?
Frank: They must smell something on your clothes. What kind of detergent do you use?

Rabbits and Pythons [1.02]

Frank: They look pretty chill to me.

Cougars and Kangaroos [1.03]

Fred: The next 3 weeks that Frank spent for 2 days.

Emily: Hey, stop that, Frank.

Dogs and Bears and Minks [1.04]

Frank: I'm not gonna sit here and listen to a play-by-play of your escapades, alright? You're gonna have to find somebody else for that.

Emily: Hey, everyone. We just got a 911 call on a bear. Get this, in a hot tub.

Cows and Raccoons [1.05]

Frank: So the intentions are getting done now. Did she just lock us in here?

Fred: Yes, they do. But right now we're trying to de-escalate so when you're done being right, the crane will be outside, ready and waiting.

Skunks and Llamas [1.06]

Frank: Dammit!

Frank: Amen. I'll see you at work.

Peacocks and Pumas [1.07]

Frank: Alright. Well, if you are going to stay then we all need to be mellow and chill.
Emily: Okay. How chill?

Hellhounds and Sturgeons [1.08]

Emily: Are you kidding me? PDA in the parking lot.

Frank: I hope there's another one of those.

Dogs and Geese [1.09]

Victoria: Hey. How was your big date night with Maya?

Frank: This is the best dog in the house. Toby and I actually started here the same week.

Pigs and Minks [1.10]

Emily: Don't do it!

Frank: Yeah. If you don't know what a mammal is by fifth grade I'm gonna take you down.

Birds and Foxes [1.11]

Shred: Bye-bye.

Dispatch: Truck 12. We have a report of a fox at Xavier Skate Park at 3245 Olive Street. Truck 12 responding.

Unicorns and Mountain Lions [1.12]

Emily: Okay. This little girl sent me a letter asking for a unicorn license. This is like exactly what I would have done when I was little.

Frank: We're making an actual unicorn license for Sophie and then I'm gonna take it to her house and present it to her.

Season 2


Raccoons and Mutts [2.01]

Frank: It's mating season, Shred.
Shred: Birds do it mid-air, frogs attached to other frogs, a lot of dumpster humping. Love is in the air.

Cats and Monkeys [2.02]

Emily: Congratulations. How many did Templeton's broke ass precinct have?
Frank: As of morning, 75.

Tortoises and Labradors [2.03]

Shred: Our shift ends in 5 minutes. I think I'm gonna order Pad Thai for dinner.
Frank: Don't do it. You'll jinx us. You order food, we'll get another call. You're young and proud and think that you can thwart fate, right?

Big Dogs and Mini Horses [2.04]

Dispatch: RSVP's to the Patel/Shred Escrow Closing Party keep rollin' in.

Emily: So, if I can talk to Monster, he can tell me where he got his dragon. And by the way, never trust Google Translate.

Dogs and Chickens [2.05]

Emily: Why is the chicken out?!

Shred: Wait. Are we still gonna be able to puzzle at lunch?

Bunnies and Veggies [2.06]

Shred: You got it!

Emily: Hold on, this says that my secret admirer is finally ready to reveal themselves tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.

Skunks and Swans [2.07]

Shred: So you wanna go global.
Frank: You wanna talk about qualities.

Emily: This sandwich is incredible.

Bulls and Potbellies [2.08]

Frank: Hi.

Emily: Don't touch the bulls!

Beagles and Lemurs [2.09]

Emily: Okay, Shred.

Frank: Lemurs live in Madagascar.

Season 3


TBA and TBA [3.01]


TBA and TBA [3.02]



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