Amina J. Mohammed

Nigerian-British diplomat and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

Amina Jane Mohammed (born 27 June 1961) is a Nigerian diplomat and politician who is serving as the fifth Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. Previously, she was Nigerian Minister of Environment from 2015 to 2016 and was a key player in the Post-2015 Development Agenda process.

Amina Mohammed in 2017


  • We must design a future that is shaped by women and girls that realizes their rights and aspirations to a world where equality is a reality.
  • You need a different skill set that looks at taking advantage of opportunities that are much more of an entrepreneurial skill that you can add as you address many of the market opportunities.
  • People matter. If people did not matter, we would not be where we are today. We need to put people first at the center of everything we do.
  • The only purpose of power is to serve with the courage of one's conviction that all people in the world have rights that must be respected.
  • It's very important that we don't withhold aid from people that it matters most to.
    • [1] Mohammed Amina on not withholding help especially funds.
  • The pandemic has brought existing fragility and inequalities into sharp relief. There is also hope, rooted in the customary spirit of African solidarity.
  • Standing up for the rights and protection of all peoples. Let's push back against the globalization of indifference and foster compassion and inclusion.
  • Being digitally connected is a lifeline for livelihoods in our COVID19 world. It is essential we close the gender gap in Internet use.
  • We have a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to build up together, a stronger, more resilient and inclusive world.
  • Education allows you to go to the stars and back. It opens doors and windows to opportunities we can only begin to imagine.
  • Conflict-related sexual violence continues to be used as a tactic of war, terror and political repression.
  • Enough is enough. The world must rise to end racism in all its forms.
  • It's important for men to be champions and allies against all forms of violence, abuse and discrimination against girls and women.
  • It's time to level the learning field and make all education platforms, especially quality digital opportunities, available to all students everywhere.
  • I think education opened up huge vista and opportunities and networks and the courage to do with those skills what you can.
  • Until everyone gets the vaccine, we will all be at risk, and we will not be able to take the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to where they ought to be by 2030.
    • [2] Aminah Mohammed speaking on COVID19 vaccination
  • For many, the health pandemic has been a tragedy, particularly in developed countries, but for developing countries it has a socio-economic impact that will take so much longer to recover from.
    • [3] Aminah Mohammed speaking on COVID 19
  • Innovative instruments including blended finance can all play an important role, but we need to massively scale-up that delivery.”
    • [4] Amina Mohammed speaking on vaccination in low income countries
  • We must design a future that is shaped by women and girls that realizes their right and aspirations to a world where equality is reality.
  • “We are better investing now because we just won’t be able to afford it later.”[6]
  • “For the first time we’re not putting a band-aid on the problem, we’re looking at the root causes.”[7]
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