Amy Jadesimi

Nigerian businesswoman

Amy Jadesimi (born 1976) is a Nigerian businesswoman and the chief executive officer of the Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL), a privately owned logistics and engineering facility in the Port of Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Don’t imagine that just because you hear fantastic stories about people who drop out of school and make a fortune, and do things the easy way, that this is typical. It is far from typical. If you work hard, even if you don’t get what you are aiming for, you will get something.
    • [1] Amy Jadesimi's quote about hard work.
  • The process you’re educating yourself, you are learning about yourself, you are learning about other people, you are meeting people, and people can see your work and your passion – and it will lead to something.
    • [2] Amy Jadesimi's quote about hard work.
  • We're about sustainability because it is the smartest, most effective, most profitable business strategy.
    • [3] Amy Jadesimi's Speech about Sustainability.
  • “My [paternal] grandfather was a bishop in the Anglican Church, while my [maternal] grandfather was Nigeria’s first Finance Minister, Festus Samuel Okotie Eboh,” [4]
  • “I grew up with a very strong sense of pride in what it means to be Nigerian and what we can achieve as a people, which strongly contradicted the feedback I got from the world. For me, it is very important as Nigerians that we take time out to look for our personal heroes and learn about our heritage, who we actually are and what we have achieved as a people, instead of listening to the negative narrative the world gives us.” [5]
  • “I think people more easily dismiss a woman in the workplace or try to put women down,” [6]
  • “I have found that you have to set your mind to be 100-percent professional at all times. You must know what you are talking about before you open your mouth and do your work in such a way that you leave no excuse or doubt for people to derogate you or your work because you are a woman… I think you also have to be smart about how you come across to people as a woman.” [7]
  • “We need a continental-focused solution that is developed by the [African Union], and targets making the trade agreement a mechanism for local industrialisation,” [8]
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