András Petőcz

Hungarian writer
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András Petőcz (born 27 August 1959 in Budapest) is a Hungarian writer and poet.

Petocz Andras in 2008

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Poems edit

  • She twirls herself, turns round, twirls once more,
    posing, smiling, laughing, beckoning airily,
    drifts off, only to turn back beckoning, offering,
    repulsing, coolly firm, and then turns away,
    so that you think, well, it’s hopeless, when she glances back
    lightly, sidelong, her eyes opening, pupils wide,
    and wider yet, and she’s laughing at you, at you alone,
    laughing gaily, and you freeze, astonished,
    your throat constricting, as she hovers lovely
    and out of reach, out of reach and lovely,
    smiling at you, her head inclined aside,
    her hair brushing one cheek, there she is and yet not,
    unbelievable and simply gorgeous, and your heart tightens
    as she stands there so lovely, and out of reach.
  • And be desired, she said while holding me in her arms:
    because happy are the desired, each and all, she said with eyes
    closed, in a desperate embrace. And our bodies cuddled up
    to each other. Happy are those who want to love, she said,
    today happy are the desired ones. I want you, she said,
    want your movements, because they all are good for me,
    want your caresses, because they all are good for me.
    Give you my untouched young body, because I’m yearning
    now for your embrace. I give you my vulnerable young body,
    because I am yearning --- even for pain. Desired you are,
    and I desire your desire, and do with me whatever you want
    to do, she said, for happy are the desired ones, each and all,
    and what I want to be is: desired-for-ever.

Prose edit

  • I got out of the bathroom of course. I locked the front door and pushed the big wardrobe up against the bathroom door. I thought it'd be good to be careful. A little too late, maybe.
    I'm not leaving my apartment. I'm not gonna give it away. No. There's no reason I should.
    The noise from the bathroom was the shattering of my porcelain toilet bowl.
    They're in the bathroom. A lot. There's a lot of them. A bunch of sniffling snouts. A bunch of rats.
    They're already chewing the wardrobe. I'm standing in my room, listening to their swarming.
    Thousands of rats, in my apartment. All of them gnawing. I wait. Wait for them to get in. They'll be in here soon. It won't be long.
    They're coming. Rats. My rats.
    I'm waiting. What else can I do?

Interview edit

  • It is my belief that everyone is a stranger as an individual and since everyone is a stranger, that is precisely the reason we cannot question someone else’s strangeness or otherness. It is that simple. We ourselves are strangers. Often even to ourselves... And while people have some kind of desperate desire to belong somewhere, as I see it, many people also have a perpetual desire to be outsiders.

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