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Anastacia (born Anastacia Lyn Newkirk on September 17 1968) is a multi-platinum American singer-songwriter, stilist and philanthropist. Anastacia has highly successful in Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Asia and South Africa but has not had as much success in her native United States. Despite the lack of American success, she has sold over 50 million records worldwide.

Anastacia in 2009

General Quotes

  • I wear glasses because I need them; I don't wear them to be the fashion victim, I have to have them because I have a stigma in one eye and I'm blind in another. But I make it fun, I make it acceptable to fit in society; I've always worn crazy, goofy glasses, it's just what I do. This is who I am. Love me or leave me.
  • I don't fear death. But I don't like being dangled out there like a piece of meat on a fishing rod to it either. If I'm going to die, take me out now. Don't let me suffer. That's not exactly the way I wanted to go. I don't want to be in limbo, I don't want to know that I might die. The mights don't work with me. I'm too literal.
  • I'm a singer who touches millions of people and my words and my knowledge of what I'm learning from cancer can help millions. And if I can help millions, even if I help one person, that's one person more than none.
  • At the end of the day I'm maybe clean of cancer right now, but that doesn't mean it won't come back at 100%. So I'm not leaving here going: "Oh my God my life is over, cuz I don't know..." I'm sitting here, I'm happy I'm at Rove, I'm happy I'm in Australia, I'm pleased I finished an album, I'm just grateful. If it comes back I will kick it in the butt as much as I could. But it's not about winning, it's just about fighting, and that's all you got to on this earth. It's just fight for what your right is, and that's to live. (from an interview at The Rove Live, Australia, 2004)
  • I don't have a deep desire to know my father. My brother and sister and I got forgotten about by him, and we haven't spoken to him in a ridiculous amount of years. He never contacted us after he and my mother broke up. [...] I never felt rejected as a kid. We had a fulfilling life with my mum. She was so strong.
  • All I can say is we are not promised tomorrow, I know that, you know that. So we gonna make every moment last and just blessed it and appreciate it. (form her speech at Rock in Rio, 2006)
  • When I'm asked where I want to be in five or 10 years time, I say I just want to be alive and healthy.
  • I had to perform in Béziers, In France, in a huge arena where they normally hold bullfights. There where a bunch of important people there, I was not that famous yet, so alot was riding on this performance, but the vibe was amazing. So a few songs into the set I yelled very enthusiastically ‘J’adore Béziers” Unfortunatly my French speech is not perfect so it sounded as J'adore baiser! The public did not respond, so I thought, with the wind they probably did not understand it clearly, so alot louder I yelled J'ADORE BAISER!!!! And then a deadly silence. Afterwords someone asked me, ‘doe joe know vot you ave just told all of France?’ Sure, I told’em I love’em….euh not I was dying! But the boss from the French record label said, don’t worry about it, they thought u where amazing, we will sell alot of records here.
  • (About Prince) I recently met him, he's a Jehovah's witness, right? The first thing i said to him was "omigaaawdifuckinloveyourmusic". He looked at me with that look of his and said very softly 'uh, you have to pray that you can ban swearing out of your live, otherwise you can never please the lord" Me : I'll fuckin' try!, followed with 'did i fuckin' curse?' in which he responded "yeah, you fuckin' did".(laughs) Okay that last part I made up, but he was very serious about it. So i thought, my god, this is the guy from "Head" and from "Darling Nikki" who is mastrubating in the lobby from a hotel. In his studio he even has a curseing jar, everybody that swear has to put a $50 into it. I was speechless, and let me tell you, that does not happen to me alot. But, he is and stays a genius.
  • One time I woke up on the day of a concert with a stiff neck, and not just a regular stiff neck, I was standing croocked, like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I got some shots then, which did not work. They could have easily put the stage croocked that day so it at least would have looked like I was walking normally. I did perform that night, but I remember nothing from it, was so high from the shots. Later I heared from my manager that I was doin never ending talks between songs. The guy’s at the mix table where trying via the monitor to get me to start singing the next song, but I just kept talking ‘wait wait wait, just one more fun thing I want to say…” I was the stand up comic from hell.
  • I was walking tru Amsterdam when I heared I’m Outta Love blasting out of an open window. In that moment I rang their doorbell and when those people opened the door I said ‘Roomservice!’ Never I saw people dropping their jaws that much (laughs) I saw their eyes goin from me to their tv that had mtv on, back to me and back to the tv again, you saw they where thinking, how can this woman be in both places in the same time? But once they got over that shock they did not wanna let me go anymore, ‘come in, there is plenty to drink, there is plenty of everything (winks), what do you wanna eat, are u staying over…?’ Sweet people, real cute, only later I realized, oh my god, what if they were just making love to my music, they would have opend the door naked!
  • You don't have to be blond or blue eyes or taller or smaller...just have to be who you need to be, and that's help people become who they are.
  • Sometimes I wonder if my purpose on this earth is to be a role model. Look at my challenges as a gift, and my voice as tool.
  • (About Elton John) He's my fairy Godfather; literally that's what I call him. [...] Hopefully while I'm in town there'll be a moment I can share my new boobs with him. I have to show him, because he gets to see. Not that he's really caring, but I flashed him my other ones so he has to see these ones too. He has to see the new set.
  • I'm just as fragile and broken as anyone else at times. We all have to get through our stuff as best we can. Some of us have strong armour, some of us don't. Sometimes my armour has been very strong and sometimes it's been very fragile.
  • I think there will always be challenges for women and men. There are always going to be male chauvenists but it's just a matter of women continuing to stand up for their rights and prove their worth. The world would end if women didn't start families, carry children, but that is no reason for them not to work, have careers, exist as a person rather than just a mother.
  • I felt very awkward as a teenager. I wanted blue eyes, I wanted to be taller, I wore glasses, I got my chest early and I was very embarrassed about it. I just wasn’t the kind of girl I thought guys would want to date. Though in some ways I was okay with that because I didn’t want to date any boys anyway. I just wanted to be friends with boys, boys were cool with me. Until we were doing a show in school where we all had to wear these catsuits for a dance routine. I walked into the room, all boobs and bum, and the boys never looked at me the same way again. I was mortified. That’s probably when I started wearing my stepfather’s shirts, big and baggy, to cover up. I just wanted to stay a kid.

