Andrew H. Van de Ven

American business theorist

Andrew H. Van de Ven (born 30. October 1945) is an American organization scholar, and Vernon H. Heath Professor of Organizational Innovation and Change in the Carlson School of Management of the University of Minnesota.

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  • Contingency theories dominate scholarly studies of organization behavior, design, performance, planning and management strategy. While they vary widely in subject matter, they have the common proposition that an organizational outcome is the consequency of a "fit" or match between two or more factors. "Fit" is the key concept in this proposition, and the core problem common to contingency theories is not defining this term clearly. This paper examines three ways to define and test this concept of fit: Selection, Interaction, and Systems approaches. A critical discussion of these three approaches will clarify much of the current confusion in the literature on contingency theories, and suggest ways that future theorizing and research can become more systematic and constructive.
  • Fit is a feasible set of equally effective internally consistent patterns of organizational context and structure.
    • Robert Drazin, and Andrew H. Van de Ven. "Alternative forms of fit in contingency theory." Administrative science quarterly (1985): 514-539.

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