An American Christmas Carol

1979 film directed by Eric Till

An American Christmas Carol is a 1979 film about a miser is given a ghostly chance at redemption on Christmas Eve.

Directed by Eric Till. Written by Jerome Coopersmith, based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Charles Dicken's Victorian London becomes America's great Depression in this exciting new film  (taglines)

Ghost of Christmas Present

  • If? That word can be found on dry river beds and trails overgrown by weeds. What's more important are the paths we follow now...


  • We know there's going to be other partings among us. A marriage. Long voyages. Even death again. But when someone is remembered with love, their spirit never really dies.


  • Mr. Brewster: When the day of quality ends in this country, we'll all be in great trouble indeed.


Benedict Slade: [after watching his younger self make a deal with Jack Latham] Yup, that's me! I always moved in when the moment was good. I could always smell a good business deal.
Ghost of Christmas Past: So could Latham. Look where he ended up.

Benedict Slade: I know this place. I've never been here before. Why does it look so familiar?
Ghost of Christmas Present: A picture, maybe?
Benedict Slade: On my office wall. My... employee... over his desk...
Ghost of Christmas Present: Your former employee. Remember?
Benedict Slade: He deserved to be fired. Disagrees with everything I do. Conspires with others to pull money out of me. Who needs someone like that around?
Ghost of Christmas Present: There are three in here who do.

Benedict Slade: [seeing an overgrown gravesite] Wait, wait. There is something about this place. Something draws me right to it. The monument looks fairly new, and yet, neglected.
Ghost of Christmas Future: No one visits that grave.
Benedict Slade: Not ever?
Ghost of Christmas Future: Not ever.
Benedict Slade: To lie in a grave, un-loved and un-remembered, is as if the life was never lived.
Ghost of Christmas Future: That is the only... real death.


  • Charles Dicken's Victorian London becomes America's great Depression in this exciting new film
  • Henry Winkler is Scrooge


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