Song Lyrics

  • There is no rose without a thorn
    No rain without the storm
    There is no laughter without tears
    No wisdom without years
    In a world gone crazy
    Torn between the roads that we must choose
    Win or lose.
    • Who's Gonna Stop the Rain
  • Each day another boy and girl sets foot into this world
    One reaches out to touch the sky
    One never learns to fly.
    • Who's Gonna Stop the Rain
  • How many rivers must we cross before we learn that the flood is rising high
    And the bridges all have burned
    Each time another dream is washed into the sea
    It's another piece of you
    It's another piece of me.
    • Who's Gonna Stop the Rain
  • If every soul should lose its way
    If every face should lose its name
    If no one tries to end this game
    Or find a way to ease the pain
    Who's gonna stop the rain?
    • Who's Gonna Stop the Rain
  • Yo trippin'
    There ain't nothing wrong with the way I sing my song
    Yo trippin'
    Why you feel that to be cruel is to be real.
    • Yo Trippin'
  • I'm a freak of nature
    Freaky, geeky, lucky and weekly, sassefras, so, honey drink me finger licking.
    • Freak of Nature
  • You can say what you want about me
    Try to do what you want to me
    But you can not stop me.
  • Now I'm still trusted every day
    People try to mess with Anastacia
    Gotta nothing in common cause I handle mine.
  • Nothing's fair when we lose without a moment to say goodbye.
    • How Come the World Won't Stop
  • Cradle the weight of your life
    You can survive what lies before you.
    • Seasons Change
  • Time keeps running away no matter what's left behind, it keeps on moving
    Tomorrow is not today and all of your yesterdays are only a matter of time.
    • Time
  • I've had my share of pleasure and I've tasted pain
    I never thought that I would touch an angel's wing
    There's a journey in my eyes
    It's getting hard for me to hide
    Like the ocean at the sunrise.
  • Who wants a love without anger and rage? I Do
    Who wants a world where a kid can be safe? I Do
    Who wants to pray for the end of the pain?
    For the calm at the end of the day?
    Where there's not always more of the same? I Do.
    • I Do
  • Wanna live in a place where the truth still finds a way to rise and advise.
    • I Do
  • Sometimes the things you want are hard to take
    Sometimes the ones you love are risks that you don't make.
    • Rearview
  • Freedom lies beneath reality.
    • Maybe Today
  • The love that lonely people crave
    Follows them into their grave
    Oh…we should never leave them lonely.
    • "Maybe Today"
  • The faded photographs
    The frames of broken glass
    The shattered memories
    Time will soon erase all these souvenirs
    Falls from a thousand tears
    But when I wake up you are never there.
  • You can tear me apart
    You can rip me to pieces
    Try breaking me down
    But I'll never be beated
    You can say that you won
    But I'll never believe it cos
    I can't be defeated.
  • Silence is a deadly poison when you have no words.
    • All Fall Down
  • Pieces of a dream unfolding what happened to the fairy tale
    Words of love are never spoken
    Things in life aren't always fair
    I'll protect you and I'll guide you and I'll give you all the love that is mine
    Just know in time
    You'll be fine.
    • You'll Be Fine
  • Show me some hope
    Show me some light
    Cause I got nothing left in me tonight
    If I don’t go
    If I say no
    Is it the end?
    • Lifeline
  • If there's no redemption
    I'll see you in hell.
    • Lifeline
  • Now I know what love is worth
    In a broken world
    But I can't get past the hurt
    Till I give up on these
    Stupid little things.
  • I'd rather be blind if I have to watch us fade.
    • I Don't Want to Be the One
  • I barely recognize myself
    Sometimes I feel like someone else
    Don't always have to be perfect
    And if I stumble on the way
    I don't know I'm gonna be okay
