ngelina Acheng Atyam (born 1946) is a Ugandan human rights activist and midwife. Atyam founded the Concerned Parents Association to advocate for the release of the captive children, and acted as the organization's spokesperson.

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  • As a mother, it is not easy to wait for a missing child to return -- it is very hard.
  • You cannot put out a fire with petrol.
  • Unless the parents practiced forgiveness and sought a peaceful solution to the conflict, they would destroy what they most wanted back.
  • Bullets have no eyes. In the field, bullets would not know if a child was abducted or volunteered for the rebel army. War would destroy all these children.
  • We prefer to cling to bitterness, but bitterness is corrosive. Like a container filled with salt, it will destroy everything because the Lord cannot forgive us if we cannot forgive others. Life is wonderful if we let God heal us.

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