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Andre Beteille

Indian sociologist

Andre Beteille (born September 30, 1934) is an Indian sociologist.


  • The practice of untouchability is indeed reprehensible and must be condemned by one and all; but that does not mean that we should now begin to regard it as a form of racial discrimination. The Scheduled Castes of India taken together are no more a race than are the Brahmins taken together. Every social group cannot be regarded as a race simply because we want to protect it against prejudice and discrimination.

The wisest man in India (2005)Edit

Andre Beteille (2005) in "The wisest man in India" By Ramachandra Guha at The Hindu (at December 4, 2005. /mag/2005/12/04

  • The Indian intelligentsia has somewhat mixed attitudes towards the Indian village. While educated Indians are inclined to think or at least speak well of the village, they do not show much inclination for the company of villagers.
  • In the past, Indian society was unique in the extremes of which it carried the principle and practice of inequality; today Indian intellectuals appear unique in their zeal for promoting the adoption of equality in every sphere of society.
  • The vitality of a religion depends on a continuous critique of it by its own reflective members.
  • A civilisation that cannot accommodate a variety of traditions, seeking to maintain a jealous hold on only one single tradition, can hardly be called a civilisation.

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