    It's alright to get myself dirty.
    • Evolution
  • They say that time heals the pain
    Till only love remains.
    • Stay
  • Somewhere there's an angel saying stay
    I need someone to tell me, I'm too hard to break
    I'm not ready to go just yet.
    • Stay
  • Got a message from a wise man
    No one gets to choose
    But it's still a secret
    No one tells us how easily we bruise
    And while we try to understend
    Life is making other plans.
    • Stay
  • I'm pop-corn
    I'm a hell storm
    Yeah, I'm in the hands of faith
    I’m so bad words
    Now what you heard?
    • Dark White Girl
  • And I've been to darker places
    That I never thought I'd go
    And I've learned lots of lessons
    I can say I'm finally home.
    • Dark White Girl
  • I can see the light of day
    Even through the rainy haze.
    • Dark White Girl
  • I'm dark dark white girl.
    • Dark White Girl
  • No matter if I'm laughing or crying
    It ain't gonna stop me from trying
    The truth is what I have to uncover
    In this only life.
    • Dark White Girl
  • The truest words are never wasted
    I'm letting go just show me how
    I'm getting closer I can taste it
    This time, our time.
    • Apology
  • Wings of an angel
    Replace my beautiful scars
    Well hidden in the dark
    Time seems to stand still
    The world is falling apart
    So heavy on my heart.
    • Broken Wings
  • Even with broken wings
    Even with shattered dreams
    I'm still gonna try
    I'm still gonna fly
    Even with broken wings
    I can do anything
    I found a strength I never knew I had in me
    With these broken wings.
    • Broken Wings
  • Is this the light at the end of the tunnel
    Is this the end, the end of all my trouble
    Is this the light at the end of the tunnel
    Or just the light of another oncoming train.
    • Oncoming Train
  • There's a new sun rising
    From a lost horizon
    And the heat that it brings
    Melts away all the things
    That has made me stand still
    Been a long time coming
    So tired of running
    I believe there's a reason
    I came through the season again
    It's my resurrection.
    • Resurrection
  • All that I've gone through
    Is what brought me here
    So I can't regret a single thing, yeah
    I've had my heart broken
    I know what it takes to let go and move on
    I see myself coming
    And I've never been this strong.
    • Resurrection
  • I'm alright with living on the edge
    Everything I ever got I got the hard way
    Wouldn't think of wishing on the shooting star
    I'm the underdog.
    • Underdog

Quotes about Anastacia

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  • I thought she was black when I heard her singing. [...] This is so like Tina Turner. Who is this woman sings? And even when I found out she was call Anastacia, I didn't even think she was white. She had the most amazing voice, just the most soulful voice I've heard in so long [...] She is a great live performer [...] I'm Outta Love is one of the greatest dance records of all time.
  • The first time I heard Anastacia's voice I was kind of blown by, because she is kind a little and her voice was so big so powerful, so much power coming from her. It was amazing.
  • Some performers would stand in a spot light like Edith Piaf, darkness around and a spot light and she would sing... and she would sing very vulnerable. Than you realize "I don't know how this woman has more powerful". And some performers, well, leave out of the box and grab the audience by the throw, you know. What's amazing about Anastacia is she can kind do both.
  • I think Anastacia is gonna be a big star, I really do. And she has that distinct voice where, you know, one time you hear it you never forget it.
  • She has a lot of what I call star quality and that's something truly hard to describe in words. At top of all that she is just an amazing singer and an amazing performer. She is not just a singer that can only do one style.
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