Angela Anaconda

Angela Anaconda (1999-2001) is a cutout animation television series that aired on the Fox Family Channel.



Cabin FeverEdit

Gen: Not so fast smarty pants!
Angela: (huh)
Gen: I'm sorry Angela but I'm afraid you're grounded for the weekend.
Angela: Huh? For what?
Gen: For not telling the truth .
Angela: Grounded for the whole entire weekend completly?
Gen: Yep. Including Sunday.
Angela: And what about Monday?
Gen: It's back to school for you.
Angela: Yes. Thank you, thank you. It'll be goodbye boredom and hello eraser duty.

Camp AnacondaEdit

Unknown: Ireland is a place where little people with big pots of gold are!!!!!

French ConnectionEdit

Angela: Any questions?
Cici: Yes! What is that?
Angela: That is a spitball. Le ball de spit.

Goodbye Mrs. BrinksEdit

Angela: Johnny Abatti, what are your five most favorite things that you love to do in school?
Johnny: Well, sometimes when I'm taking a bath, I--
Angela: I said, "in school."
Johnny: Oh. Then I'd say shooting spitballs, sticking gum under the desks, snorkeling milk, little nosepicking, and I throw food, whenever I get the chance.
Angela: Perfect. Now all we have to do tomorrow is not do any of those things.
Johnny: What are we supposed to do all day?
Angela: Concentrate on getting Mrs. Brinks that job. Tomorrow we have got to prove how good we are and what a wonderful teacher Mrs. Brinks is, so she can go be a wonderful teacher someplace else.

Gordy: It wasn't me, Mrs. Brinks. Just look at the fault on those airplanes. Mine would've been much crisper.
Dr. Fanny: Look no further than Bruiser, Cheeky, and Grunt! The evidence is right on their desks.
Mrs. Brinks: It couldn't be! They must have been making geometrical shapes since studying aero-dynamics for the math lesson.
Gordy: The fault. The fault!
Angela: Oh, no. Mrs. Brinks is so confused, on account of us acting good, and Nanette acting bad, it is making her act terrible.

Angela: Pardon me, please, Dr. Fanny. But you have to give Mrs. Brinks the job. Things are all mixed up today. Normally, :we are the bad ones, and Nanette-- I mean Bruiser is good. Everything good we did today, we learned from Nanette, who learned from Mrs. Brinks's w-- W-- (slap) Wonderful teaching.
Dr. Fanny: Mrs. Brinks, the thought that this you're most charmed and fine student would pretend to actually be ill-mannered for her teacher's sake, I must say is terribly rude.
Nanette: But she's not pretending, she--
Dr. Fanny: Not another charmless from you, you riff raff! Riff raff? Mrs. Brinks, I'm afraid I've been terribly unfair. One of the first principals of charm is keeping one's promise. And I promised to judge you on your finest student. And not on the riff raff: Bruisers Cheekies, and Grunts. There it is. The Angelic smile of a well-taught student. I'd be thrilled if you could cultivate that smile on the students of my school, Mrs. Brinks. Use that contract. We would be honored to have you.
Angela: Dr. Danny Fanny said it. Today has been a most enlightning day. We learned that Mrs. Brinks and I had the exact same most cherrished dream, that she leaves.
Mrs. Brinks: (screams)
All: Yay!
Angela: So now I am in charge. And lucky for me and everyone I'm in charge of, I found us a teacher who has an excellent curriculam. Professor Abatti will teach us everything we need to know about...
Johnny: Shooting spitballs, sticking gum under desks, snorkeling milk, a little nose picking, and of course, throwing food.
Nanette: Help me! Help me! Oh, Angela, the precious, it was so perfectly good you made Mrs. Brinks leave forever and never come back!
Angela: You will cry.
Nanette: Find me a teacher with better taste.
Angela: Your wish is my command, Ninnypoo. Our new teacher, Mr. Tasty Twirl.
Gina: (panting) NOOOOOOOO!
Angela: And the first subject he will teach is "Ice Cream 1-0-1. Our homework will be delicious.
Nanette: Eeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!
Angela: What now, Ice Cream Ninday? You don't like Mr. Tasty Twirl either? They will get a new teacher.
Nanette: Aaaah!
Angela: Astronaut Bob. And he will take us on a fabulous field trip to mars. Aaah! We've been spotted by the enemy! Quick, Professor Astronaut Bob, Hyperspace! But first I guess we'll have to dump out the access garbage, not much of awaist, if you ask me. (laughs)

Gordy FloatsEdit

Angela: Ninny can't win. On account of this truly capture, "Spring Into Spring Into Love." It looks a little cluttered. Maybe we should take off the flowers.
Gordy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can't take this anymore! "Spring Equals Love" is about love, not about being competitive in beating Nanette. Now, look at this, and tell me, where is the love?
Angela: Where are you going?
Gordy: You guys can have this abomination. Entering the parade, trotting the river... I don't care! I'm out!

I Wanna Mould Your BandEdit

(using his Mr. Ducksworthy sock puppet)
Jonny Abatti: And now watch as I eat a cracker while Jonny-boy continues to talk. (Inserts a cracker into Mr. Ducksworthy's mouth and makes it look like it's eating) I am talking while he's eating a cracker. (Laughs) A cracker.

Nannette: (singing) "Zut alors!" is the French word for, "being gauche is such a bore!" (It actually means, "Darn!")

The Bird Lady Of Tapwater SpringsEdit

Angela: Hey! A bird just flew into our window!
Josephine: I prayed it's all right.
(angela gasps)
Mrs. Brinks: IN YOUR SEATS! Detention is not over until the late bell rings!
(bell rings)
Angela: (laughs)
Mrs. Brinks: Class dismissed.

Mrs. Brinks: ANGELA ANACONDA! YO-YOING IN CLASS?! What in God's name has gotten into you??! You want to clap erasers immediately!
Angela: Okay.
Gordy: (humming)
Mrs. Brinks: What's this?! Using Gordy Reinhardt as you're personal lacky?!

Eating With the Enemy
Angela: But we can't keep it down, Nanette Manoir. On account of we are celebrating. In case you don't know, my dad's invention won first prize of $20 in the Annual Tapwater Springs in All Inventor's contest
Good Seats
Angela: Angela Anaconda digivolve too..! Angelamon!

 Eating With the Enemy
Bunny Manoir: My little magnolia blossom!

 Model  Behavior
(About Gen Anaconda's marble statue of Nannette)
Bunny Manoir: It simply won't do! It's beautiful, of course. It's our Nannette! But, it really should be bigger. It will look ridiculous in our capacious foyer, which is French for "vestibule."

Good Seats 
Gina Lash: Refils are free, right?

Gordy Rhinehart: Boisenberry pancakes, cinnamon buns! Let's hope Angela hits a home run! Goooooo Angela!

  Eating With the Enemy
Howell Manoir: There won't be a next time, Anaconda. There won't be any deal. I'm A Busy Man! Come on. We're going.

 The  Bird-Lady of Tapwater Springs
January: I'll give you a facial if you give me eternal fashion sense.
Karlene: I'll give you a facial EVEN MORE!

  The  Bird-Lady of Tapwater Springs  
Jimmy Jamal: I just heard from Johnny Abatti how you raised that bird from the dead and was wondering if you could heal my pet iguana. He seems depressed.

Mrs. Brinks: We don't have all day, Angela Anaconda!


  • Sue Rose
  • Richard Binsley
  • Kevin Duhaney
  • Edward Glen
  • Jonathan Malen
  • Bryn McAuley
  • Ali Mukaddam
  • Ruby Smith-Merovitz
  • Robert Tinkler

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