Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Russian/Irish novelist, poet, literary translator and magazine editor

Anatoly Kudryavitsky (born 17 August 1954) is a Russian/Irish poet, novelist, translator. He writes mainly in English and Russian.

Anatoly Kudryavitsky in 1990

Poems edit

Shadow of Time (2005) edit

  • When you kill wolves
    people die.

  • What shall we do
    after we learn what we'll do:
    that is the question.

  • Europe is shrinking, but America
    is broadening.

  • The bigger the house,
    the smaller the occupants.

  • Polluters of void.

  • "Women don't survive here,"
    a woman of eighty said.

  • ...nothing else left but
    to watch eternity
    breaking up
    into human splinters.

  • The century has started with
    the crime of the century.

  • Leviathan learning to overcome time

  • The knack of living —
    how skilfully it kills!

  • ...letters of a burning book
    dance in flame not every time
    and not every time literally.

  • Once a century
    the world is divided
    into before and after.

  • 'Sorry, we gave you
    a wrong life,' they said
    not too apologetically.
    'Will you begin anew?'

  • Caliban fights the Taliban

Morning at Mount Ring (2007) edit

summer night —
blossoming in the pond,
water-lilies and stars
a leaflet about
behaviour on the streets —
the wind feels it all over
autumn wind...
I yearn for the place
from where it blows
bamboo stems —
their memories
of the sun
icy beach
a child treads upon
broken bits of seashells
murmuring surge
mussel shells
slightly open
hazel catkins
in the mizzling rain...
a long, long dream
autumn storm
a cormorant sits
on the throne of winds
river mist
barges transport coal
in both directions
autumn dusk
a cat rubs its shadow
against fishermen's legs

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