Amnesia: The Dark Descent

2010 video game

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (previously known as Lux Tenebras or Unknown) is a survival horror adventure game by Frictional Games, who previously developed the Penumbra series. Released for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms, the game features an unarmed protagonist exploring a dark and foreboding castle, while avoiding monsters and other obstructions as well as solving puzzles.


  • [First lines] Don't forget. Some things mustn't be forgotten. The shadow hunting me … I must hurry. My name is Daniel, I live in London at … at … ah, Mayfair. What have I done? This is crazy. Don't forget, don't forget. I must stop him. Focus! My name is … is … I am Daniel.
  • [Letter to himself] Redeem us both, Daniel. Descend into the darkness where Alexander waits, and murder him.
  • I felt myself drawn to the mystic light. I reached out, closing it in my hands. The faint glow escaped my fingers and began to spark brightly and spirit me away, unlocking alien memories of spiraling towers, endless deserts, and impossible geometry.
  • Alexander produces a knife. He wants me to cut the flesh.
  • Do it, save yourself. He is a murderer, Daniel. He is evil - a cold blooded killer.
  • Hurry!
  • Alexander, you must let me be, I have to concentrate.
  • Paint the man, cut the lines. Cut the flesh, watch the blood spill - Let it come!
  • Please! I didn't do anything! Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh!
  • Paint the man, cut the lines, Please! The man cries!
  • Paint the man, cut the lines. PAINT THE MAN, CUT THE LINES!
  • Hush, hush. Now you sleep.
  • I did well. One life for another. You hear me, Guardian of the Orb, I did all this for you. Now, once more, withdraw your shadow from my domain!
  • Alexander. There isn't much time. I can feel it. We must act swiftly. I will do whatever it takes.
  • I have to get out of here.
  • That taste! That fragrance! Damascus rose!
  • What...What is this place?
  • Darkness...closing in.
  • It's cold. So cold.
  • Something's wrong! All so wrong!
  • There's nothing left. Everything's gone!
  • The flicker, the bluish light...getting closer somehow.
  • What was that?
  • Someone's coming!
  • This shouldn't be!
  • Is anyone there?
  • What happened to them?
  • Maybe she knows.
  • All dressed in blue.
  • That shimmering...Blue light
  • Just like Regent's Park.
  • Is she DEAD?
  • Help her! Find a way!
  • No don't kill her!
  • The shadow. It's close now.
  • Find Her!
  • Get her back!
  • She deserved it...that little...Bitch!
  • Do what ever it takes!
  • Hmmm shouldn't trust him.
  • He's lying.
  • He see's what I see!
  • Get away! Shouldn't do that!
  • Should kill them all! Burn this castle to the ground! *insane laughter*
  • He'll never see it coming!
  • Crush his skull! He deserves it.
  • The blood! Use it for the ritual!


  • [Memory] In court, the order of the Black Eagle spew their politics at each other while I sit quietly in place, willfully forgotten. Once in a while someone will notice me and lose themselves in a silent cower before regaining their senses. They all know I am the one and same Alexander who helped their fathers and grandfathers to found this great Order. I've seen them take their fathers' places, and they too will grow old and pass away. While I remain the same, aged not by time, but by anguish.
  • Sounds from the torture chambers are shuttled in through those pipes in the ceiling. Manage your victims well and let one prisoner's pain instill terror in his cellmate.
  • Tell me, is everything nice and clear now? Am I the villain? Good and evil. Such comforting concepts – but hardly applicable. Are you so blind that you see no good in me, or evil in Agrippa?


  • A fragrant taste of rose lingered in his mouth. Turkish Delights, he thought, just like the ones at the consulate in Constantinople.
  • The strange letter frightened him, but it was also the only one which offered some comfort.
  • Carefully cutting the man open made him think, "This is how father must feel about his craft. Being an artisan, relying on one's skill to perform something so delicate, grants a certain form of pride."


Daniel: It sure is dark in here.
Alexander: Yes, and there's a good reason for it. But you can light the lamp now, if you wish.
Daniel: What's the reason? For the darkness, that is.
Alexander: Stay close. Be careful not to stray.
Daniel: What's the reason? Why is it so dark?
Alexander: Pay attention, Daniel. It's important that you keep going straight and make sure not to stray.

Alexander: So, you have ridden an elevator before?
Daniel: Yes, the Colosseum at Regent's Park has one. It takes you to the gallery where you can view the panorama.
Alexander: Good. This ride might be a little longer – and in the other direction.

Alexander: Agrippa? I need you to stay awake. Can you feel the syringe?
Agrippa: No, I can't feel anything. Alexander?
Alexander: Yes?
Agrippa: Soon I won't even be able to move, will I?
Alexander: Your life is safe.
Agrippa: I don't doubt that – but will it be worth living?

Man: Let me go, you brute!
Daniel: The Cradle is ready.
Alexander: Good.
Man: You? You are a man … how can you partake in this?
Daniel: Is he all right?
Alexander: He is one of the wicked. Don't pay his lies any attention.
Man: I'm not a bad man. It was an accident …
Alexander: He set a man on fire.
Man: It wasn't my fault. Why won't anyone listen?
Daniel: That's horrible!
Alexander: Of course – we are dealing with monsters here.

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