Andrei Zhdanov

Soviet politician (1896-1948)

Andrei Alexandrovich Zhdanov (26 February [O.S. 14 February] 189631 August 1948) was a Soviet politician.

Andrei Zhdanov


  • The new electoral system gives us a powerful tool to improve the work of the entire Soviet system, in order to eliminate bureaucratic phenomena, shortcomings and deformations in Soviet organizations. And these shortcomings are, as you know, very real. Our Party organizations must be prepared for the election campaign. In the elections, they must deal with hostile propaganda and hostile candidates.
    • Zhdanov in 1937. Translated from Swedish in the article Om socialismens demokratiska erfarenheter [1] by Anders Carlsson.
  • The only conflict that is possible in Soviet culture is the conflict between good and best.
    • Quoted in Aly Monroe, "Black Bear"

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