Anagarika Dharmapala

Sri Lankan Buddhist revivalist and writer (1864-1933)

Anagārika Dharmapāla (Pali: Anagārika, [ɐˈnɐɡaːɽɪkɐ]; Sinhalese: Anagarika, lit., Sinhala: අනගාරික ධර්මපාල; 17 September 1864 – 29 April 1933) was a Sri Lankan Buddhist revivalist and a writer.


  • In 1904, his friend, Anagarika Dharmapala, a Buddhist monk, attended one of his Harvard psychology classes. Upon seeing Dharmapala sitting amongst the students, James said to him, "Take my chair. You are better equipped to lecture on psychology than I." Dharmapala went on to give several lectures at Harvard. Following one of these presentations, James remarked, "This is the psychology everybody will be studying twenty-five years from now." Perhaps James was correct, if a bit premature.
    • About William James [1] Yoga Psychology In The Schools: Some Insights from the Indian Tradition By Don Salmon, PhD

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